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Impact Wrestling live results: Knockouts & Digital Media title defenses

Jordynne Grace and Brian Myers will put their titles on the line Thursday.

Two titles will be on the line as part of Thursday's Impact Wrestling on AXS TV.

Jordynne Grace will defend the Knockouts title against Gisele Shaw as Shaw has been antagonizing Grace as of late. 

Brian Myers will put the Digital Media title on the line against the surging Joe Hendry. Hendry has been undefeated since returning and when Myers and Matt Cardona said his name last week, he issued the challenge.

In a semifinal match in the X-Division title tournament, Trey Miguel will take on Mike Bailey in a match of former champions. The winner moves on to the finals at next Friday's Over Drive. 

Mickie James will look to stave off retirement for another night as she takes on rival and former friend Chelsea Green.

Bully Ray will have his first Impact singles match on TV since 2014 when he takes on Zicky Dice while Bhupinder Gujjar takes on the debuting G Sharpe.

On the BTI pre-show, Killer Kelly will face Sandra Moone.


- Killer Kelly submitted Sandra Moone on the BTI pre-show.

Main Show -- 

Joe Hendry defeated Brian Myers (w/ Matt Cardona) to win the Impact Digital Media title

Myers went into this as the longest-reigning Digital Media Champion, but left without the belt.

This was a good opener with Impact riding the recent popularity wave of Hendry and giving him his first taste of Impact gold. At this point, the name doesn't fit anymore, but I digress.

Cardona got in Hendry's face on the outside, leading to Heath & Rhino coming out to beat up Cardona and run him off to the back. Myers hit an implant DDT to get a close near fall off the distraction and tried for the Roster Cut, but Hendry countered with the Standing Ovation (chokeslam throw) to win the title.

- Gisele Shaw and her social media manager were backstage talking about new videos for her after she defeats Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts title tonight. We then got to see the video which featured interview clips stolen from other interviews to make Shaw seem like an even bigger deal. This was pretty funny, especially the "Gisele Shaw" voiceovers for when the interviewed talent said another person's name.

- Eric Young talked about the revival of Violent by Design following Big Kon and Alan Angels (now Kon and Angels) joining the group last week as they beat up Sami Callihan. This feud must continue.

Trey Miguel defeated Mike Bailey by DQ to advance to the X-Division title tournament final

Kenny King, who Bailey defeated to advance to this spot, came out with popcorn and grabbed a seat to observe the action. 

In a pre-match graphic full of a lot of words, we were reminded Miguel was the man who handed Bailey his first defeat in Impact.

As expected, this was a competitive and fluid match filled with lots of offense. Bailey has had a standout 2022 while Miguel remains criminally underrated. 

After Bailey hit an incredible moonsault into double knees to MIguel on the outside, King tossed some popcorn at Bailey. King then decided to throw Miguel into the ringside steps to get Bailey disqualified, giving Miguel the win. Storyline-wise, this makes sense but the finish felt kinda lame given the talent involved.

Miguel now awaits the winner of next week's Black Taurus vs. PJ Black semifinal with the finals set for Over Drive.

- Rosemary was backstage telling Jessicka that taking a loss to Savanna Evans last week as she did was ok. Taya Valkyrie suggested a drink while Rosemary suggested something more violent: taking it out on Tasha Steelz next week. She then said she would probably would get a drink.

- Backstage, Kenny King attempted to explain his actions. He said he can see something in Bailey and can't move on until he figures it out. This feud will continue.

Bhupinder Gujjar defeated G Sharpe

Gujjar has new entrance music which Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt liked. Sharpe is a California wrestler that works as Hyperstreak and Gregory Sharpe on the indies. He's appeared for AEW, NJPW and GCW's L.A. Fights series this year alone.

These two had a fast-paced match that Gujjar won after hitting the Gargoyle spear (second rope spear).

- Impact Tag Team Champions Heath & Rhino had some words for the Major Players ahead of their match at Over Drive. Rhino then saw Josh Alexander sitting off-screen and decided to walk up and tell him that he has known Bully Ray for 20 years and that he's a piece of sh*t.

