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Tonight's Impact Wrestling is the last episode before Sunday's Hard to Kill pay-per-view.

Deonna Purrazzo will face 2021 Knockouts Knockdown Tournament winner Mercedes Martinez on tonight's show. Purrazzo will challenge Mickie James for the Knockouts title in a Texas death match at Hard to Kill.

JONAH wil be in action as well, facing Jake Something. JONAH is set to take on Josh Alexander at Sunday's pay-per-view.

Prior to Sunday's first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match, IMPACT Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering and Rosemary will face Tasha Steelz, Lady Frost and Chelsea Green.

Before the Hardcore War at Hard to Kill, Karl Anderson will face Heath on tonight's show. The winner will earn the advantage for their team in the War at Hard to Kill.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton will tag against Johnny Swinger and Hernandez tonight. Masha Slamovich's debut is also set for the show.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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Juice Robinson (with David Finlay) defeated Raj Singh (with Rohit Raju) on BTI

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Chelsea Green, Lady Frost, and Tasha Steels (with Savannah Evans) defeated Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering, & Rosemary (with Havok)

These six women will be competing in the first ever Knockouts Ultimate X match in the company's history. They were all chosen by Gail Kim as one of her first actions as Impact management, and they will be competing to win a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

Steelz and Ellering started the match with the latter overpowering Steelz, pushing her to tag out. Ellering then took against Frost, who had the speed advantage, but Ellering still kept control.

Steelz and Rosemary came in next, and while it seemed Steelz would take control after Evans attacked Rosemary outside the ring, Rosemary was able to recover and tag in Ellering again.

Grace and Ellering worked over Frost, overpowering her, but things started to fall apart as all women came in, taking each other out until Green was the only in the ring. Green dove on everyone outside, followed by a top rope moonsault from Frost on the group.

Back in the ring, Green hit the unprettier on Ellering for the win.

- We got a video package for the Hard To Kill main event. Moose, Morrissey, and Cardona all talked about how people see them, villain, monster, and hero respectively, but all that mattered was what they saw themselves as. 

Afterwards, we got a promo from Moose, saying that he’s days from stepping in the ring with two men who hate him and who he has angered more. Moose said he is willing to do anything to retain the World title. He won’t complain about the odds, instead he’ll prove to the world why he's the greatest champion.

- We got the commercial about NJPW’s return to AXS tv right after Impact on March 3rd.

Jonah defeated Jake Something

Jonah debuted at Turning Point attacking Josh Alexander, the very same man that he’ll face off with at Hard To Kill. Prior to that, Jonah gets to take on Jake Something.

This was a fun hoss fight. It started with a shoulder tackle exchange that Something won after a struggle.

An angered Jonah gained control over Something, working his lower torso. Something managed to escape him and connected the corner spear and the running body block, sending Jonah to the floor, followed by a dive.

Back in the ring, Something tried to suplex Jonah, but the latter blocked and took down Something with a big clothesline. Jonah ended Something with the top rope plancha for the win.

After the match, Josh Alexander ran down and brawled with Jonah until the big pull apart. Jonah took down all security and slammed Alexander, finished him with a couple of sentons and a top rope plancha through a table. 

- We got a video package for Deonna Purrazzo vs Mickie James for the Knockouts title at Hard To Kill, recapping their story since Bound For Glory.

Masha Slamovich defeated Sandra Moone

This was Masha Slamovich's official debut as an Impact roster member. She originally competed at Knockouts Knockdown. Commentary explained that Moone is a local wrestler from FSW.

This was a total squash. Slamovich hit a strike combo, a suplex, and a Northen Lights Bomb for the win. Her finish looked brutal.

- Backstage, Steve Maclin cut a promo about finally getting his singles match for the X Division title. Maclin said he is still unpinned and unsubmitted, and that Gail Kim made the mistake of signing the match. Gail Kim overheard Maclin and told him that if he doesn’t win, he’s not getting another title shot as long as Trey Miguel is champion.

- Gia Miller had a sitdown interview with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green about their upcoming matches at Hard To Kill. Miller asked if Green was ok after the chair shot from Impact a couple of weeks ago. Green said she was ok, she’s a wrestler and accustomed to getting hit like that, but she was worried that Matt wasn’t 100% focused because of it.

