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Impact Wrestling live results: The fallout from Hard to Kill


The Big Takeaways:

  • Private Party & Matt Hardy made a surprise appearance with Private Party challenging Chris Sabin & James Storm for the no. 1 contendership to the Impact World Tag Team Championships. Private Party won the match with interference from Hardy & Jerry Lynn (who was there with Tony Khan in the front row).
  • Don Callis promised to be back soon, but said that he and Kenny Omega were focusing on AEW for a little while.
  • Impact World Champion Rich Swann & Moose had a confrontation and are set to face off soon.

Show recap:

The show opened with a video recap of Hard to Kill, ending with Kenny Omega defeating Rich Swann in the six-man main event. Don Callis, Omega, & the Good Brothers were seen backstage Saturday, telling them that they should go back to the hotel and celebrate. Callis then talked about how everyone got insight into the behind-the-scenes plans as they saw the fruition of the things they have been planning. Callis then said they were going to Jacksonville for a while, but be patient as we'll see what he has in store soon. This was an excellent promo.

Eric Young (w/ Violent By Design) defeated Rhino (w/ Cousin Jake)

Young controled the early portions of the match, but missed an elbow off the middle rope which led to Rhino hitting some clotheslines and a belly-to-belly suplex. As Rhino was going for a Gore, Deaner came into the ring to distract the ref leading to Joe Doering tripping Rhino and smashing his leg into the ring post. Young took advantage and locked on a kneebar, forcing the tap out. Jake tried to make the save, but VBD beat him down. Young grabbed a chair and they Pillmanized Rhino a few times, leaving him screaming in the middle of the ring.

This was a nothing match, but the angle afterward was a good heat angle. It's a bit weird seeing Rhino tap out given that it's Rhino, but it did work given what happened to him to get there.

-- Impact World Champion Rich Swann and Moose were backstage after the main event of Hard to Kill and the interviewer asked them about the match. Moose attacked Swann and left him laying, saying that he fulfilled his promise to him, and now he was coming for the Impact World Championship.

-- Acey was backstage with Tommy Dreamer as they are continuing to investigate who shot John E. Bravo. This was horrible. They know it sucks, so at least they are leaning into it and not taking it seriously.

The Good Brothers/Private Party/Chris Sabin and James Storm segment

The Good Brothers came out and talked about Hard to Kill, saying they did what they always did when they get together with Omega: they make worldwide headlines. Gallows said they were partying since Saturday and were going to keep the tag titles for as long as they please. Sabin came out and said that the titles belong to the Motor City Machine Guns because when they lost them, neither of them were pinned. With that in mind, Sabin saw them as the top contenders.

The Good Brothers said that Alex Shelley wasn't there, so while they understand they want to do business with the BC, he has no partner. Sabin informed them that he did, leading to James Storm returninig once again to Impact. Storm cut a promo on the Good Brothers, saying that he wanted the tag team titles and was going to team with Sabin to make it happen.

As Storm was about to finish, Matt Hardy's music hit and he came out with Private Party. "Big Money Matt" was back in Impact and he brought Private Party to Impact for a warm-up match for tomorrow on Dynamite. Hardy took credit for Impact still being in business because he carried them in 2016. Hardy also made the point that he never lost the titles either as they were stripped "In some stupid teleportation angle!" The Good Brothers then noticed that there were two teams in the ring that wanted a shot at them, so maybe they should wrestle with the winner getting a shot at the title.

This was an excellent segment. Everyone performed well and the arrival of Hardy and Private Party was unexpected and exciting. I like the idea of Private Party working matches in Impact because it will help them get the reps they need to gain experience.

-- Matt Cardona was backstage and talked about how he was in Impact to get an opportunity. He wanted to put the fans, and himself, first.

-- New Knockouts Tag Team Champions Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan were making plans for the Fire and Flava Festival, inviting Tenille Dashwood, who refused to come. Johnny Swinger showed up and creeped them out. Fallah Bahh claimed they owed him money, but they said he would be better off joining them for the Festival. Brian Myers walked in, refused to go to the Festival, and then challeged Bahh to a match.

Kimber Lee & Susan defeated Jordynne Grace & Jazz

This match had a sloppy start with Lee driving Grace into the corner and hitting her with strikes. They went to break as the action spilled to the floor and came back with Lee getting the heat on Grace. They kept her cornered for a bit before Grace made a comeback, hitting a Vader bomb on Susan and tagging out to Jazz. Jazz hit a DDT on Susan, but Lee made the save. Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo jumped onto the apron and hit Jazz with a weak belt shot that led to Susan rolling her up for the win.

