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Impact Wrestling live results: Rebellion go-home show

Bullet Club takes on Honor No More in an eight-man tag team match.

Thursday's Impact Wrestling will serve as the go-home show for this Saturday's Rebellion pay-per-view.

In the night's featured match, Bullet Club's Jay White, Chris Bey and The Good Brothers will take on Honor No More's Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent and Kenny King.

In a preview for Saturday's title match, X-Division Champion Trey Miguel will team with Laredo Kid against Ace Austin and "Speedball" Mike Bailey. Miguel will defend against Austin and Bailey Saturday.

Tag Team Champions Violent by Design will face Decay's Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve in a non-title match ahead of VBD putting the titles Saturday in an eight-team elimination match.

World Champion Moose will issue an apology to top challenger Josh Alexander for how he has treated Alexander's family in the lead-up to Saturday's title match.

The BTI pre-show will see Rich Swann and Willie Mack against Heath and Rhino with both teams trying to find a way into the aforementioned elimination match.

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Heath & Rhino defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack on BTI

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The opening video recapped last week’s confrontation between the Bullet Club and Honor No More, which resulted in the big 4-on-4 match scheduled for tonight. Moreover, the JONAH vs PCO main event, where JONAH finally put down PCO.

Impact Tag Team Champions Violent By Design (Eric Young & Deaner) (w/ Joe Doering) defeated Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) in a non-title match

Violent By Design are scheduled to defend their tag titles against eight more teams in a scramble match at Rebellion. Not every team is confirmed, but Decay are looking to gain some momentum going in.

Taurus had started the match with the upper hand over Deaner, but it didn’t take long for EY to attack him by surprise and cut him off, successfully isolating him from Decay’s corner. Violent By Design worked over Taurus until the latter managed to dodge EY’s leg drop and tag out.

Crazzy Steve came in and ran wild over Deaner, mostly going after the neck and biting Deaner’s head. Steve quickly hit a twisting Pepsi Plunge for a near fall, but EY flew from out the corner with a falling elbow to break the pin.

EY got rid of Taurus, sent him to Doering for some extra hurt outside the ring, while in the ring, EY broke the flag post on Steve’s back and set him up for the Deaner DDT and pin. Really short, but I would love to see these teams get more time one day.

- We got a video package for Josh Alexander vs Moose, recapping his fall and rise from the Impact World title scene, leading to Rebellion’s main event.

- We got footage of Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans taking out Rosemary and Havok backstage as they checked on Taurus and Steve after their match.

- Hanniffan and Rehwoldt ran down tonight’s card, as well as the full Rebellion card.

Matt Cardona, Chelsea Green, and Brian Myers came down to the ring. 

Cardona and Myers finally reunited last week, as they worked together to take out W. Morrissey. Officially going as the Major Players.

Cardona spoke first, calling himself the deathmatch king and bragged about being the Digital Media Champion, but now he also wanted to win the tag titles. Myers said that Cardona and himself haven’t been on the same page during their time with Impact, but now everything was settled between them.

Green talked about being great and champions individually around the industry, but now that they were a unit, they were unstoppable. They talked about taking out Mickie James and W. Morrissey.

Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke of all people interrupted them. Maritato talked about starting his career in the 2300 Arena and about all the men and women that paved the road so that Cardona and company could be there today. After some trash talking, Maritato and Mamaluke cleared the ring and challenged Cardona to a DM title match. 

Digital Media Champion Matt Cardona (w/ Brian Myers & Chelsea Green) defeated Guido Maritato (w/ Tony Mamaluke) to retain the title

Cardona started the match by failing to trick Maritato with a hand shake. Maritato straight up took him down with a belly-to-back and a couple of roll up attempts. Maritato wasn’t as fluid, but he kept up perfectly from move to move.

After some more offense by Maritato, Myers distracted the referee so that Cardona could low blow Maritato with the ropes, dropkick him to the floor, and cut him off.

Cardona, now in control, tortured Maritato, hit the Re-boot, and while Maritato had a hope hope comeback with the Sicilian Slide, Cardona kicked out, low blowed Maritato again, and hit Radio Silence for the win. Maritato looked good.

After the match, the Major Players attacked the F.B.I., went to put Maritato through a table, but W. Morrissey finally made the save. Morrissey controlled the ring until Green low blowed him from behind, but before Myers could continue, Jordynne Grace came for the save. Grace and Cardona had been feuding for the DM title, so now she and Morrissey joined forces to chokeslam Cardona through the table.

- Honor No More cut a promo from their locker room. Edwards talked about wrestling Gresham at Rebellion, and teaching him a lesson that there was no thing like Honor. Taven and Bennett talked about winning the tag titles at Rebellion. 

- We got a promo by JONAH, talking about putting down PCO after he wouldn’t stay down. He warned Ishii that he will take him down at Rebellion.

Shera (w/ Raj Singh) defeated Gabriel Rodriguez

After weeks of Singh trying to recruit Gujjar and being rejected, Singh brought back Shera to manage instead.

