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Impact Wrestling live results: PCO vs. Doc Gallows Derby City street fight

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rosemary and a Digital Media title match are also set for Thursday.

A Derby City street fight between two big men from two warring factions headlines Thursday's Impact Wrestling as Honor No More's PCO takes on Bullet Club member/Impact Tag Team Champion Doc Gallows.

In a battle of former Knockouts Champions, Deonna Purrazzo will take on Rosemary. It will be a preview of Purrazzo & Chelsea Green's Emergence challenge of Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Tag Team titles.

Digital Media Champion Brian Myers will defend against Black Taurus while former Impact World Champion Sami Callihan takes on Raj Singh.

Former Impact Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns return to action as they face Violent By Design's Doering & Deaner.

Masha Slamovich will look to keep her latest winning streak going as she faces Gisele Shaw. Slamovich has taken out all other members of The Influence as of late.

The BTI pre-show match will see Alisha take on Savannah Evans


Impact opened with a video showing Heath attacking Honor No More, showing us how they ended up in a match against Bullet Club at Emergence with Honor No More needing to disband and leave Impact if they lose, but getting a title shot if they win.

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Rosemary w/ Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka

Rosemary threatened to bite the face of Purrazzo and the fans chanted “Bite her face off!” within the first 30 seconds of this match, so this has already taken a dark turn. Rosemary won a test of strength and then bit the head of Purrazzo in the corner before hitting a bulldog. The referee said absolutely nothing about the biting, so apparently eating someone’s face off is a legal hold in Impact. A Greco Roman Face Bite, if you will.

Purrazzo recovered by attacking the wrist of Rosemary and hitting a lariat before stomping on the elbow of Rosemary, which looked nasty. Rosemary did the Upside Down in the corner on Purrazzo, but the referee did start the count for that, as it was in the ropes. Update on the rules: Submissions in the ropes, illegal; face eating, legal.

Purrazzo and Rosemary both hit pump kicks and crashed to the mat. Rosemary hit a sling blade but missed a corner charge, but still managed to hit a running forearm for a 2-count. Rosemary went for a spear, but Purrazzo countered with an armbar. Rosemary fought out and kicked Purrazzo to the floor, which caused her to get into an argument with Jessicka which distracted the referee. As the ref was distracted, Rosemary hit a spear, but the ref didn’t see it, and Purrazzo rolled up Purrazzo for the win.

This was an acceptable match. Nothing special, but perfectly fine.

-Honor No More was backstage and Matt Taven was talking about their goal for the PPV at Emergence, and Eddie Edwards said that it required trust, and he wasn’t sure if he could trust PCO. Vincent said that PCO went through everything with them, and that he could be trusted. Edwards said that PCO had to prove himself tonight by going after Doc Gallows tonight.

-Giselle Shaw was backstage talking about the death warrant received from Masha Slamovich, and that Shaw was planning on beating Slamovich, unlike the rest of the Influence.

Brian Myers defeated Black Taurus w/ Crazzy Steve to retain the Digital Media Championship

Taurus overpowered Myers early in the match, causing Myers to spill to the floor and argue with Crazzy Steve. Myers stomped on Taurus in the corner and went for a back body drop, but Taurus corkscrewed over the back of Myers and hit some shoulder tackles before hitting a dropkick to send Myers to the floor. Taurus hit a tope con giro to the floor on Myers as Impact went to an ad break.

When they came back, Myers had Taurus in a chinlock, as he drove Taurus into the ringpost during the break. Myers hit a back suplex for a 2-count. Myers charged the corner, but Taurus hit a dropkick to the knee before hitting a Tiger Feint Kick on Myers and a missile dropkick for a 2-count. Myers got up, hit an enziguri, a sole butt, and an implant DDT for a 2-count.

Myers tried to charge Taurus again but ate a spear for his efforts for a 2-count. Taurus tried to hit a back suplex on Myers, but Myers dug into the eyes of Taurus’ mask and rolled him up while holding the ropes right in front of the referee for the 3. Rule update: Submissions in the ropes, illegal. Eating faces and holding the ropes for leverage, legal.

