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Impact Wrestling live results: The fallout from Emergence


Preview by Josh Nason

For the second straight week, Impact World Champion Christian Cage will appear on AXS TV as he prepares to defend the title against no. 1 contender Ace Austin at next month's Victory Road.

At last Friday's Emergence, Austin won a four-way for the opportunity while Cage successfully defended the gold against Brian Myers.

Also coming out of Emergence, Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers will face Willie Mack and Rich Swann in a non-title match. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows defeated both Mack and Swann and Violent by Design (Joe Doering and Rhino) to retain, but Mack or Swann didn't take the fall. If they win, they earn a future title shot. 

The rest of the show will see Chris Bey vs. David Finlay, Chris Sabin vs. Sami Callihan, and Taylor Wilde against Madison Rayne, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With A K in a handicap match.

The BTI pre-show will feature an open challenge by the undefeated Steve Maclin.


Chris Sabin defeated Sami Callihan 

Sabin took out Callihan with a dive as he was making his entrance. Callihan drove Sabin into the mat with a fireman’s carry slam shortly after, which allowed Sabin to roll out of the ring. Callihan followed him to the outside and the two began to brawl. 

After playing to the crowd a bit, both guys made it back in the ring. Callihan mocked Sabin, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Callihan had full control of Sabin and perched him on the top rope, which would come back to haunt him after Sabin dove onto Callihan. 

Sabin used the energy from the crowd to keep willing his way through the contest, and eventually got into a striking exchange with Callihan. Callihan would win the exchange and follow it up with a piledriver, which Sabin kicked out of. 

Sabin popped up quick and delivered a cradle driver to Callihan, allowing him to score a three count. 

Moose cleared the ring afterwards, attacking both Callihan and Sabin. Moose set up a chair on Callihan’s neck and went to swing at it with a baseball bat, but Eddie Edwards made the save. 

Gia Scott interviewed Eddie Edwards backstage. Scott questioned Edwards intentions about helping Callihan. Callihan approached and also questioned Edwards, to which he said he was just returning the favor. 


Mickie James is out. She hyped up the upcoming Empower pay-per-view and the Deonna Purrazzo and Melina match. James played a video package for the match before Purrazzo interrupted her, accompanied by Matthew Rehwoldt. 

Purrazzo comes out and claims she’s going to beat Melina easily, but James tells her to watch her back. James warns of Melina being a “hellcat” and tells Purrazzo that she is underestimating her.

Purrazzo clocks James and beats her down before Trey Miguel and Melina made the save.


Chris Bey defeated David Finlay

Bey tried to jump Finlay from behind, but it didn’t work out for the “Ultimate Finesser”. Finlay had some rhythmic offense that sent Bey into panic mode, but Bey regained control headed into a break. 

Bey ate an elbow from Finlay as the broadcast returned. Bey applied a chinlock shortly after, but Finlay was able to escape with help from the momentum of the crowd. Finlay took the match to the outside and beat down on Bey for a moment before throwing him back in the ring, climbing to the top rope and hitting a crossbody. 

Finlay tried to hit a brainbuster but Bey refused to go up and turned it into a small cradle, but only for a two count. Finlay signaled for a clothesline in the corner but Bey ducked, grabbed the tights and rolled up Finlay for a three count.


Christian Cage speaks

Cage boasted about his win over Brian Myers at Emergence. Once he began talking about new number one contender Ace Austin, the crowd responded with boos. Cage said with confidence that Austin won’t be the one to beat him for the title before being interrupted by Tommy Dreamer. 

Dreamer said while he despised Kenny Omega’s reign over Impact, he couldn’t think of a better champion for this era of Impact than Christian Cage. Dreamer reflected on Cage’s absence from the business and praised his accolades and history. 

Austin, accompanied by Madman Fulton, interrupted shortly after. Austin introduced himself to Cage and insulted Dreamer. Austin applauded Cage for “making towns” and having a busy schedule, but vowed to take the title from Cage at Victory Road. 

Cage resorted to insulting Austin about his height, which prompted a brawl between the four. Dreamer and Cage stood tall to end the segment.


A backstage promo for Violent By Design aired. Eric Young harped on Rhino for getting pinned alot recently, and said that he needs to be clensed. 


Ace Austin confronted Scott D'Amore backstage. Austin demanded something be done about Dreamer's antics, to which D'Amore granted him a match with Dreamer next week. D'Amore said if Dreamer beats Austin, he gets added to the title match at Victory Road.


Madison Rayne, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With A K defeated Taylor Wilde

Wilde had the early advantage when she jumped her three competitors from behind, but the tables turned in the favor of the trio very quickly. 

Dashwood and Rayne double teamed Wilde in the corner for a minute before Wilde was able to escape and deliver a running dropkick. 

Wilde’s momentum didn’t last for long though, as the numbers game caught up to her quickly. Rayne ended up pinning Wilde with a rollup in a short affair.

After the match, the trio proceeded to jump Wilde. Jordynne Grace and Racheal Ellering ran down to make the save and chase the heels off. 


Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green challenged Rohit Raju and Shera to a tag team match next week.


A few matches were announced for next week:

  • Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering vs. The Influence
  • Rohit Raju and Shera vs. Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green
  • Ace Austin vs. Tommy Dreamer - if Dreamer wins, he's added to the Impact World Title match at Victory Road.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeated Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers in a non title match

Anderson and Swann started the match. Anderson tried to work down Swann to the mat, but Swann refused to go down and hit a hurricanrana before tagging out to Mack. 

Mack and Swann hit a cool double leg drop on Anderson before Mack focused solely on Anderson. Gallows and Swann became legal shortly after and Gallows quickly overpowered Swann. 

The Good Brothers tried to isolate Swann, but to no avail. Swann made a tag to Mack when he realized what the Good Brothers were attempting, but Mack got a finger poke to the eye for his troubles. 

Anderson and Mack came to a standstill after a while, which led to both men making hot tags to their respective partners. Swann was firing on all cylinders and had Anderson reeling for a short amount of time before Anderson planted him with a spinebuster.

Anderson tried to look for a gun-stun on Swann afterwards, but he was able to duck and roll-up Anderson for a three count.

The Good Brothers beat down Mack and Swann after the match. They put Mack through a table and stood tall to end the show to a chorus of boos.