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Impact Wrestling live results: Slammiversary go-home show

Josh Alexander and Eric Young will come face-to-face ahead of Sunday's title match.

Days ahead of their match at this Sunday's Slammiversary, Impact World Champion Josh Alexander and Eric Young will sign the contract on Thursday's AXS show.

In a non-title match, Impact Tag Team Champions The Briscoes will take on Bullet Club's Jay White & Chris Bey ahead of their title defense against The Good Brothers at Sunday's pay-per-view.

In a preview of Sunday's first-ever Queen of the Mountain match, Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans will take on Jordynne Grace & Mia Yim.

In a preview of Sunday's Ultimate X match, former X-Division Champion Trey Miguel will face "Speedball" Mike Bailey.

Masha Slamovich will look to continue her latest winning streak when she faces Alisha.

The BTI pre-show match will feature X-Division competitors Laredo Kid vs. Blake Christian in singles action.


Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans defeated Jordyne Grace & Mia Yim

This was bad.

Yim and Evans opened the match, but it didn't take long for Steelz to involve herself. Then, after a distraction from her partner, Evans took control, and the heel team began isolating their opponent.

Grace eventually received the hot tag, taking control with a burst of offense followed by a crossface on Steelz. Evans made the save; Grace and Yim were still in the lead, but Grace was certainly slowed down.

Grace and Yim tried to close with a double-team maneuver, but Steelz fought off both of her opponents. Steelz ducked a Grace strike, sending her crashing into her partner. Steelz grabbed a handful of tights and rolled Grace up to steal the win. 

Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo Interview

Chelsea Green and Deonna were found backstage immediately after the last match. They were asked whether they would act as an alliance in the first Queen of the Mountain match at Slammiversery. While not outright denying the possibility of some teamwork, they made clear there can only be one Queen of the Mountain. 

Wes Brisco and Garret Bischoff Interview

Wes Brisco and Garret Bischoff had a backstage interview. After bragging about their "accomplishments" as a part of Aces and Eights, they were interrupted by Honor No More. This led to a scuffle. Another former Aces and Eights member, D'Lo Brown, stopped the fight. Bischoff and Brisco criticized D'Lo's new corporate attitude, only for D'Lo to promise them the match with Honor No More.

Never change, Impact. Never change. 

Josh Alexander vs Eric Young Video Package

A video package played hyping up the Slammiversy main event. It did a fine job at catching me up before Alexander vs. Young. It wasn't an amazing package or anything, but it did its job reasonably well. 

Trey Miguel defeated Mike Bailey

This was an action-packed little match, especially after the commercial break. The Summer of Bailey carries on strong.

The match opened with chain wrestling that turned into a fast back-and-forth offensive sequence, and the sequence continued into a commercial break.

Once returning from the break, Bailey was in control. Bailey slowed the pace, working Miguel in the corners and on the mat. Once escaping from a single-leg Boston crab, Miguel fought back into the match before taking Bailey to the mat with a dragon sleeper.

Once Bailey escaped his time on the mat, the pair traded strikes; Bailey's kicks won out, sending Miguel to the floor. Bailey hit a diving dropkick to the floor, but Miguel was quick to respond with a dive of his own as Bailey was recovering. Likewise, as Miguel was recovering, Bailey hit another dive. Bailey tried for another but was interrupted by a kick. They traded two more dives before returning to the ring.

Bailey connected with some heavy moves before trying for a pin. Once Miguel kicked out, Bailey positioned him in the corner for a kick. Miguel caught the kick, turning it into a pin from which Bailey couldn't escape. 

Sami Callihan vs Moose Video Package

A video package played documenting the Moose/Callihan feud up to this point. The video was filled with shots of Abyss, and Callihan did a bunch of old Abyssisms. Callihan and Moose are set for a Monster's Ball match at Slammiversary.

I guess Impact is just a nostalgia company at this point.

Masha Slamovich defeated Alisha

The match started; Masha killed her for a few seconds; the match ended. Masha is great. 

Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe defeated Chris Bey & Jay White (Bullet Club)

This was a good TV match. I mean, it's Jay White and the Briscoes, could it be anything but good? 

The Briscoes gained a quick lead on White, but White answered by slowing the match and tagging out to Bey. Mark and Bey went back and forth for a while, but, again, the Briscoes took control. This time, the Briscoes' lead was more substantial as they worked to isolate Bey and White.

Bey eventually landed a dive, taking out both Briscoes, just in time for a commercial break. Once the break ended, Bullet Club was in complete control.

A hot tag to Mark led to a Briscoes comeback. Mark and Jay hit Bey with a ton of offense before a tandem neckbreaker forced White to break up a pin attempt. This bought Bey enough time to turn things back around, at least long enough for the match to break down into a short brawl. This led to a prolonged scramble that ended with a rollup on Bey and a Briscoes win.

Reverse Battle Royal Announcement

A video package played announcing the return of the reverse Battle Royal at Slammiversary.

Once the package ended, X cut a promo hyping up X. Johnny Swinger interrupted them, and he would win, even though he didn't know the rules. It's ok, Johnny, no one does.

Aces and Eights Reunion

The show returned to Garret Bischoff and Wes Briscoe looking flustered. They assured each other before D'Lo was revealed to be with them, wearing Aces and Eights colors. D'Lo said the best part about being Aces and Eights is you'll never walk alone.

This is outrageous. 

Nick Aldis Joins Team Impact

Nick Aldis, known formerly as Magnus in Impact/TNA, was announced as a team member for the Honor No More vs. Impact match at Slammiversary. 

Kenny King & Vincent (Honor No More) defeated Wes Brisco & Garret Bischoff w/ D'Lo Brown (Aces and Eights) 

This entire segment was terrible.

Aces and Eights were cool for two weeks a decade ago. Why is this happening? Why are Brisco and Biscoff their representatives? I have so many questions.

Bischoff and Brisco started the match by trying to isolate King from Vincent. Vincent got the tag anyways, but Aces and Eights maintained their early lead all the way into a commercial break.

Once the break ended, Aces and Eights were still in control. This lasted for a few seconds, before Vincent dropped Brisco and pinned him.

After the match, D'Lo tried fighting off Honor No More. After taking out three, the rest of Honor No More hit the ring to save their friends from D'Lo. Before Honor No More could kill D'Lo, Kazarian and the Motor City Machine Guns hit the ring, rescuing D'Lo. Kazarian, MCMG, and D'Lo beat down Honor No More and stood tall. 

Josh Alexander and Eric Young Contract Signing

Ahead of their match at Slammiversary, Impact Champion Josh Alexander and challenger Eric Young met in the ring for a contract signing. Young was accompanied to the ring by Deaner and Joe Doering, Violent by Design.

Young cut a promo saying he doesn't care about Impact's history; he only cares about himself. Alexander answered Young's promo. Unlike Young, Alexander does care about Impact's history. Alexander signed the contract. Young's response was to insult the fans. He then went on about chaos before signing the contract. Alexander continued his promo, hyping up Impact's history even more, pointing out Young was part of it.

Both men flipped the table, and a brawl broke out. VBD used their numbers to brutalize Alexander before eventually dropping him on the exposed planks of the ring with a piledriver. Alexander was left bloody as the show went off the air.

This was boring and cliche.