The Case of Who Shot John E. Bravo solved

Taya Valkyrie was backstage and was confronted by Bravo who said she was the one who shot him. Tommy Dreamer confirmed that they found her fingerprints and she admitted to doing it to save Rosemary from marrying Bravo. Security then dragged her away. Dreamer said if she was lucky, she was going to be taken to Jacksonville Penitentiary (AEW), but if she was unlucky, she would be going to Stamford Prision (WWE) for two years with an option for a third in a funny line. As Valkyrie was being taken out of the buillding, Rosemary met with her and asked her why. Valkyrie claimed she was just protecting her and they hugged.

Tony Khan is at Impact

AEW's Tony Khan & Jerry Lynn were backstage at Impact with a paid advertisement for Dynamite. Khan said he wanted to see the match between Private Party firsthand and would deliver the money for the paid ad next week in person.

Rich Swann & Moose face off

The Impact World Champion came out and talked about how Omega wasn't there tonight, so he had a free night and wanted to fight. Moose came out and said he wanted his title shot. Swann pointed out that he was trying to give him his shot and he wanted to fight right now. Moose refused, saying that he dictated the terms of when and where thery would fight. They started brawling as the segment went TO THE BACK~!

Rohit Raju gets a rematch against TJP

Scott D'Amore was backstage with Rohit Raju, who was upset about TJP holding the X-Division championship. TJP then walked in with the title and Raju yelled that there was a stipulation that he couldn't get a title shot and he violated it by being Manik. D'Amore claimed that everyone knew that TJP was Manik, but he was going to make it up to Raju by giving him a match against TJP. As Raju left happy, D'Amore wondered if he would be happy if he knew it was a non-title match.

-- Steelz and Hogan were backstage finalizing plans for their Fire and Flava Festival. Neveah and Havok, who Steelz and Hogan beat on Saturday, showed up, asking for platinum tickets. Steelz and Hogan told them to take the "copper package" and sit at home and watch with their cats. This was fine.

Brian Myers defeated Fallah Bahh

This was a nothing match as neither guy did much. Myers got the win after a low blow.

-- Ace Austin was backstage and he was talking about how he should have been the focus and that no one wanted to see guys like Josh Alexander. Alexander showed up and they got into a brawl. Fulton helped Austin beat him down, but Matt Cardona ran in and made the save.

-- Eddie Edwards was backstage being looked at by the doctor when Myers came in demanded the doctor look at him because Bahh poked him in the eye. Edwards stood up and challenged him to a match in a simple and effective angle.

For next week:

  • Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton
  • Joe Doering vs. Cousin Jake
  • Tenille Dashwood vs. Rosemary
  • The Fire n’ Flava Fest


Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy) defeated Chris Sabin & James Storm to earn an Impact Tag Team Title shot

The match was joined in progress with Isiah Kassidy & Sabin in the ring exchanging several armdrags. Marq Quen tagged in and soon they had the advantage over Sabin, hitting him with their camel clutch/double stomp to the back of the head. Sabin soon tagged out to Storm, but Private Party hit the Silly String on Storm. As Storm spilled to the outside, Jerry Lynn & Tony Khan made their way to ringside and took a seat in the front row. Khan took notes throughout the match as Private Party used heel tactics on Storm to stay in control of the match.

Matt Striker commented that he was talking to Kassidy and his grandmother told him to stay away from Matt Hardy. I wonder when Striker had the chance to do this as he hasn't actually met them yet and they just debuted by surprise on the show.

Storm backdropped Kassidy, but Kassidy landed on his feet and tagged in Quen. Sabin managed to tag in too and hit a tornado DDT on Kassidy. Sabin got a nearfall on Quen, but he managed to kick out. Storm dragged Kassidy to the floor and Sabin hit a sunset flip on Quen that sent him into a Storm lungblower. Kassidy went for a twist of fate on Sabin, but Sabin countered it with a vertical suplex. Quen hit a Fosbury Flop onto Storm on the floor.

Hardy distracted the referee as Lynn grabbed Sabin's feet, holding him on the middle turnbuckle. Private Party then hit Gin & Juice for the pinfall, earning the tag team title shot in the future. The Good Brothers came down and faced off with Private Party but Storm and Sabin attacked and all three teams broke into a brawl as the show went off the air to end a very solid show.

Final Thoughts:

The AEW/Impact partnership and invasion angle continues to grow with more crossover between the two shows. Can we expect Impact to respond by sending more wrestlers to AEW? I suppose we will find out soon. I found this quite interesting overall, and several good stories were set up, but I can't help but feel the only truly hot angle in Impact has to do with AEW rather than any of their own talent.