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Impact Wrestling live results: Good Brothers vs. Sabin & Storm


Preview by Josh Nason

Ahead of this Saturday's No Surrender, the tag team titles will be on the line on tonight's edition of Impact Wrestling.

The Good Brothers will defend the belts against Chris Sabin and James Storm with Private Party awaiting the winner this Saturday on Impact Plus. Sabin and Storm made the challenge last week to Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson which got accepted for tonight.

Tonight's show will also feature the contract signing for Impact World Champion Rich Swann vs. Tommy Dreamer ahead of their match Saturday.

Also in action Tuesday: Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander, Willie Mack & Suicide vs. Chris Bey, Ace Austin, Blake Christian & Daivari ahead of the first-ever triple threat revolver match Saturday; the returning ODB vs. Kimber Lee; Kiera Hogan vs. Nevaeh; and Cousin Jake giving an answer to Eric Young's invitation to join his Violent By Design group.

Our coverage kicks off at 8 PM Eastern.

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Opening video recapped the ongoing feuds between VBD and Cousin Jake, Sami Callihan and Trey Miguel, and last week’s main event where Moose and Chris Bey defeated Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann.

Josh Alexander, Suicide, Willie Mack, & Trey Miguel defeated Shawn Daivari, Chris Bey, Blake Christian, & Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton)

This match is a preview of No Surrender’s triple threat revolver match, where these eight men will be participating. 

Match saw Josh Alexander and company dominate early on, pairing up, one-by-one with someone from the other team. It wasn’t until it came down to Daivari and Mack, that the former cut off Mack and the heel team got control of the ring. Mack was an interesting choice for babyface in peril, having Suicide there. 

Trey Miguel got the hot tag against Christian for a great fast paced sequence. Every man started to take turns on doing spots, leading to Alexander locking in an ankle lock on Austin, with Christian breaking it up with a springboard 450, but causing dissension in the team after Austin accused him of going for his leg. After a couple of spots from Suicide, taking out Bey and Austin, it came down to Miguel and Christian again, with the latter getting a good near fall, but Miguel recovered and locked in what Striker called an hour glass submission for the win.

After the match, Callihan interrupted with a video on the screen. Callihan said that he looks great when everything goes his way, but it’s just a matter of time before he fails again and flakes on the company again.

Trey Miguel has the momentum to win the revolver match, but the Callihan factor is likely to cost him the match on Saturday.

- We got a video of present and past wrestlers wishing the best for Dreamer on his 50th birthday. Weird to see this here, but it was a nice video.

- D’lo Brown and Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card.

Kimber Lee (with Deonna Purrazzo & Susan) defeated ODB

ODB returned last week to aid Jazz and Jordynne Grace as they were being ganged up by Purrazzo and company. ODB said that she’d be sticking around for a while. 

ODB dominated from the get go with a chop exchange. Lee did at one point cut off ODB’s momentum, but she was never in full control, ODB kept blocking and getting shots in on Lee. It was a matter of minutes that ODB made a full comeback, hit the bronco buster, the dirty 12, and a chest press for a near fall. 

Finish saw Purrazzo and Susan interfere, and so Jazz and Grace ran down for the save, but throughout the distraction, Kimber Lee recovered, played possum, and got ODB with a small package for the win.

ODB looked good, this wasn’t a match that would have exposed her, Lee is quite good at working any level of pace, and thus made ODB look good. This seems to be headed to a 6-woman match.

- Over at Swinger’s Paradise, Fallah Bahh is trying to play blackjack by betting a cookie. Finally, it was revealed that Swinger had Hernandez’ money roll, right before Bahh got kicked out and Swinger did some comedy with Alisha Edwards. This was bad as usual.

- Backstage, Susan complained to Purrazzo and Lee about the chaos out there. Purrazzo and Lee were happy for the win, telling Susan to not worry about them, but Susan was angry and wanted to talk to the manager, she said he’d go ask D’Amore for a 6-Knockouts match for No Surrender. Purrazzo expressed that she was getting tired of Susan.

- Cousin Jake came out to the ring to address Eric Young’s invitation to join Violent By Design. Jake said when he got here, he thought he had it all right, but now everything had been turned around on him and he had to make a choice. 

EY, Joe Doering, and Cody Deaner walked out to join Jake in the ring. EY told Jake that he had time to think and that it seemed he was finally understanding what was going on here. 

Jake teased joining by getting rid of his vest, but then threw EY’s invitation, said he’d stand for something, he stood for Jake Something, and attacked Deaner.

VBD teased Pillmanizing Something’s neck again, but Deaner stopped him because he wanted a match with him first. Deaner vs Something at No Surrender! Good angle, Jake Something, even in defeat, looked like a great babyface.

- Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera cut a promo. Raju said that TJP couldn’t beat him and had to rely on his monster, Manik, and thus Raju had done the same, and called upon his own monster, Shera.

- We got our weekly AEW commercial with Khan and Schiavone. They talked about KENTA’s debut attacking Jon Moxley. Khan talked about himself being the forbidden door and thanked IMPACT because it was them that made him realize he has the power to do whatever he wants if he opened his mind to it. Khan thanked Callis and Omega for opening his mind, and teased coming back to Nashville.

- Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows cut a promo backstage on Chris Sabin and James Storm, their challengers for tonight’s main event. They put them over as great wrestlers, but they were not as good as them. AMW, Beer Money, and the MCMGs had been great teams until the Good Brothers showed up. Good promos.

Neveah (with Havok) defeated Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) via DQ

Ever since Fire n Flava won the titles, Havok and Nevaeh have been following and looking to get a rematch for the titles. Last week, Havok defeated Steelz, and now Neveah tries to make it 2 wins for the team.

Match was a similar formula as last week, with Neveah having some power advantage and control until the smaller Hogan cut her off with the aid of Steelz from the outside. Neveaeh quickly  made a comeback, with quite an ugly looking slam, Hogan seemed like she landed on her side. She seemed ok.

Last couple of minutes, they traded some near falls, but to change things for once, the referee got distracted with Havok, giving Steelz the opening to attack Neveah, except the referee was able to see Steelz on his peripheral vision, and so he DQ’d her.

With two singles wins over the champions, we’re either headed for the non-title tag match at No Surrender, or straight into the championship bout.

- We got more videos for Tommy Dreamer's 50th birthday, but now from the wrestlers from AEW, including a great one from MJF and Jericho. Actually, most of them were about how old he was and some were surprised he had made it to 50.

- Hogan and Steelz complained to D’Amore about referee Tolle. Since they brought up that both of them lost, they’ll be defending the titles at No Surrender, but to make it fair, Tolle won’t be the referee during the match, and even if he was, it won’t matter, because it will be a No DQs match.

- XXXL, Tenille Dashwood, and Kaleb with a K came out to the ring to call out Decay about their match at No Surrender. Larry D and Romero explained that they wouldn’t hit a woman and so Dashwood was out to join them. 

Dashwood cut a great promo talking trash to Decay and that there is no way “Tooth Decay” will find a third member. Kaleb then challenged anyone in Decay for a match tonight.

Out came Rosemary and Crazzy Steve. Rosemary said they did indeed find a third member for the team, and so she introduced Black Taurus!

Black Taurus defeated Kaleb with a K

This was a hell of a squash, Taurus just ran over Kaleb like a freight train. Kaleb tried to cheat, to run, to counter, but Taurus just destroyed him in about 2 minutes with a spinning slam. Black Taurus is the perfect fit for Decay, I love the addition!

It’ll be Rosemary, Crazzy Steve, and Black Taurus vs XXXL & Tenille Dahwood at No Surrender.

- Backstage, Brian Myers paid off Hernandez for last week’s bounty. Hernandez wanted more money since his singles match at No Surrender was now a tag team. After Myers walked away, we saw Fallah Bahh eye Hernandez and his newly earned money.

Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Chris Sabin & James Storm via DQ to retain the titles.

After Alex Shelley wasn’t able to make it to Hard To Kill, Chris Sabin recluted the help of his former rival, now friend, James Storm. They made their intentions clear, that they wanted to chase the tag titles, that the MCMGs hadn’t directly lost. The Good Brothers are scheduled to defend the titles against AEW’s Private Party at No Surrender, who were not happy that Sabin and Storm sneaked in a title shot before their shot, and have threatened to get involved tonight.

Match was your quintessential tag match, with the babyface having some opening momentum early on. They managed to cut off Anderson for a couple of minutes before Anderson had to rely on an eye rake on Sabin to finally change the momentum and cut the ring in half on Sabin.

As Sabin was in peril, Matt Hardy and Private Party walked out to watch the match from the ramp. The distraction ended up aiding Sabin, as he got away from Gallow’s hands and tag in Storm. After he ran wild for a bit, Storm and Sabin went for a pin, but Private Party ran in, nonchalantly in front of the referee and broke up the pin, with the intention of getting Sabin and Storm DQ’d.

- Backstage, Hardy congratulated Private Party for showing who they are and not letting anyone step before them in line. Hardy hyped them for No Surrender. Scott D’Amore confronted them and told them they crossed the line, and because he now needs to make sure that Sabin and Storm don’t interfere on Saturday, he’s adding them to the match to make it a 3-way tag team dance for the Impact tag titles. Matt Hardy was furious about the decision.

- Brown and Striker ran down the card for No Surrender. Including the 5 newly matches signed throughout this show. 

- It was now time for the contract singing for the Dreamer vs Swann title match at No Surrender. Scott D’Amore officiated the process. Swann thanked quietly. Dreamer thanked Swann before signing because he was given the opportunity, even if he is the last man to deserve it in the locker room, he said he truly appreciated this because title matches didn’t come often in his career. He put over Swann, but told him that he has a bad leg and he will go after it and will not hold back.

Before Dreamer could sign, Moose interrupted the contract signing, looking like a total badass. Moose said that the fact that the match was taking place had pissed him off because he had been promised a title shot. D’Amore threatened to suspend Moose if he interfered, but Moose explained that he doesn’t care who wins, he’ll beat whoever wins. 

Finally, Dreamer got tired of being ignored and cut saying that he’ll keep fighting for the industry and the locker room and being the champion will give him more power to do so, and that was the motivation to win the title. He signed the contract and shaked Swann’s hand. Moose just kinda walked away, but eyed Swann with a malicious smile on him.