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Impact Wrestling live results: Minoru Suzuki's in-ring debut


After making his presence felt by attacking Josh Alexander last week, Minoru Suzuki will make his in-ring debut for Impact Wrestling Thursday, teaming with Impact World Champion Moose and W. Morrissey against Alexander, Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards.

This week will also feature a Knockouts Championship match as Mickie James will make her first title defense against Madison Rayne after the "Queen Bee" challenged her to a match last week. James defeated Deonna Purrazzo for the title at last month's Bound for Glory.

The next number one contender for the X-Division title will be decided in a four-way bout between Laredo Kid, Steve Maclin, Black Taurus and former champion Rohit Raju.

After defeating Ace Austin last week, Chris Sabin will seek revenge against the man who eliminated him from the Call Your Shot gauntlet match in Madman Fulton. 

Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers will face FinJuice in a non-title match. The two teams have been feuding off and on for months over the titles.

The BTI pre-show match will see Sam Beale team up with Willie Mack and Rich Swann to face The Learning Tree (Brian Myers, Zicky Dice and VSK).

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Rich Swann, Willie Mack, & Sam Beale defeated The Learning Tree (Brian Myers, VSK, & Zicky Dice) on BTI

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Laredo Kid defeated Steve Maclin, Black Taurus (w/ Crazzy Steve) and Rohit Raju (w/ Raj Singh) in an X-Division no. 1 contender's match

Maclin and Taurus started by taking out Raju and Kid and paired up with each other for a couple of hoss and lucha spots. Maclin ended up on the floor as everyone took turns to hit dives on the rest of the wrestlers. 

Back in the ring, Kid and Raju paired up for some good back and forth, but neither was able to gain control before Maclin and Taurus came back into the mix, with the latter controlling the ring. 

Laredo Kid and Taurus paired up for some great lucha, Kid hit an over the top rope rana on Taurus, who was on the floor, followed by a plancha. 

Raju came back and got some near falls on Kid with a flapjack and an O’Connor roll, but Kid was able to come back with a driver for the win. Good opener, but I would have liked more time.

After the match, X-Division champion Trey Miguel came out and congratulated Laredo Kid, but Maclin attacked them both, went for Mayhem for All on Miguel, but Miguel countered, and along with Kid, took out Maclin. 

-- Gia Miller interviewed Madison Rayne about her chance to win the Knockouts title for a sixth time. Rayne said that Mickie James wasn’t a new challenge and has wrestled her many times before. Rayne brought up that when she goes for the title, she usually walks out with the title.

-- Miller interviewed Ace Austin about his ongoing feud with Chris Sabin and how Madman Fulton will destroy him later tonight.

Eric Young (with Violent By Design) defeated Jai Vidal 

Before the match, Violent By Design came out. Young talked about not having wrestled for months and how he’s ready to get his hands dirty again. He said he will build a mountain out of sacrifices he takes out in the ring. Local wrestler Vidal came out. Young asked a couple of questions about who he was before starting the match. 

This was a squash. Young got some offense in before hitting the piledriver and pinning Vidal.

-- Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration arrived for their interview on Locker Room Talk, but since Rayne was preparing for her match tonight, she wasn’t in the room. Suddenly, Rosemary and Havok started to haunt Lee and McKay. While the idea was bad, The IInspiration’s performance is worth money.

Miller asked The IInspiration about what happened. They talked about Decay and seeing ghosts. Miller also told them to avoid Su Yung’s Undead Bridesmaids. It seemed like The IInspiration will try to trick the Undead Bridesmaids to go after Decay.

FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) vs. Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) went to a no-contest

FinJuice and The Good Brothers have been feuding for the tag team titles for months, but after failing to capture the titles at Bound For Glory, FinJuice challenged The Good Brothers bringing up that they never lost the titles and thus, have never been directly defeated by Anderson and Gallows. 

FinJuice started strong, controlling the ring against Anderson. Finlay worked the arm while Robinson went for strikes, but it wasn’t long before Robinson distracted himself with Gallows on the apron and left himself open for Anderson and Gallows to cut him off. 

Gallows and Anderson worked over Robinson, mostly going for the midsection, keeping him away from Finlay, and constant pin attempts. 

Eventually, FInlay got the hot tag and ran wild over Anderson, hit a dive on Gallows, and came back to the ring for a near fall on Anderson after a back breaker. Robinson tagged in for the doomsday device, but Anderson blocked it. Robinson took out Anderson, but was taken out by Gallows, who took a plancha from Finlay. 

Once everyone was down, Bullet Club ran down and attacked both FinJuice and The Good Brothers. They low blowed everyone and posed with the titles. The referee ruled it a no contest.

