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Impact Wrestling live results: Good Brothers-FinJuice contract signing


Preview by Josh Nason

Tonight's Impact Wrestling on AXS will feature the contract signing for the Good Brothers vs. FinJuice Tag Team title match on this Sunday's Sacrifice special on Impact Plus.

In the preview video, the signing goes from laughs to clenched fists rather quickly. The two teams united last week in a win over XXXL and Reno Scum with a tag title match seemingly in the cards ever since David Finlay and Juice Robinson debuted.

Also on Tuesday's show, former X-Division champions Ace Austin and Chris Bey will go one-on-one after current champion TJP tricked the two into a match as they were confronting him on last week's show, and Rohit Raju will team with Shera to take on Beer Guns (Chris Sabin and James Storm).

On the BTI pre-show, the aforementioned TJP will battle Madman Fulton in a non-title match.

Our live coverage begins at 8 PM Eastern.

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TJP defeated Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin) in the BTI match.

TJP won with the Mamba Splash. Austin and Fulton attacked him after the match.

* * * * * * * * * *

Opening video recapped last week’s match where the Good Brothers and FinJuice teamed up to defeat XXXL and Reno Scum, that eventually led to dissension and the challenge made for a tag team title match at Sacrifice. Also featured, was the main event where Purrazzo defeated Grace and Hogan, only to be attacked by ODB.

Jazz (with Jordynne Grace) defeated Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan)

The team of Jazz and Jordynne Grace will be challenging for the Knockouts tag team titles at Sacrifice. Last week, Hogan and Grace clashed in the 3-way that also included  Deonn Purrazzo, this time around, it’s time for Jazz and Steelz.

Steelz started the match cocky, making fun of Jazz, so Jazz got in some offense in order to teach her a lesson. Steelz finally took Jazz seriously and cut her off. They went back and forward for a couple of minutes. 

Jazz got a couple of near falls before locking in an STF for the submission win. This was really good once they started going back and forward.

- Gia Miller interviewed ODB about challenging for the Knockouts title at Sacrifice. ODB said she’d be a 5-time Knocked Up Champion soon. Susan confronted ODB and challenged her to a match. ODB was fantastic.

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card. D’Amore is set to make an announcement about the Swann vs Moose match at Sacrifice.

- Backstage, Trey Miguel saw Sam, one of his trainees, the one that was approached by Sami Callihan last week. Sam said that Callihan told him that if he showed up at Impact and challenged Miguel, he’d wimp out. Sam pushed Miguel’s buttons into accepting the match.

- We got a video package for Swann vs Moose, similar to last week’s, with Moose talking about going for Swann so he’ll be taken seriously, while Swann wanting to beat Moose, who is stronger and faster, but doesn’t want it as much as he does.

Beer Guns (James Storm & Chris Sabin) defeated Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Mahabali Shera)

These two teams have had a slight feud going for some weeks after Storm’s beer got spilled by Raju. Storm defeated Raju in last week’s episode of BTI, but ended with problems between Storm and Shera.

Story of the match was that Storm and Shera wanted each other, so even when Sabin and Storm had control over Raju, Storm threw  it away to get Shera in. Storm was able to get the upper hand on Shera, but when he tagged in Sabin for the double team, Shera regained control and cut off Sabin.

Eventually, Storm got the hot tag and ran wild over Raju. After a couple of minutes, Raju managed to bring down Storm and get ready for the kill, but Shera, who was still hot, jumped in and interrupted Raju to attack Storm. Raju and Shera exchanged words, allowing Sabin and Storm to recover with Sabin hitting Cradle Shock for the win on Raju.

- Backstage, XXXL and Reno Scum discussed who lost last week’s match. Decay interrupted them. XXXL walked away because they didn’t want to deal with Rosemary, but Reno Scum was all in for a match with Decay at Sacrifice.

- Deaner was finally let out of his week-long punishment. James Storm and Chris Sabin approached them and called out EY for the things they were doing to Deaner. Violent By Design attacked Beer Guns and left them laying.

- Brian Myers confronted D’Amore and tried to get Eddie Edwards terminated if he wanted to avoid a lawsuit. D’Amore said that he and Edwards can settle things at Sacrifice in a No Rules match.

