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Impact Wrestling live results: Omega-Callihan contract signing


Impact World Champion Kenny Omega and Sami Callihan will have a contract signing on Thursday's Impact Wrestling ahead of their title match at the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view.

As seen in the preview clip for the show, the signing breaks down into a brawl. Callihan was given the shot in lieu of being added to last month's Omega vs. Moose Impact World Championship match at Against All Odds.

In a number one contender's match for the Knockouts Tag Team titles, Rosemary and Havok will face Susan and Kimber Lee with the winners facing champions Fire N' Flava at the pay-per-view.

Stemming from recent conflicts, Jake Something will take on Brian Myers with Myers having to admit Something is a professional if he goes down in defeat.

The BTI pre-show match will feature Steve Maclin looking to remain undefeated when he faces Suicide.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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Steve Maclin defeated Suicide on BTI

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Opening video recapped W. Morrissey took out Eddie Edwards in the parking lot, the six man tag main event with Omega and the Good Brothers vs Callihan, Moose, and Sabin, that ended with Moose and Sabin getting into a fight and Omega picking the win for his team.

Show opened with Kenny Omega and Don Callis arriving at the building for tonight’s contract signing with Sami Callihan. 

Jake Something defeated Bryan Myers (with Sam Beale)

Stipulation to this match was that whoever lost, had to publicly accept and say that the other was a ‘professional’. Something and Myers have been feuding since Against All Odds, when Something interrupted Myers' teachings to Beale.

Match started with Something in control, both inside and outside the ring, but as the referee prevented Something from keeping the match on the floor, Myers recovered and took out Something during the distraction. 

Myers worked over Something for a little bit, since Something made a comeback only a couple of minutes later. Not even Beale interfering extended that heat run. 

Something got the first near fall with a powerbomb, went for a spear, but Myers cut him off, hit a DDT and got one himself. Myers hit a top rope elbow for a second near fall. Finish saw Myers go for the roster cut, but Something got him with the blackhole slam first and picked up the win. Not much to this match. 

Myers got the mic, but before he said anything, Beale attacked Something from behind. The teamed up on Something until Matt Cardona made his return to even the odds, hit radio silence on Beale, and cleared the ring. We’re not done with Cardona vs Myers.

- D'lo Brown & Josh Matthews ran down tonight's card and a quick update on Slammiversary. 

- Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo that now that she’s by herself and with no contenders, what are her plans. Purrazzo talked about all the things that she has achieved while Kimber Lee and Susan never did anything while they were with her. She said she was headed to the ring to make an open challenge to anyone who wanted a shot at her.

- Miller interviewed Sami Callihan and asked for Callihan’s thoughts on tonight’s contract signing. Callihan was barely starting when a sheriff approached and arrested Callihan for assault and battery on Don Callis. The belief is that this attack happened minutes ago. 

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Lady Frost

Lady Frost is making her Impact debut. 

Match started with both women doing some chain wrestling and reversals, with Frost showing that she could hang with Purrazzo in her game, but it quickly changed when Purrazzo cut Frost off and went for a striking approach. Frost came back with strikes too, but failed to land a moonsault double knee. Purrazzo locked in the Fujiwara armbar and tapped her out. Good showing for Frost, even if the match went down as a squash.  

After the match, Purrazzo said that she had just shown that she’s ready for anyone at any time and she proved that with Frost. Suddenly, Gail Kim came out to the ring.

Before Kim could talk, Purrazzo thanked her for all the things she had done for women in wrestling, but she expected the same amount of respect and didn’t want to get interrupted. Kim said she respected Purrazzo and was proud of all the things she had achieved. Kim was there to talk about Slammiversary, Purrazzo thought that Kim was challenging, but Kim told her that it wasn’t her who would be at Slammiversary, she was retired. Kim said that at Slammiversary, Purrazzo will be defending against a surprise opponent, revealed at Slammiversary.

Kim told Purrazzo that since she just said she could take on anyone without preparing, she didn’t need to know who her opponent was. 

- Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week was Mickey James vs Angelina Love for the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary 9. Hints?

- Over at Swinger’s Palace, Moose jumped Chris Sabin. That was it.

- Miller interviewed Chris Bey about finally getting involved in the X Division warfare happening. He said that he picked a side because Austin and Raju brought in Shera and Fulton and he agreed they made it harder for the rest and him to get an advantage. 

W. Morrissey defeated Jason Page, DeAnte Evans, and Danny Smith

Before the match, Morrissey accepted Eddie Edwards’ challenge at Slammiversary. Edwards made the challenge after Morrissey jumped Edwards last week.

The match was a squash, he hit a couple of clotheslines, powerbombs, and an ugly looking F-5 before stacking them up and pinning all three at the same time. Even for a squash, this wasn’t that good.

Morrissey vs Edwards at Slammiversary confirmed.