-- Miller found Johnny Swinger selling his stuff to make money and buy a new casino. Hernandez and John E. Bravo took Swinger to help him with The Demon.

-- Backstage, FinJuice complained that every time they are about to defeat The Good Brothers, Bullet Club interferes. Scott D’Amore signed FinJuice vs. Bullet Club in a no. 1 contenders' match where there will be a winner. 

Knockouts Champion Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne (with Kaleb) to retain

James defeated Deonna Purrazzo to capture the Knockouts Championship, but before she could properly celebrate, Rayne issued a challenge for the title in a battle of two of the most condecorated champions in the division. 

This started with both women wrestling for wrist control with a series of reversals, eventually won by James, who kept control, even after Rayne came close to cutting her off after a distraction from Kaleb. 

Rayne would later on fake being injured, allowing Kaleb to attack James and set her up for Rayne to take control. She locked in a last chancery for a submission tease, but James escaped. 

Rayne continued in control for a bit until James made a comeback, striking down Rayne. Kaleb once again tried to distract James, and Rayne did capitalize with a cutter, but James still kicked out at two. 

On the floor, Kaleb tried to get revenge for last week’s slap, but James dodged, took out Kaleb tossing him to the steel steps, hit the top rope press and got the pin on Rayne for the win. Ok match.

After the match, Mercedes Martinez, the rightful number 1 contender after winning the Knockouts Knockdown tournament, came out to confront Mickie James. Martinez put over James as one of the best, but she also reminded her that she was coming for the title. 

- The IInspiration found the Undead Bridesmaids and proposed they face off against Decay next week on their behalf.

-- Miller interviewed Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona about facing off with such a strong team like Moose, Morrissey and Suzuki. Alexander said he is only focused on Moose, but Edwards stopped him and told him to keep his cool and not allow the anger to get to him, Edwards has been there before. Cardona reminded them that it’s not just about Moose, they need to stick together if they want to win. 

Chris Sabin defeated Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin)

This match comes after Fulton and Austin eliminated Sabin from the Call Your Shot gauntlet, but attacking him from behind. Last week, Austin defeated Sabin in the main event after Fulton interfered, and thus tonight, Sabin gets Fulton. 

The match was a speed vs. power match. Sabin got some early offense in using his speed to dodge and attack, but during the commercial, Fulton got his hands on Sabin and cut him off. 

Fulton overpowered Sabin and kept control for a while, but after getting some space to pick up speed, Sabin was able to make a comeback and take down Fulton with a dive and an enzuigi for a near fall. 

Sabin tried to go for cradle shock, but Fulton easily blocked it and hit a big torture rack into pancake drop for a near fall. Fulton went for the end of days, but Sabin escaped, went for a tornado DDT, but turned it into a small package, and picked up the win. 

-- Brown and Striker ran down the Turning Point card including Decay vs. The IInspiration for the Knockouts Tag Team titles, Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel for the X-Division title and Mercedes Martinez vs. Mickie James for the Knockouts title. 

-- Next week, it will be the Undead Bridesmaids vs. Decay, Bullet Club vs. FinJuice in a Tag Team title no. 1 contenders' match. Also, Jordynne Grace defends the Digital Media title against John Skylar.

Impact World Champion Moose, W. Morrissey and Minoru Suzuki defeated Josh Alexander, Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards

This match was signed last week after Moose got into fights with all three of his opponents. D’Amore told Moose he had to find two partners to take on Alexander, Edwards, and Cardona. 

Minoru Suzuki also made his debut last week and went straight for Alexander after the latter had gone after Moose. Alexander’s gripe with Moose has been about attacking him while his family was in the ring, more than Moose taking the title away from him.

Match started with Suzuki and Alexander chain wrestling, but it quickly came down to strikes and Morrissey tagged in. Alexander managed to take him down and tag in Edwards. The pair ups continued with Edwards and Moose where the baby faces cleared the ring. 

Things settled with Cardona vs Moose, but after taking down Morrissey and Moose, Cardona fell to Suzuki’s roped armbar and with that, Cardona was cut off from his corner. 

Moose, Morrissey, and Suzuki worked over Cardona, focusing on the head. At one point, Edwards got a tag, but the referee failed to see it. Eventually, Cardona caught Morrissey and Moose with desperation and gave the tag to Alexander. 

Alexander came in and took out Moose with multiple Germans, took out Morrissey with the help of Edwards, who tagged in and got a near fall with a blue thunder bomb. 

Alexander and Suzuki finally came to strikes. The other four men joined to take turns taking each other out, but at the end Suzuki hit the GSP on Alexander after saving Moose from the G4. Morrissey took out Edwards with a huge boot, hit the powerbomb, and picked up the win. Really good match. 

Afterwards, the heels posed over the fallen body of Edwards as the show went off the air.