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Impact Wrestling live results: Good Brothers & FinJuice team up


Preview by Josh Nason

The Good Brothers will team up with FinJuice on tonight's Impact Wrestling in what is expected to be a preview of a future Impact Tag Team title match.

They will face XXXL and Reno Scum in an eight-man tag that will headline the show. While things have been jovial between the new arrivals from New Japan Pro Wrestling (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) and the champions (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) thus far, the writing is on the wall for a title challenge at either this month's Sacrifice or April's Rebellion pay-per-view.

In another high profile match, the winner of Chris Bey vs. Black Taurus vs. Ace Austin will earn a future shot against X-Division champion TJP.

The show will also feature Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo against former champion Jordynne Grace in a non-title match, and Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers with friend and former partner Matt Cardona as special guest referee.

Former X-Division Champion Rohit Raju (w/ Shera) will face James Storm (w/ Chris Sabin) on the BTI pre-show.

Our live coverage starts at 8 PM Eastern.

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James Storm (with Chris Sabin) defeated Rohit Raju (with Mahabali Shera) in the BTI Match

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Opening video showcased the ongoing meetings between FinJuice and the Good Brothers, who are teaming up to night, as they face off with XXXL and Reno Scum. Also, last week’s main event where Moose defeated Jake Something for the newly reinstated TNA World Championship.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) defeated Black Taurus & Chris Bey in an X Division #1 Contendership Match

These three participants teamed up last week against Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander, and Willie Mack, who they defeated to advance to this triple threat, where the winner becomes the #1 contender to TJP’s X Division. 

Match saw both Bey and Austin team up against Taurus, who had to take on both of them. Austin and Bey actually managed pretty well as a team until they took out Taurus with a tandem dive. 

With Taurus out, Bey and Austin finally went at it between them, they did some great chain wrestling and a short sequence of reversals. Bey was barely taking control when Taurus recovered and came back to the match. He took turns wrestling Austin, and then Bey for a couple of minutes each. At one point, Taurus caught Bey’s plancha and turned it into a suplex, that had extra power after a missile dropkick from Austin to both. 

Finish saw Austin and Bey take out Taurus again, and just as Bey was about to finish Austin, Fulton held his foot, allowing Austin to hit the fold for the win. Good match, Taurus looked really dominant.

Ace Austin vs TJP for the X Division title is set for Sacrifice.

- Gia Miller interviewed Jazz and Jordynne Grace for becoming #1 contenders to the tag team titles. They were talking about ODB’s attack last week when Fire ‘n Flava approached them and told them to focus on them, not ODB. Grace said that she’d talk D’Amore to invite Hogan to her match tonight with Purrazzo.

- Backstage, Myers found Cardona training and tried to talk nice to him since Cardona is the referee in Myers’ match with Eddie Edwards tonight. Cardona told him that he’d call it down the middle. 

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card, including the newly signed Hogan vs Grace vs Purrazzo.

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) defeated Havok

This match was booked during BTI after Dashwood had been messing around with Havok and Nevaeh for some weeks, taking advantage of their small dissension after going on a losing streak. 

Match saw Havok dominate early on, she blocked everything that Dashwood tried on her and turned it into a power move of her own. Eventually, Kaleb aided Dashwood, allowing her to get her with an elbow to the back of the head that rocked her and with that, Dashwood cut her off. 

After some minutes of Dashwood working over Havok’s neck, Havok finally got Dashwood off her, and got some offense in. When she was ready to finish off Dashwood, Kaleb distracted her again, giving Dashwood the opening to hit the spotlight for the win. 

After the match, Nevaeh came down and saved Havok from Kaleb and Dashwood. Nevaeh took out Kaleb with her DDT. Nevaeh looked good as the babyface making the save.

- We got a promo from Sami Callihan, broadcasting from the Skulls and Bones School, where Trey Miguel trains. He talked trash about Miguel, beat up some of the staff and trainees, and trashed the place. Callihan tried to recruit some of Miguel’s students before leaving. Really good angle if not for the annoying ‘hacker’ production in Callihan’s promos.

- TJP was hanging out in Swinger’s Paradise when Ace Austin confronted him and told him to not bet against him. Chris Bey came in and accused Austin of winning only because Fulton interfered, and so TJP tricked them into a match between them. And here I was hoping for a Bey and Austin tag team.

- We got a promo with Violent By Design where EY said he’d be punishing Deaner for failing to take out Jake Something in the tables match that HE had asked for. Behind a wall, Joe Doering beat up Deaner, who had to drag himself out. Deaner gracefully accepted his punishment.

