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Impact Wrestling live results: The last stop before Rebellion


Preview by Josh Nason

Thursday's edition of Impact Wrestling is the last one before Sunday's Rebellion pay-per-view, headlined by Impact World Champion Rich Swann vs. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in a title vs. title match. Both Omega and Swann will speak on tonight's show.

The show will feature several matches that will act as Rebellion previews.

Former Tag Team champions The Good Brothers will take on recent rivals Decay leading into Gallows and Anderson's rematch against FinJuice on Sunday.

Eric Young will compete against Eddie Edwards. Young and Edwards will be opposite ends of an eight-man tag team match Sunday as Young's Violence by Design group takes on Edwards, Willie Mack, Chris Sabin and James Storm.

Ahead of her challenge of Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo Sunday, Tenille Dashwood goes one-on-one with Susan with Purrazzo in her corner.

Former Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace will face Kiera Hoga, one half of the Knockouts Tag Team champions. Grace and Jazz earned a title shot after defeating Hogan and Tasha Steelz in a non-title match, but with Jazz's retirement, Grace's new partner is a mystery.

Finally, Jake Something will take on Shera while the BTI pre-show will feature Madman Fulton vs. Fallah Bahh vs. Petey Williams in a three-way.

Our live coverage starts at 8 PM Eastern.

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Petey Williams (with Josh Alexander) defeated Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin) & Fallah Bahh (w/ TJP) on BTI

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The show opened with a recap of the Rich Swann and Kenny Omega feud, building to this Sunday’s Rebellion pay-per-view. We got a short recap of last week’s press conference that ended with both men coming to blows. 

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) (w/ Rosemary)

After losing the titles to FinJuice and not being able to take it out on them as they left, Decay found Anderson and Gallows as easy prey to make fun of. Anderson and Gallows won singles matches against Steve and Taurus respectively, so it was time for the tag team match.

Match was a basic tag team formula with the Good Brothers cutting off Taurus as he distracted himself with the non-legal man. After a couple of double team moves and tags, Taurus got Gallows with a surprise plancha, allowing him to tag in Crazzy Steve.

Crazzy Steve had a good hot tag against Karl Anderson until Gallows came in for the aid. Gallows took out Taurus, leaving Steve free to take the magic killer for the pin. Strong win for the Good Brothers as they go after the titles.

After the match, Anderson and Gallows cut a promo on FinJuice, talking about 2020 being the best year the Good Brothers ever had, and that made them comfortable, but FinJuice have woken up Gallows and the Machine Gun, and how Robinson and Finlay have to go against a Good Brothers team on the best state and fired up. Great promo by both, this is a Good Brothers team I like.

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card, the wrestle week schedule, and Rebellion pay-per-view.

- We got a video package of the Impact roster talking about the Swann vs Omega matches, everyone putting their hopes on Swann to retain their championship. Gia Miller and James Storm had the better points, talking about Swann having Omega's number at Hard To Kill and how everyone is underestimating Swann as an underdog.

- We got a video package of the Violence By Design vs Impact roster feud. EY cut a promo talking about James Storm and how the world belongs to them, while they played Storm’s promo where they challenged VBD to a fight at Rebellion.

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) defeated Susan (with Deonna Purrazzo)

Purrazzo defends against Dashwood at Rebellion, so for the build up match, Dashwood takes on one of Purrazzo’s lackeys, Susan.

With both women being heels and barely any interaction before Dashwood won the #1 contendership match a little bit more than a week ago, this was all about building some tension between Dashwood and Purrazzo, build Dashwood as having some technical knowledge, since she is going against the most technically proficient Knockout in the promotion.

The match saw Dashwood start strong, but Purrazzo got her leg and allowed Susan to cut her off and control the match for a while. Eventually, Susan distracted herself because Kaleb was recording the match, and so Dashwood made a comeback. 

Dashwood pulled out a couple of moves and locks that she hasn’t been doing for a while before she hit the spotlight kick for the win. Not the best wrestled match, but it did the necessary work to add some story to this match.

After the match, Dashwood talked some trash to Purrazzo, telling her that she keeps saying no one steps up to challenge her, but here she is and Dashwood is bigger than Purrazzo, Dashwood started the women’s revolution and now she’s ready to take the championship at Rebellion. This is gonna be an interesting match. 

- Brian Myers cut a promo on Matt Cardona, saying he has evolved while Cardona still tries to live from his Youtube fame from years ago. He revealed that his eye has healed and is ready to take out Cardona from his path.

- We got another promo for Omega vs Swann, with some other roster members talking about who they’re rooting for. Other than the Good Brothers, everyone was behind Swann.

- Sami Callihan cut a video promo asking why Trey Miguel didn’t accept his offer and saying that he will have to make an example out of him for doing so. At Rebellion, he’ll not allow Miguel to get a breather to show his ‘passion’, he’ll make sure Miguel doesn’t get up at all.