- Miller approached Don Callis about the report of Callihan assaulting him. Callis, in a serious manner, indeed confirmed that Callihan had attacked him and that he had been to counseling and trying to overcome the psychological harm. Callis said he had footage of the attack and would show it. 

The footage shows someone dressed as Callihan, with sharpie tattoos, attacking Callis. D’Amore approached Callis and told them they still expected him and Omega for the contract signing. He said that even without Callihan, he needed a main event at Slammiversary.

Rosemary & Havok defeated Kimber Lee & Susan in a Knockouts Championship number 1 contendership match

After breaking away from Purrazzo, Kimber Lee and Susan started chasing the tag titles that Fire ‘n Flava hold. Rosemary and Havok have a couple of singles wins over Hogan and Steelz, and so they’re also chasing the championships. This is a number one contendership match for Slammiversary.

Match was back and forth, both teams traded momentum on a couple of occasions, but in the end, Rosemary got the win over Susan with a spear. This was really short and not much to it. 

Rosemary and Havok earned a title shot against Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz at Slammiversary.

- We had a new episode of All About Me with Tenille Dashwood. This week’s special guest interviewer was Jazz. Dashwood got angry that Jazz didn’t have questions for her, so she said that she went on a rant about feeling betrayed that no one in the roster can figure out their own problems and tag team with her. She felt that Rachael Ellering was the perfect choice and Jazz ruined everything. 

Dashwood attacked Jazz as she was leaving.

After the commercial break, Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering cut a promo addressing Dashwood and Kaleb’s attack on Jazz. They challenged them to a match for next week.

- Last week, Swann & Mack wrestled TJP and Bahh, trying to earn a shot at the tag team titles, but the champions, VIolent By Design, attacked both teams. 

Swann cut a promo saying that he and Mack are about fighting and that VBD messed with their business and attacked them from behind. Swann and Mack challenged them to face them in the ring and put the titles on the line. 

TJP and Fallah Bahh came out instead. TJP said that Swann and Mack and them, they all have a common enemy and both teams have a score to settle, but he wasn’t going to let them use that excuse to get a shot for the titles, because the line was behind TJP and Bahh. As they argued who deserved the spot, Violent By Design showed up.

As the three teams were getting face to face, none other than the Good Brothers came out, dressed for halloween. Gallows preached that it was about time that they regained the titles. 

Tommy Dreamer, the new Anthem representative, came out and announced that VBD will defend the titles against all three teams at Slammiversary. Dreamer said that tonight, we’re getting a 4-way match to preview that match.

Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows) defeated Rich Swann (with Willie Mack),  Deaner (with VBD), and TJP (with Fallah Bahh) 

The story of the match was that we always had two matches happening, one inside the ring, one outside, and all four men kept taking turns to mix up the pairings. 

Early on, we saw TJP get the better of Swann, only for Deaner to get in the ring for some heat on TJP. The rhythm eventually broke down when Swann got everyone on the floor for a top rope senton.

After the dive, Anderson took out TJP on the guardrail, while Deaner and Swann fought in the ring. Anderson tried to join Deaner against Swann, but Deaner attacked Anderson equally. 

Towards the end, all four men got in the ring, taking turns to get some offense in. TJP hit a detonation kick on Anderson, went for a mamba splash on Deaner, but Deaner moved. Swann took out TJP, only for Deaner to jump in and hit the Deaner DDT on Swann for a near fall. Deaner got rid of TJP, but was then caught by a gun stun by Anderson for the pin. Good match, should be even better at Slammiversary with the big lads in. 

After the match, Doc Gallows got face to face with Joe Doering. The Good Brothers walk away with the momentum. 

- Backstage, Kimber Lee told Susan that she had a backup plan if they lost tonight. Father James Mitchell walked up and took Susan. Mitchell told Lee that he promised nothing, but it was Lee’s last resort.

- Brown and Matthews ran down the updated card for Slammiversary. Also for next week, Raju, Austin, Shera, & Fulton vs Bey, Alexander, Miguel, & Williams; Bahh vs Gallows vs Doering vs Mack; Havok vs Tasha Steelz; and Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K vs Grace & Ellering.

- Finally, it was time for the Slammiversary main event contract signing. D’Amore said that he expected that Callihan would be available for Slammiversary and all problems solved, but that he was not going to make it for tonight’s contract signing. Nonetheless, Kenny Omega and Don Callis were there to sign the contract. 

Callis first cut a promo about Callihan being a man with many strikes and being unreliable. Omega signed the contract, but right after doing so, we got video footage of Callis recording the fake attack and revealing that he had paid Johnny Swinger and John E. Bravo to help him. 

Sami Callihan suddenly appeared and brawled with Omega, low blowed Omega and hit the package piledriver. Callihan signed the contract and made it official. Before leaving, Callihan powerbombed Omega through the table and posed with the title.