- We got our weekly AEW commercial with Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone, promoting Dynamite and Revolution. Khan actually put Impact over a bit saying that they, Impact, and NJPW are all in the same team, but AEW is now calling the shots. Khan hyped up Shaq and Paul Wight’s debuts. 

- Moose cut a promo, talking about how he has held the TNA World Championship for months, and defended the title, even if no one considered it a real championship. And so he had nothing against Swann, but he had the recognized Impact World Championship, and so he had to beat him to make it clear that he was the real champion. Great promo.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) & FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) & Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe)

Ever since FunJuice debuted, them and the Good Brothers have been teasing each other, not in a hostile way, but Anderson and Gallows keep trying to make fun of them for being young boys in Japan when they were there. In return, Robinson and Finlay make fun of them for being bad drinkers. In the last weeks, FinJuice defeated Reno Scum, while Anderson and Gallows defeated XXXL. 

Match saw FinJuice and the Good Brothers dominate early on with a couple of hard tags between them, they’re showing off to each other and trying to one up each other. They were so focused on each other, that they allowed Reno Scum to cut off Finlay and separate him for a couple of minutes. XXXL and Reno Scum didn’t get much heat before Finlay escaped and once again, Robinson and the Good Brothers kept racing each other to take the tag and actually take the pin, which ended up being Gallows, who hit Magic Killer along with Anderson for the win on Thornstowe. This was 100% a squash.

After the match, FinJuice and the Good Brothers had a staredown as they argued who won the match. These two teams are ready to collide.

- We got a video package with Rich Swann, talking about Moose, who is a fake world champion, walking around with a dead title. He knew that Moose was stronger and faster, but he didn’t have Swann’s fire and determination.

- Backstage, the Good Brothers and FinJuice argued that they also lost the match because of Anderson and Gallows. Anderson said they should go back to carrying their bags, so Finlay replied that it’s the tag team titles that they’ll be carrying in. Gallows made the challenge to make it happen at Sacrifice.

Eddie Edwards defeated Brian Myers via DQ

Edwards and Myers have been feuding for a couple of weeks now after Myers started calling Edwards unprofessional. For several weeks now too, Myers has claimed to have an eye injury because of Edwards and Cardona, which he has used as a crutch to get away from facing Edwards in a singles match. Tonight, we have that singles match with Matt Cardona as the special guest referee.

Story of the match was that Cardona called the match right in the middle and it was annoying Myers. At the end, Myers loaded up his elbow pad and hit the roster cut lariat for the pin, but Cardona saw him cheat and DQ’d him.

As for the match, Edwards had a strong start, later cut off by Myers. Myers worked on Edwards for a couple of minutes until the latter made a comeback. They started chasing their finishers, trading a couple of good near falls, right before the finish. Really nothing match, had a lot of potential, but they didn’t really do much with the story, not got enough time for it.

I was expecting for a finish that could cause dissension between Cardona and Edwards, but they went for the straight DQ and good referring.

- Brown and Striker ran down the Sacrifice card, with Moose vs Swann, Good Brothers vs FinJuice, Ace Austin vs TJP; also for next week, Chris Bey vs Ace Austin, and Desi Hit Squad vs Beer Guns.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo (with Kimber Lee & Susan) defeated Jordynne Grace (with Jazz) and Knockouts Tag Team Champion Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) in a non-title 3-way match.

Grace and Jazz are the #1 contenders to Fire ‘n Flava’s titles, they won the spot by defeating Kimber Lee and Susan. After that match, they found their friend ODB taken out backstage, and their immediate suspicion went to Purrazzo. Grace had originally challenged Purrazzo for tonight, but after a confrontation with Fire ‘n Flava earlier in the show, Grace asked for Hogan to be added to the match and make it a 3-way.

Similar to the opener, the two heels teamed up against Grace, who is the only babyface and currently feuding with both parties separately. In this match however, the heels quickly broke up their truce and fought each other. 

The match was a good clash of Hogan’s speed, Grace’s power, and Purrazzo’s technical proficiency, especially because all three women were in the ring together for most of the match, there were barely any one-on-one parts to the match. At one point, all three got into a 3-way striking exchange, right before the brawl broke out with the seconds, with Grace taking them all out with a big plancha. 

Throughout the match, we mostly got near falls with Purrazzo chasing the Fujiwara armbar from all corners, but at the end, it was Purrazzo stealing the win with a roll up on Grace after the latter failed to hit the Vader Bomb on Hogan because Steelz had pulled her off. This was a fantastic match.

After the match, Grace and Jazz brawled with Fire ‘n Flava to the back, but in the ring, ODB came down and took out Purrazzo and made her intentions clear that she wanted a match for the title.