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Impact Wrestling live results: Kenny Omega in six-man tag action


Preview by Josh Nason

Attempting to get a measure of revenge for being fired, Don Callis has assembled Impact World Champion Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers for a six-man tag team match against Sami Callihan, Moose and Chris Sabin, put together by Tommy Dreamer after Callis suggested the idea.

The match will be a preview for the July Slammiversary clash between Omega and Callihan for Omega's title in addition to Moose vs. Sabin.

Thursday's show will also feature Eddie Edwards vs. Satoshi Kojima one week after the two failed to wrest the Tag Team Titles away from Violent By Design; Chris Bey vs. Petey Williams in a match between former X-Division Champions; and TJP and Fallah Bahh vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

A week after she defeated Susan, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo will take on Kimber Lee in a non-title match on the BTI pre-show as the feud between the former stablemates rages on. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 PM Eastern.

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Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kimber Lee (with Susan) in a non-title match on BTI.

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Opening video recapped Don Callis and Tommy Dreamer setting up tonight’s main event between Omega and the Good Brothers vs Callihan, Moose, and Sabin. Also, Edwards and Kojima challenged for the tag team titles last week, which ended with Edwards asking Kojima for a singles match, only to get confronted by W. Morrissey. 

Show was going to open with Edwards vs Kojima, but before Edwards could come out, W. Morrissey appeared on the screen and said that Edwards was not going to make it to the match tonight. Morrissey said that everyone respected Edwards, but no one had his back when he jumped him in the parking lot. 

Instead of Eddie Edwards, Brian Myers and Sam Beale came out. Myers talked trash to Kojima and ended up attacking him 2-on-1 until Jake Something came down for the save. Referee came out with word from management that a tag match was now official.

Satoshi Kojima & Jake Something defeated Brian Myers & Sam Beale

Match started as a brawl outside the ring, when Kojima and Something brought back Myers and Beale after they tried to leave to the back. 

Once in the ring, Something got cut off by Myers and Beale, worked on for most of the match, they kept tagging in and out, never letting go of Something. It was until Something managed to hit a desperation double clothesline that he got a short breather, enough to tag Kojima in. 

Kojima took out Myers, hit the machine gun chops on Beale, the top rope elbow, DDT, but as he was about to hit the Koji cutter, he got cut off by Myers. Something hit a blackhole slam on Myers, allowing Kojima to hit the Koji cutter and lariato for the win.

I take it Kojima either didn’t understand Morrissey, or he just wasn’t all that concerned about Edwards getting jumped outside the building. This should be his final night with Impact, so he probably didn’t care much about Edwards.

- Gia Miller interviewed D’Amore about Anthem’s decision to have Dreamer as their representative to oversee operations. He didn’t say much before Rosemary and Havok appeared before them and claimed that they had wins over Fire ‘n Flava and wanted to challenge for the Knockouts tag titles. D’Amore didn’t make it official, but he was going to consider it if they kept the magic to a minimum. 

- D’lo Brown and Josh Matthews ran down tonight’s card.

Rachael Ellering (with Jazz) defeated Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K)

For weeks, Dashwood has been a thorn in Ellering’s shoe, she worsened the rift between Jordynne Grace and Ellering, and after weeks of polite rejections, Ellering finally had enough of Dashwood and challenged her to a match. 

The action was back and forward early on, but as Ellering started to gain momentum, Kaleb was there to distract her and allowed Dashwood to cut her off and turned things around. 

Dashwood had control for a long while, she kept going for pin attempts, but Ellering kept kicking out regardless of what Dashwood would throw at her. It wasn’t until Dashwood distracted herself taking a photo, that Ellering caught her  with a running swinging neckbreaker and was able to cut off the momentum. Kaleb tried to interfere and give Dashwood control again, but Ellering got rid of him, blocked a sunset flip from Dashwood, and rolled her down for the pin win.

Dashwood and Kaleb ganged up on Ellering and later Jazz when Jazz tried to save Ellering. Grace ran down and helped clear the ring. Ellering offered a handshake, but Grace instead hugged her for the reconciliation. I was surprised they didn’t milk the dissension more. 

- Miller interviewed Chris Bey about being a neutral party in the gang war that is happening in the X Division. Bey said that he was out there for himself only. Austin, Raju, Shera, and Fulton came down, and while Bey thought they would try to recruit them, they told Bey they didn’t need him, but appreciated he wasn’t getting in the way. The Chris Bey babyface turn is coming.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs TJP & Fallah Bahh ended in no contest.

While not official, this match came about as a friendly challenge between each team, as they both have eyed the tag team championships, currently in the hands of Violent By Design. 

This was a fun match. It started with some stalemates between both teams, some high flying moves from Swann, but suddenly, Violent By Design ran down and attacked both teams. Rhino gored Mack, Deaner hit the Deaner DDT on TJP, Doering hit a DVD on Swann, and both teams were left laying as VBD posed over their bodies. 