- Prior to the match, Sami Callihan came out to cut a promo and call Miguel a quitter, saying the only good thing Miguel has ever done is train Callihan’s new protege. 

Trey Miguel defeated Sam Beale

Last week, we saw Callihan go to Trey Miguel’s gym, attack the trainers and trainees there, cause some mayhem, and try to recruit one of Miguel’s guys, Sam Beale

Match lasted one minute when Miguel locked in Beale in a submission and tapped him out. 

After the match, Callihan dropped Beale with a package piledriver and used his magic hacking skills to disappear.

- Sabin and Storm cut a promo to EY, asking whatever happened to him. They’ve known EY for 20 years and don’t know where he went wrong. Storm said that at Sacrifice, they’re coming for Violent By Design. Jake Something walked up to them and offered his help to neutralize EY while Beer Guns worked the match.

- We got our weekly  AEW commercial with Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone. They said they had a big buyrate at Revolution, they talked about some of the results from Revolution, and even referenced that Omega is terrible at building exploding rings and Eddie Kingston’s actions at the end of the pay per view.

- Good Brothers and FinJuice sat down with D’Amore for the contract signing. D’Amore couldn’t get them to sign because they were challenging each other to drink some shots. D’Amore eventually left and told them to sign the contract and get it back to him. They just kept drinking shot after shot after shot before finally signing the contract. Last shot ended all over the Good Brother’s face before they started brawling all over D’Amore’s conference room.

Chris Bey defeated Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton)

Ace Austin and Chris Bey were both in the #1 contendership 3-way match along with Black Taurus, the match that was won by Austin after Fulton helped him take out Bey. Chris Bey wants revenge on Austin, and after being tricked by TJP, this match came about.

The match was fantastic. It started with a good series of reversals and chain wrestling. 

The match then turned into a more aerial match, with Austin gaining control of the match after a couple of kicks and dives on Bey.
Bey made a comeback and the match proceeded with both men going back and forward, some amazing sequences of counters and dodges. At one point, both men fought on top of the turnbuckles, ending with both men spilling to the floor after Austin failed to hit a double underhook superplex.

There were a couple of great near falls, a big one when Austin blocked the art of finesse, only to get hit with the Verta-bey-ker for a near fall. 

At the end, Austin was hurt and had to hide behind Fulton and allowed Austin to attack Bey. TJP came out and made sure to lure Fulton to the back, but with the distraction, Bey recovered and hit the art of finesse for the win. Great match.

At this point, Bey may get added to Austin vs TJP. 

- Over at Swinger’s Paradise, Josh Alexander confronted TJP for not taking Austin seriously. Cocky TJP said that he beat Alexander, and so he’ll beat Austin too. Alexander told him he’ll be coming after him if he retains.

- Rohit Raju confronted Shera for costing him his second match. Shera attacked Raju and told him he didn’t owe him anything. 

ODB defeated Susie

Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan have been feuding with Jordynne Grace, Jazz, and ODB for some weeks. ODB pinned Susan when both teams met in a 6-woman tag match, and so Susan wanted to get some revenge on ODB. 

Match was a squash, ODB beat on Susan from bell to bell, hitting all her signature moves. Susan’s only hope spot came after poking ODB’s eyes, but the advantage didn’t last long. Match ended when Susan threw out all of ODB’s alcohol, ODB got angry, and finished off Susan for the win. 

After the match, Purrazzo and Lee came out and attacked ODB until Grace and Jazz made the save. Hogan and Steelz joined the brawl and attacked Grace and Jazz, who they’ll be wrestling at Sacrifice. Heels dominated the ring afterwards. This was good for what it was.

Brown and Striker ran down the Sacrifice card, including the newly added matches of Edwards vs Myers, VBD vs Beer Guns, Decay vs Reno Scum, and Dashwood and Kaleb vs Havok and Nevaeh.

- It was time for D’Amore’s announcement. Moose came out to the ring to hear the announcement and called out D’Amore, who came out and brought out Rich Swann to give the announcement to both men. 

D’Amore announced that the main event of Sacrifice will be a title vs title world title unification match. D’Amore also added that whoever wins as the World champion, will be defending at Rebellion against Kenny Omega, in an Impact Championship vs AEW Championship, winner takes all match.

Afterwards, we saw Don Callis talk with Omega, telling him that things are going according to plan.