- Alisha Edwards walked up to Jessicka who was reading a self-help book and drinking. Jessicka said she was going to see the real Aussie Open at Thunder Down Under and did the ODB "Bam!" Edwards then found her husband Eddie and said she was concerned about Eddie's comments recently. She didn't think his connection with Honor No More was over. He insisted it was and that it's now about them before walking off which is what couples usually do. This was not A level acting.

Mickie James defeated Chelsea Green (w/ Deonna Purrazzo)

This has been building for weeks as Green wants to be the one to retire James as part of her Last Rodeo challenge. If you're new here, she retires with her next loss.

This is just their third singles match ever with Green taking the first two.

Purrazzo interfered twice and the referee caught her the second time putting Green's hand on the rope to break up a pin attempt and tossed her. 

The referee later got taken out which brought Purrazzo back out to attempt to knock James off the top rope. Taylor Wilde came out to even the odds and run her off, allowing James to hit a Thesz press off the top and a swinging DDT but the referee was out.

James kicked out of an post-Unprettier pin attempt as the ref came out. She then missed a top rope dropkick attempt as James moved backward, rolling through to get the win and keep her career alive. Given all the rumors about WWE being interested in Green, this could have been her last Impact match but we'll see.

- Steve Maclin was pounding on Scott D'Amore's door and Tommy Dreamer asked what his problem was. Maclin wants a World title match and Dreamer told him to be a leader by example and not throw a tantrum. Maclin said Dreamer was just interested in protecting himself and Bully Ray (who owns the Call Your Shot gauntlet). Dreamer said he would talk to D'Amore and get Maclin a match against himself.

Bully Ray defeated Zicky Dice (w/ Johnny Swinger)

Swinger jumped in the ring at the onset and did the "Get the tables" line with Dice. They brought in a table as Ray looked on perplexed. Ray then grabbed Dice, gave him a Bully Bomb, and got the win.

Moose then ran in from behind and delivered a low blow. He set up that aforementioned table and delivered a spear to Ray through it. These two will square off for the first time ever at Over Drive.

- Sami Callihan retorted to Eric Young's early comments and actions. He had one of Young's followers with tape over his mouth and called for a rematch under new rules: Death Machine Double Jeopardy. You make your opponent bleed and then, you can win by pin. Later, it was learned that the rules are no dq and no countout. Once one man is bleeding, they are "jeopardy" meaning they can be pinned or submitted which is the only way the match can end.

- Purrazzo caught up with Green as she was leaving, still in her full gear. Purrazzo asked where she was going and she said she was going home.

- Mickie James vs. Taylor Wilde is now set for Over Drive while Bully Ray vs. Moose is now a tables match.

- They ran a good video hyping up Frankie Kazarian vs. Josh Alexander for the Impact World title at Over Drive. This focused primarily on Kazarian and why he wants the title and why now.

Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal)

Grace had already put herself in a great position to get paid when her deal is up. Her latest physical transformation has only added to that.

This was actually Shaw's second ever shot at the gold as she challenged, wait for it, then-champion Tessa Blanchard back in August 2018 for a combo PPV with Destiny Pro Wrestling. This is the first ever singles meeting between the two.

Shaw was rolling for a while before Grace took the middle innings by using her power. Then, Shaw took control again but got distracted her own ego which led to Grace hitting a deadlift delayed superplex in another impressive power spot. That and a Juggernaut Jackhammer only got two though.

This got pretty good late as the two exchanged near falls that elicited a "This is awesome" chant. After another exchange, Grace hit the Grace Driver to retain the gold in a very solid main event that also made Shaw look like a real contender.

As Grace was walking back up the ramp, recent rival Masha Slamovich attacked her from behind with a chair and some kicks. She then brought out several other chairs and hit a Tiger Driver-esque move on Grace onto them, holding the title belt up high to close the show.

But, we weren't done. We went to the scene of last week's Edwards vs. PCO fight and a pile of rocks PCO was buried in. Then, like the Undertaker himself, PCO's hand shot up through the rocks to show he is still very much alive.

Next Thursday (Over Drive go-home show):

  • PJ Black vs. Black Taurus in an X-Division title tournament semifinal
  • Steve Maclin vs. Tommy Dreamer no DQ match
  • Eric Young vs. Sami Callihan Death Machine's Double Jeopardy match