This surely has to set up a 3-way tag match for Slammiversary.

- Backstage, Hogan and Steelz argued that Havok and Rosemary shouldn’t be allowed to just jump in and ask for a title challenge, they should work from the bottom to earn their spot. They went looking for D’Amore, and as usual, as means to get rid of Steelz and Hogan, D’Amore just booked a match where Havok and Rosemary can earn their shot. Hogan and Steelz are too good.

- Miller interviewed Dreamer and his team for tonight’s match and whether everyone is on the same page. Dreamer told them that they all had the same enemy and they needed to work together. Sabin said that he was there for Dreamer and Impact, and was willing to work with the team for it. Moose told them that he doesn’t care about anyone, all he cares about is winning. Callihan said that all that matters is beating up Omega and company.

Chris Bey defeated Petey Williams

Similar to Bey’s issues with Austin and Raju, he also has issues with Petey Williams and Trey Miguel, as they also hoped he’d join them to confront Austin and Raju, and instead, Bey left them for dead. 

Great fast paced back and forward match. Williams got a couple of bear falls early on, but momentum quickly turned when Bey caught him with a scissors kick between the ropes. The match finally slowed down when Bey locked leg scissors on Williams, but he reversed the lock. Williams came back with a big German, running knees, but when he went for the Canadian destroyer, Bey blocked and hit a TKO version neckbreaker. Bey went for the art of finesse, but was countered into a Russian side leg sweep. Williams once again chased the destroyer, but was blocked and instead locked in the sharpshooter for another near fall.

Finish finally came after Bey blocked yet another destroyer, hit a cutter and the art of finesse for the win. 

These two will meet again on Slammiversary in the Ultimate X match for the D Division title. 

After the match, Ace Austin, Rohit Raju, Shera, and Fulton all came out. They attacked Williams while Austin and Raju teased Bey to not get involved. Bey was leaving to the back when Miguel and Josh Alexander ran down to save Williams. The numbers game was too much though, but Bey eventually had a change of heart and ran down to help attack Austin and friends. All the babyfaces took out Raju and Austin and controlled the ring. All the babyfaces accepted Bey to their side. 

- Backstage, Susan and Kimber Lee plotted that their plans had failed and they had hit rock bottom. Lee tried to convince Susan that they should chase the titles, and if everything else fails, there’s always Su Yung as a backup plan. Susan didn’t know who Su Yung was.

- Jake Something cut a promo about not being the man he was before, he was strong and it didn’t matter what his name was, because he did the talking in the ring. He challenged Brian Myers to a match and if he wins, Myers must call him “professional”. 

Steve Maclin defeated Manny Smith

Maclin debuted a couple of weeks ago, this being only his second match.  

This was a squash match through and through, and while it was somewhat longer than usual, Maclin never lost control. Maclin got a headlock early on and kept it for a while, hit an olympic slam, a couple of lariats, a spear to a Smith on the tree of woe, and finally, a German and elbows before hitting his signature Michinoku driver II-B for the win. 

Team Callis (Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson, & Doc Gallows) (with Don Callis) defeated Team Dreamer (Sami Callihan, Chris Sabin, & Moose) (with Tommy Dreamer)

Two weeks ago, Dreamer, on behalf of Anthem, fired Don Callis from his EVP position with Impact Wrestling. Last week, in a passive aggressive way, Callis challenged Dreamer to come up with a team to challenge his team of Omega and the Good Brothers. 

Team Dreamer is a bit of turmoil, as Sabin and Moose are currently feuding and set to wrestle each other at Slammiversary, but also, neither man is on great terms with Callihan, who has always been the antagonist. 

The dissension between Moose and Sabin quickly came up, and so Callihan decided to tag in first and deal with the match himself. He managed to maintain control throughout the break, working ok with Sabin, but once again, Sabin and Moose started tagging each other the hard way, and it was through these distractions, that Anderson was able to cut off Sabin and turned things around. 

Omega and the Brothers mostly worked over Sabin with quick tags, a couple of triple team moves, constantly going for the head with strikes and chokes. Sabin at one point managed to escape and jump for the hot tag, but Moose didn’t extend the hand, so instead Callihan had to jump in for the hot tag. 

Callihan was going for the package piledriver on Anderson, but Omega distracted the referee to allow Anderson to low blow Callihan and force him to tag in Sabin again. Sabin did keep down Omega and company, but now Moose blind tagged himself in, cut off Sabin’s momentum, and when Sabin complained, Moose instead tagged himself out via chokeslam on Sabin. 

Outside the ring, Dreamer complained to Moose about turning on them, but because Callis pushed Dreamer into Moose without them noticing, Moose thought that Dreamer had attacked and so attacked back. 

Back in the ring, without Moose and Callihan, Sabin was an easy prey for Omega and the Good Brothers to finish and pin for the win.  

Omega and company celebrated in the ring as the show went off the air.