Mahabali Shera (with Rohit Raju) defeated Jake Something

No story between these two, just to big lads wanting to get in a fight. Something recently had a couple of matches with Myers, while Shera got himself a win over Hernandez after Raju helped him.

Match started with some back and forward action before Shera cut off Something. Shera worked Something for some minutes until the latter made a comeback and came close to winning with the corner spear, only for Raju to distract the referee and Something, allowing Shera to hit skyhigh for the win. Ok match.

- We got a video of Trey Miguel and his trainer talking about Miguel’s match at Rebellion. Coach told Miguel that this match was all about him and he had to prove it to himself that he had the passion and no one else. Then we got a training montage.

- We got a video package for the X Division 3-way rivalry between the champion Ace Austin, former champion TJP, and contender Josh Alexander. 

- Undisputed Impact World Champion and TNA World Champion Rich Swann came down to the ring. He talked about how Kenny Omega behaved at last week’s press conference, and how Swann made the mistake for thinking they’d shake hands like gentlemen. He said that if Omega was so eager to attack Swann, then come out and get in a fight. 

Kenny Omega and Don Callis interrupted via satellite. They said they were not in the building, but they will be on Sunday, when Omega will win the title. Omega said he has an ego, his right after becoming the world champion in three different promotions around the world. Good short promo from Omega.

After the video ended, Moose made his surprise return to Impact. Moose had been gone since losing the title unification match at Sacrifice. Moose said he was there to congratulate Swann, after having time to think about the Sacrifice result. Moose said he was bigger, faster, and more skilled than Omega, but Moose didn’t have stooges like Omega did, and that’s why he wasn’t able to defeat Swann. He told Swann he better not lose the championships to Omega, or he’ll have to answer to him. Moose was great, but the promo content wasn't the best.

Swann closed it saying that on Sunday, he’ll win the AEW Championship, and after he does so, he’ll be happy to pin Moose again. 

- We got a third video package of the roster talking of the Omega vs Swann match. Once again, everyone, heel or babyface, backed up Swann. I think we’re building to a hell of a redemption story after Sunday.

- We got a new vignette for Taylor Wilde, with footage of her previous run with the company. Still no return date, but surely happens at Rebellion.

Jordynne Grace defeated Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) via DQ

Fire ‘n Flava have had animosity with Jordynne Grace and Jazz for months. Last week, they interrupted Jazz’s retirement speech, only to get into an impromptu match and lose to Jazz. D’Amore offered them a shot at the tag titles, but Jazz said she was retired and respecting the stipulation, but she had a mystery partner for Grace. 

Match started with Grace getting some offense in, but since Grace was out there by herself, so it was easy for Hogan to cut her off with a little distraction from Steelz. Grace was about to start a comeback when Steelz just straight up jumped the ropes and attacked Grace for the DQ. 

After the match, they double teamed Grace, but suddenly, Rachael Ellering ran down for the save, taking down Fire ‘n Flava along with Grace. Good debut for Ellering.

After the match, Grace introduced Rachael Ellering as her tag team partner for Rebellion.

- Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week was Trey Miguel vs Suicide vs Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey from Rebellion 2020.

- Juice Robinson and David Finlay cut a promo, saying they were happy that Good Brothers were back on their game and focused and finally they’d stop having excuses for losing. At Rebellion, they’ll prove those were not excuses.

- We got yet another video package for Omega vs Swann, but this was the full package. This one recapped the main event of Sacrifice, where Swann defeated Moose to unify the Impact and TNA World Championships, then followed with some of the promos from everyone involved in the last month. 

- Brown & Striker ran down the updated card for Rebellion, now confirming that it will be Fire ‘n Flava vs Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering. In addition, they ran down some of the shows taking place during wrestle week.

Eric Young (with Violence By Design) defeated Eddie Edwards (with James Storm, Chris Sabin, & Willie Mack)

Days before both men, along with their respective teams, collide in an 8-man match at Rebellion, Eric Young and Eddie Edwards main event in a one-on-one match. Violence By Design has been antagonizing the Impact roster for months now, but it was at Hardcore Justice that Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack joined the fight.

Match started with some back and forward action, mostly mat wrestling with Edwards on top. Every time EY managed to get out of Eddie’s headlock, he’d end up back in it.

It wasn’t until a struggle, that EY managed to drop Eddie on the ropes and knock him down, finally cutting off Edwards’ momentum. EY worked over Edwards’ head and neck, towards the piledriver. The heat built up to both men exchanging strikes on the top rope, where Edwards dropped EY with a superplex.

Edwards got near falls with a blue thunder bomb and a tiger bomb, EY one with a death valley driver. At the end, Edwards set up for the Boston knee party, but EY dropped to the floor. Edwards followed with a dive that triggered both corners getting in a brawl, but once back in the ring, EY got Edwards with a small package and got the win. Good match, they rarely get much time, but Edwards and EY have good chemistry together.

All eight men brawled as the show went off the air.