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Impact Wrestling live results: Jake Something vs. Deaner tables match


Preview by Josh Nason

A tables match between heated rivals Deaner and Jake Something is the featured match on tonight's Impact Wrestling.

Part of Violence by Design, Deaner has put extra motivation on himself to win after disappointing Eric Young and Joe Doering in not dispatching his cousin in previous opportunities. Something has rebuked VBD's offers to join the team and is looking to put them in the rearview mirror after tonight.

In other action, Super X-Cup winner Ace Austin teams with Chris Bey and Black Taurus against Willie Mack, Josh Alexander and Trey Miguel with the winning team moving on to a triple threat next week with an X-Division title match awaiting the winner. Finally, Jazz and Jordynne Grace will face Susan and Kimber Lee with the winners getting a future Knockouts Tag Team title shot.

And, of course, there will likely be another AEW paid ad courtesy of Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone.

Our live coverage kicks off at 8 PM Eastern.

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In the Before The Impact match, Johnny Swinger defeated Fallah Bahh.

The opening video recapped the debut of FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) defeating Reno Scum and being confronted by the Good Brothers afterward. Also, Moose defeated Tommy Dreamer in an old school rules match.

Jake Something defeated Deaner in a tables match

At No Surrender, Deaner lost to Something, only for Violent By Design to attack him afterward and put him through a table. Last week, Deaner challenged Something to a tables match with no VBD at ringside.

The match saw a vicious Deaner go at Something, who kept managing to cut Deaner off using his strength advantage. Deaner, being more experienced and faster, was able to get some heat on Something after dodging him with Something crashing face first into the edge of a table. With several tables around the ring, they did a couple of teases where Deaner kept weaseling out of Something’s hands. At the end, when Deaner got the advantage thanks to a low blow, Something caught him with a black hole slam into the table.

After the match, Moose hit the lights out on Something through another table. Moose got the mic and said that he was hijacking the show until he got his Impact World title match. The refs took Something away during the commercial break. Moose was still in the ring until Scott D’Amore, who now has entrance video and music, came out. D’Amore told Moose that Swann wasn’t even in the arena, so he couldn’t give him his title match tonight. 

Something came back to the ring and wanted to get in a fight. Since Moose wanted a title match, D'Amore said he was officially reinstating the TNA World title and Moose would have to defend against Something in the main event.

Chris Bey, Black Taurus & Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) defeated Trey Miguel, Willie Mack & Josh Alexander to advance to an X-Division title match

The stipulation of the match was that the winning team will face off in a three way dance on next week’s Impact with the winner earning a title shot against TJP.

The match saw a couple of pairups early on. Mack and Taurus, in particular, were impressive with their lucha libre. Taurus later went against Alexander, got the better of him, and managed to cut the ring in half on him.

The team of Austin, Bey and Taurus worked over Alexander throughout the commercial break. Bey got cocky and started talking trash, allowing Alexander to counter him and tag out. Miguel got the hot tag and ran wild over Austin and Taurus before tagging in Mack, who ended up taking The Fold at the hands of Austin for a near fall. Every man came in to hit a big signature move, but at the end, it was Bey that pinned Mack in a good match.

That makes it Bey vs. Taurus vs. Austin next week.

After the match, Sami Callihan once again teased Miguel for losing his cool when he wasn’t winning. Miguel finally had enough and started beating up Callihan until security pulled him away.

-- Backstage, Rosemary and Crazzy Steve cut a promo saying that Black Taurus will win next week’s match and eventually win the X-Division championship. Good promo, I’m loving the current presentation of Decay.

-- We got our weekly AEW "paid ad" as Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone were joined by a group of heels from AEW to talk trash. Among them was Britt Baker, Rebel, Matt Hardy, Private Party, Ryan Nemeth, and Team Taz hyping up their upcoming matches on Dynamite.

-- Havok talked to Nevaeh about working out their differences because of their losing streak. Nevaeh said she needed space. Tenille Dashwood walked up and tried to talk Havok into becoming a tag team. Havok said she wasn’t interested and walked away. She didn’t like the idea of “Havok with a K."

Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) in a non-title match

There is no backstory between these two teams. As of late, Good Brothers finished dealing with AEW’s Private Party and the Beer Guns team of Sabin and Storm. Last week, they antagonized the debuting FinJuice, only for the war of words to backfire on them.

