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Impact Wrestling live results: The fallout from Slammiversary


Preview by Josh Nason

New Japan NEVER Openweight Champion Jay White will be on Thursday's Impact Wrestling to explain his surprise appearance at the end of Slammiversary.

White walked out as World Champion Kenny Omega and Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers were celebrating Omega's win and they invited him to "Too Sweet" them as the pay-per-view went off the air.

The show will also feature a Knockouts Tag Team title rematch as new champions Rosemary and Havok will defend for the first time against former champions Fire N' Flava.

Mickie James will also be on the show to address Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and her invite for the champion to appear at the upcoming NWA Empowerrr PPV. James left Purrazzo laying at Slammiversary after Purrazzo was upset that James ruined her celebration following her defeat of Thunder Rosa.

Thursday's show will also feature the TV return of former Tag Team Champions FinJuice against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton; the TV return of Chelsea Green as she teams with Matt Cardona and Jake Something against Tenille Dashwood, Brian Myers and Sam Beale, and Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju in a battle of former X-Division Champions.

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Petey Williams & Trey Miguel defeated Tony Gunn & Kal Herro on BTI

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Opening video was a recap of Slammiversary, with a little coverage of every match, ending with Jay White’s surprise debut at the end of the show. 

Chris Bey defeated Rohit Raju (with Mahabali Shera)

Prior to the match, they replayed the video where Chris Bey found the Bullet Club t-shirt in his locker room. In that video, we saw Raju and Bey antagonize each other after their Slammiversary match, which ended up setting up this match. 

This was a match between heels, so part of the action was about getting the better of each other through tricks, but after getting those spots out of the way, Raju cut off Bey with the aid of Shera. 

After some minutes on top, Raju went on a high speed flurry of offense that Bey was able to dodge and turn into a comeback with a great striking combo. Raju came back with a crossface, but Bey was able to escape, counter Raju’s running knee, and hit the art of finesse for the win. Great opener.

Backstage, Jay White approached Bey and asked if he got his message. White explained that the Bullet Club is always looking for up and comers. Bey told White that he works alone, only for White to remind him how working alone has been working out for Bey, and that this invitation has an expiration date.

- Gia Miller tried to interview Omega, but as usual, it was Don Callis that came out to address the interview. Callis said that Omega was injured after the match and that it was all Impact’s management fault. Callis said that he didn’t know Jay White was coming, but he figured he’s either here to stab someone on the back, or join the better version of the Bullet Club -- The Elite. 

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran tonight’s card. They also brought up Homecoming, taking place on July 31st. 

- Mickie James came down to the ring. James said that her intentions were not to get in a fight with Purrazzo, but for business, and she intended to do things right this time around, and so she invited Purrazzo to come out and join her in the ring. James somewhat apologized and once again invited Deonna Purrazzo to EMPOWERRR.

Purrazzo told James that she was out there because she hoped she would rectify the wrongs she did at Slammiversary, but all James wanted was to get her booked in her show to make it the biggest all women’s show in history, but since that was a selfish reason, Purrazzo wanted something in return, and that was for James to apologize. 

Gail Kim came out and joined them in the ring. She tried to fix things, telling Purrazzo that it wasn’t James that interrupted her, it was Kim that asked to go out and all she wanted was to make history with this show. James once again asked Purrazzo and she finally accepted. This was a good little segment that only elevated Purrazzo more and more.

- We got a new vignette for Drama King. 

Matt Cardona, Jake Something, & Chelsea Green defeated Tenille Dashwood, Sam Beale, & Brian Myers (w/Kaleb with a K)

Green returned at Slammiversary to join Matt Cardona take on Myers and Dashwood, with a successful night, getting the win over Dashwood.

Match started with Something getting the better of Beale. Next up, Cardona paired up with Myers, with the former having the upper hand until Dashwood distracted Cardona and allowed Myers to kick his legs out of the second rope and cut him off. Myers did keep that momentum for long, in less than a minute, Cardona reversed a suplex and tagged in Green. 

Match came down to Green and Dashwood after all the men took each other out. Kaleb tried to distract Green, but Taylor Wilde returned to take him out and allow Green to hit the unprettier on Beale for the win. Nothing match, it was too short. 

It would seem that Wilde is back to feud with Dashwood, so Green may move into another program from here on.

- Eddie Edwards cut a promo on Morrissey. Edwards told him that he had the win at Slammiversary, so Morrissey shouldn't walk around thinking he’s still undefeated. Edwards challenged Morrissey to a fight in the parking lot.

Back from commercial, Edwards and Morrissey met in the parking lot and started brawling. They had a crowd gathered, as they fought next to one of the production trucks, so they actually had a lot of gear to use as weapons, in addition to garbage cans, traffic cones, and a cooler. 

