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Impact Wrestling live results: Sacrifice go-home show

Bullet Club faces Violent By Design & Guerillas of Destiny in an eight-man tag on tonight's show.

An eight-man tag highlights tonight's Impact Wrestling on AXS TV, the final stop before Saturday's Sacrifice event.

After being booted out of Bullet Club, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa of Guerillas of Destiny join Violent By Design's Deaner and Joe Doering to face BC's Jay White, Chris Bey, Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows on tonight's show. 

Steve Maclin will be looking for revenge against Eddie Edwards in a singles match tonight. Edwards turned on Team Impact to side with Honor No More at last month's No Surrender event. 

Chelsea Green will face Tasha Steelz tonight, with the winner moving on to face Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship at Sacrifice. 

In a preview of Saturday's Knockouts Tag title match, Cassie Lee of The IInspiration faces Madison Rayne of The Influence. The IInspiration defend the titles against The Influence at Sacrifice. 

In another singles bout, JONAH will take on Johnny Swinger. 

On Before the Impact, Brian Myers faces Crazzy Steve. 

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Brian Myers defeated Crazzy Steve on BTI

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Opening video recapped Eddie Edwards’s explanation for turning on Impact Wrestling and aligning himself with Honor No More. Along with it, a promo from Maclin, who takes on Edwards tonight. Furthermore, we had Jay White’s explanation on why he and the Bullet Club turned on the Guerrillas of Destiny at No Surrender.

Steve Maclin defeated Eddie Edwards via DQ.

For weeks, Edwards planted the seed of doubt that Maclin was the one attacking people backstage during the build up to Team Impact vs Honor No More, painting him as the villain, while it was Edwards all along. Now that the truth is out, Maclin is out for revenge.

Edwards and Maclin brawled before the match started after Edwards ran at Maclin during the latter’s entrance. Maclin eventually got the better of Edwards and tossed him to the ring to officially start the match.

Back in the ring, Maclin maintained the upper hand, taking down Edwards with a tope suicida for a two count. They followed trading strikes until Edwards dropped Maclin with a blue thunder bomb for a two count.

Now in control, Edwards worked over Maclin with constant chops, but all he achieved was to wake up Maclin, who came back at Edwards with chops of his own. Both men continued with back and forth strikes until Maclin hit a backbreaker, a lariat, and an Olympic slam. Maclin tried to hit the third tope, but Edwards stopped him. Eddie ended up distracting himself with the fans and allowing Maclin to hit the crosshair spear, a backbreaker on the apron and an elbow, but he still couldn’t get the pin on Eddie.

Suddenly, Edwards got a kendo stick and used it on Maclin for the DQ. He continued the attack after the bell until Team Impact ran out for the save. Honor No More also came out to back up Edwards.

Maria cut a promo telling Team Impact that they were all fools for being brainwashed into thinking that honor and Impact mattered. She said that Edwards turning on them made them question.

Heath and Vincent talked trash to each other and ended up challenging each other to a match.

Heath (with Team Impact) defeated Vincent (with Honor No More)

Match started slow, with both men measuring each other, going back and forth, but it was Heath who took momentum and started taking Vincent corner to corner for the ten strike combos. But before he could capitalize, Vincent cut off Heath with a lariat and a spinning neckbreaker for a two count.

Heath came back with an Atomic drop and a series of strikes, but Vincent once again got the upper hand after Taven distracted Heath. Vincent kept control for some minutes, getting a couple of near falls with a side leg sweep and a flatliner.

Heath turned things around when he turned a guillotine into a suplex, a series of strikes and clotheslines. Vincent did hit redrum, but Heath kicked out at two.

Heath at the end, hit the wake up call for the win. Not a good match, too long and even with the win, Heath didn’t look like a strong world title challenger in this match. Heath needed a dominant win after not really doing much in the last months.

After the match, both parties brawled until Moose came out and took out Taven by accident as he was trying to take out Heath, who instead hit the wake up call on Moose for a visible pin.

- Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week was Team 3D vs Beer Money, Inc vs The Motor City Machine Guns. 

Masha Slamovich defeated Raychell Rose

Another quick win for Slamovich, who won with a couple of chops, a shining wizard, a deadlift sitdown powerbomb, and the snowplow for the win. Slamovich is now 5-0.

- Backstage, the Guerrillas of Destiny cut a promo about not being dead weight, but actual champions and draws. Tama Tonga addressed Jay White, telling him that it had been Tama who brought in White to begin with and that this was personal. He said that White was threatened by him.

Violent By Design approached them and tried to start a business arrangement, EY wanted a shot at the Good Brothers and G.O.D. wanted Jay White. EY proposed that they work together to take out the Bullet Club tonight. Tonga and Loa accepted.

- Ace Austin approached Mike Bailey about their win last week and once again, tried to get him to join up and go for the gold. Bailey agreed that maybe he and Austin had a better shot than Austin and Fulton ever did. Fulton wasn’t happy about the comment.

Cassie Lee (with Jessie McKay) defeated Madison Rayne (with The Influence)

After months, we’re finally getting the IInspiration vs Influence match for the Knockouts tag team titles at Sacrifice. In the last couple of weeks, the IInspiration have tried to recruit Kaleb away from Dashwood and Rayne.

Prior to the match, Dashwood and Rayne told Kaleb that he had to surrender his phone to them and stay on a single marked spot at ring side.