This was close to being a squash, but XXXL did manage to cut off Anderson for a couple of minutes. Anderson quickly escaped the grasp of D and tagged in Gallows, who beat both D and Romero up. They hit the Magic Killer on D for the win in a good showcase for the Good Brothers.

-- Over at Swinger’s Paradise, Chris Sabin and James Storm were playing when Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera joined them and lost it for the whole table. Raju and Storm started fighting, but Sabin once again stopped them. Swinger said that he wanted to see the match and open up the bets. Raju vs. Storm is coming soon.

-- Before their match, Myers walked out in street clothing and told Eddie Edwards that he wasn’t going to be wrestling him tonight. Myers presented his new attorney ("Smart" Mark Sterling) who addressed Edwards and Impact, telling him that Myers had sustained eye damage due to the unsafe working environment. He also mentioned that if Myers was not cleared to wrestle, he had a replacement ready: Hernandez.

Eddie Edwards defeated Hernandez

Hernandez has been Myers' hired gun for the length of this rivalry with Edwards so it wasn’t exactly a surprise that he was his replacement.

The match saw Hernandez use his power advantage to run wild, cutting him off when Edwards seemed to be gaining steam. In the end, Edwards caught him with a second rope Boston Knee Party out of nowhere to keep him down for the three count. This was an ok match as Hernandez has been looking better as of late.

-- Matt Cardona approached Myers and tried to apologize for the eye injury. D’Amore joined in and asked him about his new lawyer and told him that the only doctor that can clear him is Impact’s doctor. So next week, Myers vs. Edwards will take place and Cardona will be the special guest referee. D’Amore took a shot at the idiocy of an "eye for an eye" match.

Jordynne Grace & Jazz defeated Kimber Lee & Susan (with Deonna Purrazzo), earning a Knockouts Tag Team title shot

The group of Deonna Purrazzo has been feuding with Grace and Jazz for about a month now. Last week, Purrazzo asked D’Amore for Lee and Susan to get a shot at Fire ‘n Flava for the Tag Team titles, and so D’Amore made this a no. 1 contenders match against their rivals.

Grace and Jazz dominated early on until Purrazzo decided to interfere to give her ladies the upper hand. ODB ran down to get rid of Purrazzo with a brawl breaking out, forcing the referee to send both Purrazzo and ODB to the back.

After the referee regained control, Lee and Susan cut off Jazz until an accidental head collision dropped Lee as well as Jazz. Grace came in with the hot tag, traded some near falls with Susan. After Jazz took out Lee, Grace hit the Grace Driver for the win. 

Grace and Jazz headed backstage where they found ODB taken out. They speculated it was Purrazzo after she and ODB had been sent to the back. 

-- Brown and Striker ran down next week’s card: James Storm vs. Rohit Raju on BTI, Myers vs. Edwards with Cardona as the special guest referee, FinJuice & The Good Brothers vs. XXXL & Reno Scum, and the X-Division #1 contendership match between Black Taurus, Ace Austin, and Chris Bey.

TNA World Champion Moose defeated Jake Something

This match was booked earlier in the show after Moose speared Something through a table as a way to get some attention from the office when he tried to hijack the show. In return, D’Amore made Moose’s TNA title official and forced him to defend it against Something, who had just won a tables match against Deaner.

Something attacked Moose during the latter’s entrance and literally stole his spotlight. They brawled outside the ring for a while with Something getting the better of the exchange. Once in the ring, Moose provoked him to come at him, and just like a snap, Moose retaliated and took him down.

The match went on with back and forth action. Moose and Something kept cutting each other off. Something was still hurting from the earlier table spear, so Moose kept going after his upper body while Something mostly went for lariats and bombs. The last couple of minutes saw both men trade strikes until Moose caught Something with two uranages, the ripcord lariat, and Lights Out for the win. This was a really good match. Something looked like he belonged in the main event.

After the match, Moose attacked Something with a chair, but Rich Swann, who wasn’t supposed to be in the arena at all, ran down and attacked. They got into a pull-apart until D’Amore came out to make it official: Moose vs. Swann for the Impact title at Sacrifice. Aside from the idea that Swann wasn’t supposed to be there at all, this was a good angle told throughout the show.