This was a squash, Shera took down Rodriguez with a big toss and an even bigger Sky High, which he calls the Lion’s Attack.

- Gia Miller interviewed Bhupinder Gujjar about not joining Singh. Gujjar said that he had no regrets and he didn’t care how strong Shera was, he was there to make a mark and he was in a winning streak doing so. 

- Moose confronted Scott D’Amore about being forced to go to the ring and make a public apology about his actions against Josh Alexander’s wife at a Destiny Wrestling show. Moose said that he wanted security out there, but D’Amore said he wasn’t getting any.

Bullet Club (Jay White, Chris Bey, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Honor No More (Vincent, Kenny King, Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) (w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett & Eddie Edwards)

Match started with a series of pair ups, with Anderson versus Vincent, Gallows versus Bennett, and Taven versus White, as they kept trading momentum. Crowd got excited for that final pair up. Eventually, things came down to King and Bey wrestling to the stalemate right before Taven would assist King to hit the ChinChecker and finally isolate Bey.

Honor No More worked over Bey with quick tags and even more teasing Bey’s corner. After some minutes, Bey made a comeback against Taven and tagged in Anderson, who had some heat with the OGK after they cost them the tag titles against Violent By Design. Unfortunately for Anderson, he was distracted by Maria, allowing Bennet and Taven to take him out too.

It wasn’t long before the OGK went for the Proton Pack on Anderson, but the latter fought back and tagged in White, who immediately took down Vincent and King. Vincent, now the legal man, kicked out of White’s twisting suplex, but also took down White with a Russian leg sweep.

Gallows and Bennett tagged in. Brothers went for the Magic Killer, but Taven made the save. White dropped Taven with the half-and-half, only to get taken out with a Tiger driver by King. Bey took out King with the Art of Finesse, followed with a dive on the rest of HNM, leaving the Brothers in the ring with Bennett for the Gunstun and a Magic Killer and the one, two, three.

- Steve Maclin cut a promo on Jay White and Chris Sabin, about always getting the win thanks to their respective clubs and partners. He talked about being in the military and how neither Sabin nor White would survive by themselves at Rebellion.

- The IInspiration signed autographs in a meet and greet, when they cut a promo about sending Kaleb off and now being able to focus on regaining the Knockout tag titles.

- Taya Valkyrie cut a promo about challenging Deonna Purrazzo, bringing up how she never lost the title and what the Reina de Reinas title represented. 

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid defeated Ace Austin & “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Both Austin and Bailey are challenging Miguel at Rebellion for the X Division Championship. Austin has tried to recruit Bailey to back him up against Miguel, but Bailey doesn’t fully give in.

During the entrances, Austin interrupted Bailey’s entrance with his own, which Bailey reacted to with surprise, but not ill feelings.

Miguel and Austin started the match with some back and forth sequences of reversals and counters. Bailey and Kid paired up next with faster paced exchange, mixing in some lucha until Kid almost spiked himself on the floor with a big suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Bailey regained himself and cut Kid off with help from Austin. Both men worked well as a team, keeping Kid at bay, but the latter did eventually make a comeback and escaped to give the tag to Miguel.

Miguel got the better of Austin in a one-on-one situation, managing to hurt Austin’s arm and coming close to hitting Meteora, but again, Austin and Bailey worked together to take down both Miguel and Kid, and even hitting stereo fosbury flops.

Miguel recovered and took down Austin, targeting the injured arm, but Bailey was still there to break the pin. Bailey hit the moonsault knees, but Kid came back to take out Bailey. Austin went for the Fold on Miguel, but the latter reversed into a roll up and got the win.

After the match, Austin attacked Miguel. He tried to get Bailey to join in, but Bailey instead turned on Austin and dripped him with one kick. It’ll be every man for themselves at Rebellion.

- Hanniffan and Rehwoldt confirmed that the X-Division and Knockouts tag title matches will take place at the Countdown to Rebellion pre-show.

- Backstage, Honor No More hyped each other up when Vincent walked away, as he had some business to attend to. We then saw him get some jumper cables to revive PCO from the dead. It’s not the weirdest thing we’ve seen on Impact.

Impact World Champion Moose, accompanied by barrister R.D. Evans came down to the ring for his formal public apology to Josh Alexander. 

The ring was surrounded by security.

Evans read out Moose’s apology to Alexander and his family. Before he could finish, Moose interrupted him and said that apology wasn’t sincere enough, so he took the microphone to make the apology. Moose said he was sorry for showing how much of a loser Alexander was, for exposing him as someone who allowed his wife to get hurt and for not being a role model to his kids. Moose said he wasn’t sorry for the ass-whopping he would deliver at Rebellion.

After some more trash talking, Josh Alexander had enough and walked out to the ring. Alexander took out whoever tried to stop him, even D’Amore was smart enough to move out of the way. Alexander and Moose finally got in each other’s face and brawled until Moose landed a pair of big uranages, but when Moose tried to do it through a table, Alexander fought back and hit the C4 spike through the table instead. Alexander stood tall over Moose as the show went off.