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Impact Wrestling live results: Mickie James 'State of the Knockouts' address


This week's Impact Wrestling will focus on the Knockouts division as champion MIckie James will deliver a "State of the Knockouts" address while The IInspiration will put their titles on the line.

James will make her return to WWE on Saturday in the women's Royal Rumble and will address the state of the division in Impact. The promo could set up her title match with top contender Tasha Steelz.

In a rivalry that has developed over the last two months, Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay will defend the Knockouts Tag Team titles against The Influence. However, Kaleb with a K will sub in for Tenille Dashwood alongside Madison Rayne, adding a wrinkle to the match. This was originally slated for this month's Hard to Kill, but was postponed due to COVID-19.

Thursday's show will also feature JONAH vs. Johnny Swinger; Chris Bey vs. Jake Something; and Blake Christian vs. Laredo Kid on the BTI pre-show.

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Laredo Kid defeated Blake Christian on BTI

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Opening video recapped last week’s invasion by the ROH rogue group called “Honor No More”, who attacked Josh Alexander and Charlie Haas after the main event, only to get sent running after the Impact roster took a stand.

- Tom Hannifan confirmed that Matthew Rehwoldt is joining commentary as a replacement for D’lo Brown. They didn’t specify if it was permanent.

Jake Something defeated Chris Bey

Bey surprised Something at the ring bell, and while Something managed to regain himself, he had trouble due to Bey’s speed. Something landed a great right hand really early in the match. Bey tried a moonsault to the floor, but Something caught him and dropped him on the apron. Bey would come back, tricking Something into the ring post, followed by a dive to finally cut Something off.

Bey worked over Something’s neck in the ring. Something took advantage of a couple of openings, but Bey had the counters to keep him down, including a beautiful over-the-head toss into a neckbreaker.

Bey went for the submission, first with leg-scissors and then into a sleeper, which Something couldn’t break even when he tossed himself down. It would take a belly-to-back suplex to get Bey off, but the damage had been done.

Something made his comeback with strikes, countered a huracanrana into a powerbomb for a two count. Something went for the corner spear, but Bey dodged and hit a foot stomp. Bey went for the art of finesse, but Something blocked, hit the corner spear, went for The Void, but now it was Bey who countered into a Poisonrana.

Bey kicked Something over and over until Something powered up, hit a big body block, caught Bey mid top rope dive, hit The Void, and got the win. Really good opener.

After the match, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, the Guerrillas of Destiny, jumped Something. Speedball Mike Bailey ran down for the save, but Jay White returned to Impact and took out Bailey.

Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa sent a message to the Good Brothers that this is their house now and they’re taking the tag team gold.

- Hannifan and Rehwoldt ran down the updated No Surrender card, confirming that Mickie James will defend against Tasha Steelz.

- Honor No More arrived on the Impact Zone. Rhino, Rich Swann, Josh Alexander, Chris Sabin, and Eddie Edwards ran down to the ring before they could make it. Rhino told security to let them through because they wanted to get in a fight.

Scott D’Amore interrupted before they came to blows. D’Amore told HNM that they didn’t really represent ROH, because none of them stood for what ROH stood for. D’Amore called them carnies.

Maria responded asking why they should play by D’Amore’s rules. They just wanted an opportunity. D’Amore booked them to a 5-on-5 match at No Surrender, and if HNM wins, they get to stay on Impact.

Sabin asked D’Amore that they still wanted to fight, so D’Amore allowed a one-on-one for the main event tonight, PCO jumped immediately, so it’s Sabin vs PCO tonight.

- Backstage, Kaleb got hyped to take on the IInspiration. He said it was unfortunate the match wasn’t for the titles, but Madison Rayne told him that this match was just to scout the opposition for the inevitable tag title match. 

- D’Amore led HNM to the warehouse and told them they needed to stay there. He told them he had a locker room, but this was the only place where they wouldn’t get attacked by the rest of the Impact locker room.

Cary Silkin showed up and exchanged some harsh words with Taven and Maria. Silkin and D’Amore left together. 

Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jesse McKay) defeated The Influence (Madison Rayne & Kaleb) in a non-title match

This match was originally supposed to be a tag title match between the IInspiration and the Influence, but Tenille Dashwood wasn’t available, so she was replaced by Kaleb for the time being. Since Kaleb can’t challenge for a Knockouts championship, this is now a non-title match.

Match started with Lee out wrestling both Rayne and Kaleb, until Kaleb eventually used his power advantage to cut her off. McKay tagged in and for a second there, it seemed like Kaleb was getting a bit IInspired by her, but Rayne brought him back to Earth.

Kaleb and Rayne cut off Lee and worked over her for some minutes until Lee managed to counter Kaleb’s falling fist into an Atomic drop

McKay got the hot tag and ran over Rayne, took out Kaleb, but only managed to get a two count on Rayne. Kaleb blind tagged himself, but got slapped. He dropped McKay, but then distracted himself trying to take a selfie with McKay. Lee tagged in and was almost about to fall to Kaleb, but she rolled him up and got the win. This was better than I expected.