Rayne jumped Lee at the bell and got the early upper hand, but it wouldn’t be long before Rayne started mocking Lee and that gave Lee the opening to come back and send Rayne running to the floor for a breather.

Back in the ring, Rayne kept distracting the referee so that Dashwood could interfere and keep Lee down.

Lee finally got some space and managed to dodge Rayne’s attacks, and gain her own momentum, taking down Rayne with a running kick on the apron. Unfortunately, Rayne once again distracted the referee and allowed Dashwood to attack Lee. When McKay tried to make the save, she ended up in Kaleb’s arms, which distracted both Rayne and Dashwood, allowing Lee to hit the IInspiral for the win.

- We got a video package for Jake Something. He cut a promo about not being anyone’s underdog and it being his time. He said that at Sacrifice, he will be Trey Miguel’s biggest threat and the new X Division champion.

Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) defeated Chelsea Green in a Knockouts championship number one contendership match

This is a rematch of a match from a couple of weeks ago, but this time around, the number one contendership for the Knockouts championship is on the line. Tasha Steelz got this match after claiming that Green interfered in her match against James at No Surrender, while Green’s argument is that she has a DQ win over James after Steelz herself interfered and attacked her. Winner of the match takes on Mickie James at Sacrifice.

Mickie James joined the commentary table for this match, but Chelsea Green did ask James to not interfere in the match no matter what happens.

Match started with some back and forth, with Green trying to go for quick pin attempts, while Steelz focused more on hurting Green and targeting her head. After a couple of minutes, Steelz was able to take control and turn her focus to Green’s midsection.

Green kept attempting quick pins, but Steelz kicked out and kept Green down. Once she had enough control, Steelz started to distract herself talking trash to James, which allowed Green to get some shots in and while not completely turning things around, slowed down Steelz. Eventually, she landed a clothesline that finally took down Steelz.

Green finally made a comeback with some clotheslines and a backstabber for a two count. Green chased the I’m Prettier, but Steelz blocked. Green instead pancaked Steelz for another two count.

Steelz landed Stratusfaction for a two count, much to the dislike of James. Suddenly, Evans outside the ring attacked Green behind the referee’s sight, but since James had promised she wasn’t going to get involved, she allowed Steelz to get the win with a frog splash.

It will be Tasha Steelz vs Mickie James II at Sacrifice.

- Security backstage asked Matt Cardona if he had the backstage pass, which he didn’t. Cardona tried to show off his win last week on Grace, but no one cared much about it. Cardona said that no one respected him on Impact, so he was going to take the title and defend it somewhere else.

JONAH defeated Johnny Swinger

Swinger challenged JONAH to a rematch after JONAH had already destroyed Swinger once several weeks ago. JONAH is scheduled to face off with PCO at Sacrifice.

Swinger opened the match raking JONAH’s eyes, but that was as far as he got, JONAH blocked the side leg sweep, hit the senton, the Tsunami, and got the win.

After the match, JONAH went for a second one, but was interrupted by PCO. Both men faced off in the ring, brawled, but when JONAH hit Tsunami, PCO stood up like nothing. PCO instead dropped JONAH to the floor. JONAH ended up retreating while PCO controlled the ring.

- Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo about her upcoming champ-champ challenge at Sacrifice. Purrazzo ran down the names she had defeated, but was then interrupted by Gisele Shaw, who said that Purrazzo had an easy win against Frost because she took her out. Purrazzo talked trash to Shaw, but before Shaw could accept the challenge, Lady Frost walked up and told her that she asked management for a match and it will be Shaw vs Frost at the Countdown for Sacrifice.

- Hannifan and Rehwoldt ran down the card for Sacrifice, including the newly added matches of The OGK vs Rich Swann and Willie Mack, and Mickie James vs Tasha Steelz for the Knockouts title.

Bullet Club (Jay White, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, & Chris Bey) defeated Violent By Design (Joe Doering & Deaner) & Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) (with Eric Young)

Guerrillas of Destiny ran down for their entrance and they immediately started a brawl. Everyone got involved to the point that security and officials had to run down to get things in order. Scott D’Amore had to come out and accepted that he screwed up booking this match, so since he knew there would be no way to control it, he made the match a no DQ match and told security to let them fight.

Now with the match officially on, G.O.D. and the Brothers paired up in the ring, with Loa using a war on Gallows. Tama Tonga and Anderson brawled to the floor and left the ring for White and Doering to wrestle each other in a speed vs power match, that ended with Doering pouncing White out of the ring, but before Doering could continue, White took him out with a trash can lid.

Bey and Deaner now took the ring for a fast paced exchange where bey completely dominated Deaner with a foot stomp while Deaner lay inside a trash can. Bey tried to dive on Doering, but instead got caught and slammed on the apron.

Guerrillas and the Brothers brawled up the ramp, while White choked out Doering with a chain, but it wasn’t enough and Doering just swung White off and into another trash can. Everyone took turns to hit offense in the ring, ending with the Guerrillas and the Brothers again brawling to the back, while White was left alone with Doering. Doering and Deaner teamed on White, but Bey was there for the save.

In the ring, Doering got a two count on Bey after the running crossbody. Doering got a door, but Bey managed to escape him and trick Doering into doing shoulder first into the door. Deaner used a chair on Bey, but White got him with the half-and-half and the Bladerunner for the win.

Backstage, the Guerrillas and the Brothers kept brawling as Bey and White celebrated in the ring. Backstage brawl ended when the Good Brothers ran away to the parking lot. This was a chaotic match.