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Impact Wrestling live results: The fallout from Bound for Glory


Days after winning the coveted title at Bound For Glory, Impact X-Division Champion Trey Miguel will defend the title for the first time on Thursday's AXS show against wrestling journeyman Rocky Romero.

This will be Romero's singles debut with the promotion after participating in a few multi-man matches over the years. He returned at BFG in the Call Your Shot gauntlet match.

Another new titleholder -- Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James -- will address the Las Vegas fans following her defeat of Deonna Purrazzo for the belt at BFG.

The war between Violent By Design and Heath & Rhino rages on as Heath takes on Joe Doering in singles action.

After three out of the four women feuded for the better part of the summer, Tasha Steelz will face Rachael Ellering in singles action.

Coming out of a conflict in the Call Your Shot match, Ace Austin will face Chris Sabin in a clash of former X-Division Champions.

The BTI match will see VSK take on Sam Beale in a meeting of former Learning Tree faction members.

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VSK (with Brian Myers & Zicky Dice) defeated Sam Beale on BTI

After the match, The Learning Tree attacked Beale until Rich Swann and Willie Mack made the save.

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Opening video was a full recap of Bound For Glory, featuring all the title matches from that night.

The new Impact World Champion Moose came out to the ring to open the show. Moose captured the title after cashing in his Call Your Shot win and defeating Josh Alexander after the BFG main event. 

Before Moose could even talk, Eddie Edwards ran down with a kendo stick and tried to attack Moose. They brawled on the ramp until security ran down to break up the fight. Security took Edwards away while Moose returned to the ring. He once again took the microphone and acknowledged all the bad things he had to do to finally win the Impact World title. He said that he had no sympathy for the men he left behind because he now held the title. Moose took shots at many champions around the industry as he considers himself the greatest champion of them all. He finished sending a message to the locker room, but it was then that Josh Alexander ran through the crowd and suplexed Moose. This time around, Moose ran off while Alexander controlled the ring.

Suddenly, Minoru Suzuki of all people came out to confront Josh Alexander. Both men got into a strike exchange after Alexander disrespected Suzuki by focusing on Moose. Security came out again to break up this fight. Alexander ended up busted open from the short brawl.

Backstage, Gia Miller asked Moose if he was prepared to take on all comers now that he was the champion. Moose said that if there was one man that could handle the pressure, it was him. 

Matt Cardona confronted Moose about being the runner up in the Call Your Shot match, and also got into a fight with Moose. Security broke this one up quicker.

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel defeated Rocky Romero to retain the title

Romero appeared in the Call Your Shot match, entering at #2. He challenged Miguel to a title match on social media, a match that Miguel accepted. Miguel defeated Steve Maclin and El Phantasmo to win the vacant X Division title.

Match started with a series of counters and reversals, mixed in with some sneaky style from Romero. Miguel gained momentum after dropping Romero on the apron. Miguel continued with a moonsault to the floor after blocking some of Romero’s offense. 

Back in the ring, Romero cut off Miguel, targeting his arm. Romero dropkicked Miguel to the floor when Miguel tried to do his Spider Trey faint kick on the ropes. Romero went for the armbar, but Miguel countered into a powerbomb to finally stop Romero’s control. 

Both men traded strikes, but at the end, Miguel got the upper hand and hit meteora, only to get countered into a single leg crab. Miguel managed to counter out of the submission. 

Romero hit the forever clothesline, but the last one was reversed into a brainbuster. Miguel followed with another meteora and got the win. Good opener, it was all about showcasing Miguel.

After the match, Steve Maclin jumped Miguel and hit the crosshair to leave Miguel laying. 

- Miller interviewed Jordynne Grace about what being the Digital Media Champion meant. Grace said that she was hoping to be the one that gave this title a meaning and purpose. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans interrupted them to make fun of Ellering for being eliminated at the Call Your Shot gauntlet. Ellering brought up that Steelz was once again trying to talk smack and cause problems, so instead told her to bring whatever she had to say to the ring.

- Backstage, Maclin cut a promo addressing Trey Miguel about him having the title, but not because he was beaten. Scott D’Amore confronted Maclin and told him that he’ll have a title opportunity next week.

Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards both went up to D’Amore asking for a shot at Moose. D’Amore told them that they and Alexander for now will tag team to take on Moose and two partners.

Suddenly, D’Amore saw Alexander beating up the referee who endangered Alexander’s family for starting a match with them inside the ring. D’Amore calmed Alexander and told him about next week’s match against Moose and told him to control his emotions because it’s a matter of time he goes after the title, but he won’t get there by beating up referees. 

Rachael Ellering (with Jordynne Grace) defeated Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) 

Match started with Ellering in control, using her power advantage to steamroll over Steelz from corner to corner. At one point she blocked a codebreaker and slammed Steelz, forcing her to roll out of the ring to get a breather, only for Steelz to snap Ellering’s neck on the ropes. 