Bhupinder Gujjar came out after the match and speared Myers, making his claim for a Digital Media Championship match yet again.

This match was perfectly fine, but relatively boring. Taurus is very good, but didn’t get to show much of it.

-Jordynne Grace was backstage and talked about how Mia Yim would have significant trouble when challenging for the Knockouts Championship.

-A video aired from Ric Flair’s Last Match, showing how Matt Cardona & Brian Myers ruined the match between Josh Alexander and Jacob Fatu, ending with Diamond Dallas Page hitting the Diamond Cutter on Cardona.

Masha Slamovich defeated Giselle Shaw

Slamovich took Shaw down and hit some MMA style elbows on the mat. As soon as they stood up Slamovich followed up with a spinning backfist. Shaw hit a back elbow on Slamovich in the corner and a running knee for a 2-count, but Slammovich kicked up and then got up smiling. Shaw backed off in fear, but ate a German suplex for a 2-count. Slammovich killed Shaw with a forearm and hit a Snow Plow for the 3-count.

Masha Slamovich continues to impress with the devastating squashes, which is clearly working in making Slamovich a star. I think Impact has big plans for Slammovich, which I definitely endorse.

-A Flashback Moment of the Week consisted of Gail Kim facing Mia Yim (then Jade) & Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Championship in 2016, with Yim winning the Knockouts Championship.

-Mia Yim was backstage with Gia Miller and talked about how Jordynne Grace was not taking their match seriously enough. Madison Rayne came up to the set and was upset about the video highlight aired. Gail Kim walked in and made a match for next week with Yim and Rayne facing off.

-Rosemary was yelling at Jessicka backstage, but Taya Valkyrie noted that Jessicka was basically a baby, being reborn from the Dark Realm. This sucked.

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Violent by Design (Doering & Deaner)

Doering attacked Shelley from behind, and they immediately attempted to double team him, but Shelley blocked a corner charge and Sabin came off the top rope to take out Doering, and MCMG went to work, hitting several double team moves, ending with Sabin dropkicking Deaner into a flatliner from Shelley for a 2-count.

Doreing shoved Shelley off the middle ropes, letting Deaner and Doering to start double teaming Shelley successfully. Doering hit an elbow on Shelley for a 2-count. Deaner dropkicked Shelley’s neck into the middle turnbuckle, and followed up with a Russian legsweep, continuing to target the neck. Deaner hit a running knee to the ribs of Shelley before going to the top rope, but missing a diving headbutt.

Shelley tagged in Sabin, who dropkicked Doering off the apron and hit a running enziguri to Deaner. Shelley and Sabin hit a Magic Killer on Deaner, but Doering broke up the pinfall. Doering hit a shoulder tackle on Shelley and the referee tried to get him out of the ring. MCMG hit a double superkick on Doering, but he shrugged it off and hit a double clothesline on both Sabin and Shelley. They got up fast and hit a suicide dive on Doering before Shelley put Deaner in a crucifix pin, which Sabin ran over and turned it into a Jackknife pin for the 3-count.

Doering and Deaner attacked after the bell, but KUSHIDA’s music hit and he ran down to make the save. As he was attacking Doering with the Hoverboard Lock, Eric Young ran out and attacked KUSHIDA, hitting him with a piledriver.

Good, but quick match here. Sabin and Shelley remain fantastic after all these years, and Doering and Deaner were no slouches in this one. With a little more time, this could have been a great match.

-Sabin, Shelley, and KUSHIDA were backstage and Sabin challenged Violent by Design to a tag match, with him and KUSHIDA against Doering and Deaner. Josh Alexander walked up and said Shelley was taking him too lightly before walking away. Alexander left, and as he walked through a door, Eddie Edwards was there, talking to him about the match with Shelley and offering to be there to help him, leaving Alexander with food for thought.