Edwards brought out some kendo sticks that he had hidden, and that’s how he finally got the better of Morrissey and made him retreat. Edwards ended with a cut under the eye.

- Miller interviewed Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood about their strategy heading into Homecoming. Dashwood rejected Myers and told him she wouldn’t team with him after having two straight loses. Beale promised Myers he’d find a partner for Myers. 

They also hinted that Dashwood was the reason Wilde had been gone for months. 

- “Switchblade” Jay White came down to the ring. They finally showed what happened after White’s appearance at Slammiversary. Big reaction from the audience to White.

White ran down a couple of his latest accolades, and he called himself the real belt collector, and he was on Impact because of David Finlay. He brought up that he and Finlay are wrestling on August 14 at Resurgence, so he had come to Impact because he knew Finlay would be here.

He called The Elite ‘fans of Bullet Club’, since they kept throwing two sweets. He told the Good Brothers they were not just going to come back and rejoin, they were not good enough for the current level of Bullet Club. He was saying that they could appeal his decision, but suddenly The Elite came out. 

Callis said he has always loved White, but now that he brought up the ‘real’ Bullet Club, he remembered it because it had the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega brought it up to a new level. He said that White’s Bullet Club wasn’t selling as many t-shirts and was full of midcarders, and so instead, maybe White should join the Elite. 

Jay White brought up that White beat Omega in his last match with NJPW. After that comment, Omega and Callis left. The Good Brothers stayed to address how it was them that made Bullet Club what it is and that he and his Bullet Club only have a good pay because they left. Anderson wanted for White to thank them. 

White came back saying that Anderon picked in the 2012 G1 Climax and that White was everything that they ever hoped to be, and at that point, Anderson and Gallows jumped White and went for the magic killer when Chris Bey made the save and helped White. Between the two, they cleared the ring. 

Backstage, Miller interviewed Josh Alexander about his next challenge. Alexander was answering when Kenny Omega accidentally pushed him and they got into a little stardown until Callis pulled Omega away. Alexander had said he wanted to be the champion that Impact deserved.

The Good Brothers cut a promo backstage, saying that White has forgotten how to be thankful. They called Bey a young boy and that he doesn’t know who he just messed with. They challenged White and Bey to a match next week. Awesome promo.

FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

FinJuice made their return at Slammiversary, defeating Fulton and Shera after Scott D’Amore made an impromptu match as a result of Fulton and Shera running wild, complaining of being banned from the Ultimate X match. 

Match started with FinJuice in control over Austin, but after getting a bit too playful, Austin managed to escape, dodge, and push Finlay into his corner where Fulton was waiting for the tag. 

They worked over Finlay for a while, with a couple of near falls, but soon after, Robinson got the hot tag, got rid of Austin, and a roll up win over Fulton. 

After the match, Austin and Fulton jumped FinJuice, but they managed to get the better of the brawl until Shera and Raju ran down and joined Austin and Fulton in the attack against FinJuice, who ended up laid out.

- Rich Swann and Willie Mack cut a promo about Violent By Design blaming them for losing the titles instead of owning their loss, but if VBD wanted to do something about it, they could find them in the ring next week. The lights went out and VBD jumped them. This was good, but unnecessarily overproduced.

- Gia Miller caught Moose going to D’Amore’s office, where he requested a rematch. Sabin confronted him and told him he didn't want to ask for a match, he was ready to fight him. D’Amore told them they could main event Impact, but to not fight there.

Also next week, Jay White and Chris Bey vs the Good Brothers and Violent By Design vs Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel on BTI.

Knockouts Tag Team Champions Decay (Rosemary & Havok) (with Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) defeated Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) to retain the title. 

Havok and Rosemary captured the championships at Slammiversary, and so we have this match as Fire ‘n Flava requested their rematch. 

Match started with complete dominance at the hands of Decay, they ran over Hogan early on, and when Steelz tagged in, she was easily overtaken by Havok and later by Rosemary. 

Steelz managed to cut off Rosemary when she tried to go for the upside down, only to get distracted by Hogan. They were vicious as they worked on Rosemary, not even when Rosemary managed to hit a slingblade was she able to escape them. It was until Steelz decided to exchange strikes with her that Rosemary got the better of her and after colliding crossbodies, Rosemary got the tag to Havok. 

Havok ran wild over both women, but was forced to tag out again when Hogan got a sleeper on Havok. Once recovered, she returned after some miscommunication where Hogan superkicked Steelz, leaving herself open for Havok to and Rosemary to take her out for the win. 

Decay celebrated as the show went off the air.