Steelz, now with some momentum, worked over Ellering for some time, but eventually, Ellering made a comeback, striking her way back into the match. Match ended with a backroll from Ellering that didn’t look so smooth. Ok match.

- W. Morrissey cut a promo about his alliance with Moose and how Moose betrayed him after the alliance wasn’t convenient. Morrissey said that it was perfect, since Moose was now the champion and he had his eye on the title. Moose approached Morrissey and told him that he simply acted before Morrissey would have and offered a shot at the title if he helped him take out Alexander, Edwards, and Cardona.

- Gia Miller interviewed The IInspiration. They said that they looked to inspire the Knockouts division, but never actually answered Miller’s questions. They’re fantastic. 

Joe Doering (with Violent By Design) vs Heath (with Rhino) ended in a no contest.

Rhino and Heath finally reunited at Bound For Glory to defea Violent By Design, after a full year apart where Heath healed from injury, and Rhino joined Violent By Design. 

Doering controlled the match ealy on. While Heath kept trying to get offense on Doering, the latter would easily overpower and cut off any attempt. 

At one point, Heath managed to dodge Doering’s running elbow and got him off his feet with a jumping kick, but before he could continue the attack, Deaner tripped Heath. Rhino attacked Deaner and the brawl spilled into the ring, at which point the referee threw out the match. 

After the match, Eric Young joined in the match, he pretended to still be injured, but ended up attacking Rhino from behind. He dropped Rhino with a falling elbow and a piledriver on Heath. VBD controlled the ring at the end.

- The Good Brothers cut a promo about being the tag team of the year and bookers of the year after setting up FinJuice and the Bullet Club as contenders, and they still defeated them. FinJuice confronted Anderson and Gallows about having the match won when they snuck in for the pin. FinJuice brought up that they have never been beaten by Anderson and Gallows, who rejected the title challenge and told FinJuice they needed to earn a shot.

- Gia Miller interviewed The Demon about his return to wrestling at the Call Your Shot gauntlet, before he could answer, Johnny Swinger interrupted him and said that The Demon was only there to make his bad year worse. He complained about everything and said their kind wasn’t welcomed, and by that he meant Demons. Decay backed him up and ran Swinger away. Demon said he was on Impact because Demons were welcomed. Swinger vs The Demon is imminent. 

- The new Knockouts Champion Mickie James came down to the ring. James talked about the excitement of being back and being the Knockouts Champion. She put over Deonna Purrazzo saying that was one of her biggest matches in her career. She said she was waiting for Purrazzo to come back for her rematch, but Purrazzo was nowhere to be found. James welcomed anyone who wanted a shot. 

Out came Madison Rayne and Kaleb. Rayne said that when it came to the pillars of Impact, everyone always included James along with women like Gail Kim and Kong, but Madison Rayne never got the credit she deserved. She said that James always jumped around promotions while Rayne had been supporting the Knockouts. She ended by challenging James to a title match next week, which James accepted. 

Kaleb talked trash to James and earned himself a slap before The Influence retreated. Good little angle. 

- Gia Miller asked Moose and Morrissey about their third partner. Moose said he was working on it and walked up to Minoru Suzuki to join him and Morrissey for next week. Suzuki accepted.

Next week's lineup: World Champion Moose, Minoru Suzuki and W. Morrissey vs. Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona; Knockouts Champion Mickie James defends against Madison Rayne; and Rohit Raju vs. Steve Maclin vs. Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus square off with an X-Division title match on the line.

On Impact Plus and Impact's subscription YouTube channel, Chelsea Green takes on John Skyler with a Digital Media title shot on the line.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) defeated Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin debuted a new entrance theme. 

Both men were part of Bound For Glory’s Call Your Shot match, and it was Fulton’s surprise attack from behind that ended Sabin’s run after he had made it to the end after entering in the first spot. 

Match was a great back and forth match. Early on, Sabin kept getting the better of Austin, managing to counter most of his offense and at one point locking in a great looking surfboard. Sabin focused on Austin’s legs, which ended up becoming a problem for Austin when he finally cut off Sabin. 

Austin mostly worked on Sabin’s arm and hand, in addition to the head as he set up for The Fold. He got a couple of two counts, but none serious enough. 

After minutes of peril, Sabin made a comeback once again targeting Austin’s leg. Sabin got the first big near fall with a fisherman suplex, followed with a cradle shock attempt, but Austin escaped. Both men ended on the mat after trading strikes and kicks. 

Austin hit his jumping kick for a two count and set up The Fold, but Sabin countered into the cradle shock position. Austin escaped, but took a huge springboard tornado DDT for a near fall. 

Sabin distracted himself with Fulton, but was able to take him and Austin down. Austin distracted the referee pretending to have a broken nose, allowing Fulton to sneak in a punch on Sabin and left him open for The Fold for the win. Really good match.