Sami Callihan defeated Raj Singh

Does anyone have more theme music changes than Sami Callihan? Callihan invited Singh to hit him, and they started exchanging punchs and forearms. Callihan went down with a dropkick to the knee and followed up with a low dropkick to Callihan’s head for a 2-count. Singh got caught in the corner after that and ate hard chops from Callihan. Callihan then hit the Cactus Driver 97 before doing a very bad crossface chickenwing for the submission.

I’m not the biggest Sami Callihan fan, but he does have a lot of intensity that makes up for what I think he lacks in the ring. It’s hard to take your eyes off him, which I think is a good thing.

Sami Callihan grabbed a mic and called out Moose and Steve Maclin and as Moose’s music hit, Maclin was the only one that came out. Moose came in through the crowd and went to spear Callihan, but Callihan moved and Moose crashed into the turnbuckles. I’m not sure if that was a mistake, as it looked brutal, and made me wonder if Callihan moved when he shouldn’t have. Either way, Callihan went for the Cactus Driver on Maclin, but got hit with a low blow, then a spear from Moose, followed by a double arm DDT on Callihan.

-A recap of Killer Kelly’s debut aired.

-Bullet Club was backstage, and Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows talked about how Gallows was going to send PCO back to the creator. That is a bit excessive for a wrestling match, I think. Chris Bey and Ace Austin talked about how they were going to ensure Honor No More would be disbanded at Emergence.

PCO w/ Vincent defeated Doc Gallows

Gallows was technically the babyface (I think?) in this one, but PCO is loved by everyone anyway, and is the odd man out with Honor No More, who I thought was no longer in the group three times now. Gallows slammed PCO on the ramp, but PCO simply got up and suplexed Gallows on the ramp before setting up two chairs near the apron.

Gallows hit a big boot on PCO and he fell backwards off the apron and went through the chairs. They went to a break, but when they came back a ton of chairs were in the ring, which Gallows threw in there and PCO and Gallows were throwing chairs at each other.

Gallows setup a 4 chairs leg first, intending to slam PCO into them. PCO hit Gallows with a chair to the head, and PCO rearranged the chairs back to back and put Gallows on them before hitting him with a chair to the back. Can we stop it with the unprotected chair shots to the head?

PCO went to the top rope, but Gallows launched him off the ropes into the chairs, which looked brutal. PCO grabbed the rope to break the pinfall attempt. Impact rules update: Submission in the ropes, illegal. Pins in the ropes, legal when it's the pinner is holding the ropes, but broken when the pinned grabs the ropes. Face biting, legal.

PCO rolled to the floor and hit Gallows with a garbage can and then cut the apron and canvas free from the ring, pulling back the protective mat, exposing the lumber. Gallows came into the ring and hit PCO with a chain and Gallows hit the Gas Mask on the bare wood for a 2-count.

PCO pulled a drum set from under the ring (why is that there?!) and drove Gallow's head through the drum kit. Gallows was laid out, draped over the apron, but Gallows grabbed PCO by the throat and chokeslammed him through the ring! Gallows demanded that referee count to 10, but PCO sat up at 9, emerging (no pun intended) from the wreckage of the ring to a big pop.

PCO then hit an inverted DDT on the wood before rolling out of the ring before loading a glove with tumbtacks and hitting a flying fist drop with the thumbtacks filled glove, which sent Gallows into the hole in the ring, and PCO followed him and pinned him.

I can't say this was a good match, but it was wildly entertaining. PCO is insane, and I love him. Gallows matched his insanity, but PCO took 90% of the brutal punishment. This match definitely worked for the crowd right after the chokeslam through the ring, and especially when PCO sat up and came out of the wreckage. That was a fantastic main even in its entertainment factor. PCO celebrated with the fans as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts

I can't say this episode of Impact was anything special outside of the main event. The rest of the show was forgettable, but nothing was outright bad barring a few promos.

The main event, while it was not a good match in the traditional sense, was very fun. PCO is one of the craziest people in wrestling, taking the insane bumps he does, and Gallows had no issues selling for the insane things PCO wanted to do. I might forget many things on this episode, but there is no way I am forgetting that main event match, which certainly over delivered in terms of my expectations.