- Backstage, Jake Something thanked Mike Bailey. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton approached Bailey and told him that he was about to go out and help him, but he really had his back. Bailey told Austin that if he really wants to help, they’ll need backup against the Bullet Club. Austin tried to talk himself out, but Gail Kim barged in and booked a 4-on-4 for next week. 

We got a vignette for The Quintessential Dive Giselle Shaw. 

- Backstage, the Good Brothers and Violent By Design met about staying together now that the Bullet Club were out to get them. Anderson and Gallows told EY and company that they couldn’t allow the Bullet Club to cut in line. EY agreed to work together.

- With all the Knockouts roster at ringside, Gail Kim brought out Mickie James for her state of the division address.

James talked about having the strongest division and generation on Impact history. She put over the IInspiration, Jordynne Grace, the participants of the Ultimate X match, and Deonna Purrazzo, for being the AAA and ROH champion.

Deonna Purrazzo interrupted her and told her she was just wasting everyone’s time, so she left. James then announced that she will be entering the Royal Rumble as the Impact Knockouts World Champion and that she’s in it to win it. She hyped for a title versus title at Wrestlemania.

Chelsea Green interrupted her before James was over to ask for a title match when she won the title. Tasha Steelz stopped them and reminded them that she has defeated Green twice and that she will be taking the title at No Surrender.

Steelz attacked James, Green and Evans got involved and they all brawled until they tossed Steelz and Evans out of the ring. James brawling with that get-up is true talent.

- Gia Miller interviewed Steve Maclin about his loss last week. He said that the loss didn’t count because it was under Pure Rules and this was Impact. He told Miller to leave angrily. Jonathan Gresham told him that if he had problems, then to deal with him, but it won’t be for the title, nor will it be Pure Rules. Maclin accepted. 

- Miller interviewed Jordynne Grace about Cardona’s challenge for the title. Grace said that Cardona being the Internet Champion was a thing of the past, but it was now her time. She accepted the challenge.

W. Morrissey defeated The Learning Tree (VSK, Zicky Dice, plus 6 more) in a 8-on-1 handicap match

Morrissey has taken out the Learning Tree for two consecutive weeks, so for the sake of this match, Myers inducted new recruits to the Learning Tree.

Match was a squash match. Morrissey destroyed everyone, until he got the win over Dice after Morrissey powerslammed “Greg Valentine Jr” on him.

After the match, Myers attacked Morrissey, along with Moose and the Learning Tree who joined in on stomping on Morrissey. We got a huge roar spot, but Moose still took down Morrissey with the Lights Out. 

- Raj Singh cut a promo about his luck changing next week. He said he’s bringing in another Punjab wrestler to back him up. John Skylar interrupted him to complain that Singh is bringing in people, but there is no space for Skylar. Singh told him that he can get first dibs against Bhupinder Gujjar.

JONAH defeated Johnny Swinger

This match comes after Swinger angered JONAH in the locker room earlier in the day.

Swinger attempted a leg hook and to rake JONAH’s eyes, but to no avail, he was quickly taken out by a couple of sentons and a Tsunami for the win.

During the match, we saw Dan Lambert watching the match and he seemed happy with JONAH’s performance.

After the match, JONAH tossed Swinger out of the ring. Decay came out and took Swinger. Taurus and JONAH had a staredown and I got excited.

- Next week, Jordynne Grace vs Matt Cardona for the DM title, Jonathan Gresham vs Steve Maclin, and Jake Something, Mike Bailey, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton vs Jay White, Chris Bey, Tama Tonga, and Tanga Loa.

PCO (with Honor No More) defeated Chris Sabin (with Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Josh Alexander, & Rich Swann)

Match started with a couple of lockups, both of which PCO dominated. The match quickly became a speed vs power match, with PCO constantly blocking Sabin’s offense and bringing him down.

Eventually, both parties started to interfere, but unfortunately for Sabin, the referee noticed when Edwards tripped PCO, and thus sent the Impact group to the back, leaving Sabin alone against PCO and the rest of Honor No More.

Sabin got some offense on PCO with strikes, but PCO once again cut him off and threw him out of the ring by the neck. Sent him in the ring only to clothesline him over the ropes again, and followed with a tope con giro.

PCO worked Sabin outside the ring, tossing him everywhere and finished with the apron senton.

Back in the ring, PCO hit a DDT and went for the PCOsault, but Sabin moved out of the way.

Sabin dropped PCO with a dropkick and a running boot, followed with a tope suicida, and a plancha back in the ring, but only got a two count.

PCO hit a sidewalk slam and went for a Vader bomb, but Sabin blocked, hit an enzugiri, running leg lariat, but when he tried to the Cradle Shock, Taven and Bennet distracted him. Sabin took them out, but back in the ring, PCO hit a Full Nelson bomb and got the win.

After the match, HNM ganged up on Sabin until Team Impact ran down to brawl. Team Impact cleared the ring except for Vincent, who suffered at the hands of Alexander’s ankle lock.