Cardona said he was ok and both agreed that Moose orchestrated everything because he feared Cardona. Green did a better job at selling me Cardona as a credible contender than Cardona himself.

- Mickie James joined commentary for the upcoming match.

Deonna Purrazzo (with Matthew Rehwoldt) defeated Mercedes Martinez

This match came after Purrazzo made some comments about Martinez after she had failed to defeat Mickie James at Turning Point. Martinez challenged Purrazzo.

Purrazzo attacked Martinez during her entrance and started the match with control, going after Martinez’ neck. After Martinez tried to dodge and make a comeback, Purrazzo once again took her down and started targeting the back.

Martinez finally caught Purrazzo with a desperation clothesline, followed with a second and went straight for the STF, but she distracted herself by Rehwoldt on the apron, allowing Purrazzo to drop her with divorce court. Purrazzo was now fully focused on Martinez’ arm, ramming it on the turnbuckle and locking in multiple arm submissions.

Martinez attempted another comeback with a surprise spinebuster, but Purrazzo kicked out at two. Martinez followed through with strikes and attempted a superplex, but Purrazzo blocked it. Martinez speared Purrazzo on the apron to finally earn herself a breather.

Back in the ring, both women traded strikes until Purrazzo tried to bring down Martinez by the arm, only to get reversed into a pin for a two count. Martinez followed with a couple of weak Kamigoyes, but again, Purrazzo kicked out.

Martinez nailed a running knee and went for the kill, but Purrazzo reversed into Venus de Milo and submitted Martinez for the win.

After the match, Mickie James checked on Martinez, had a face to face with Purrazzo, but since there is still a no touch clause, they both kept their cool.

- We got the very first episode of All About II, a show with Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay, a straight copy of Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood’s show. They talked trash about Dashwood and Rayne until they were confronted. Dashwood and Rayne claimed that they were ripping them off. They got into a bad confrontation that I don’t even know how to describe, but having said that, Lee and McKay are amazing at what they do.

- Backstage, the physical therapist checked on Josh Alexander after the altercation with Jonah earlier today. Alexander was hurting.

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton defeated Johnny Swinger & Hernandez

Austin and Fulton jumped Swinger and Hernandez to start the match, and immediately took control. They kept Swinger isolated with constant tags but eventually, they got cocky and allowed Swinger to fight back and escaped Fulton.

Hernandez tagged in and took down both Austin and Fulton with a double suplex, followed with a couple of clotheslines, but Austin kicked him, fed him to Fulton’s slam, and a footstomp later, Fulton pinned Hernandez. This was pretty much a squash.

After the match, Austin kept attacking Hernandez while Fulton grabbed a chair. Swinger tried to stop Fulton, but avoided getting physical. Fulton and Austin Pillmanized Hernandez’ arm.

- Miller interviewed W. Morrissey about his match at Hard To Kill. Morrissey talked about being alone last year when he came to Impact, no friends, no fans, no supporters. Him making it to the main event is all his effort and now that he’s on top, people want to hop on the wagon again, but he doesn’t need us. He said that he’ll win on Saturday and he’ll be alone, just like he likes it.

- Brown and Striker ran down the card for Hard To Kill.

Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows & VBD) defeated Heath (with Rhino, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, & Eddie Edwards)

These two factions will be facing off at Hard To Kill at a Hardcore War, meaning an anything goes match were participants enter the match on intervals. This match is to decide who gets the advantage during the match.

Gallows literally interfered in the first five seconds of the match and both parties almost came to blows, forcing the referee to ban everyone from ringside.

Back in the ring, Heath and Anderson went back and forth for a while, with Heath gaining more and more momentum as they went on, eventually sending Anderson to the floor, where Anderson baited him in and sent him into the ring steps and ringpost.

Anderson, now in control, went after Heath’s arm, switching between submission locks and stomps, but after a while, Heath was able to land a desperation lariat to bring down Anderson and get himself some space.

Heath made a strong comeback with some back elbows, but Anderson kept getting shots to the arm here and there until he sent Heath into the ring post and followed with the Gun Stun for the win. Ok match, really short.

After the match, Gallows came out and attacked Heath, which prompted the rest of the teams to come out and brawl until the show went off the air.