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Impact Wrestling live results: Slammiversary go-home show


Preview by Josh Nason

Thursday's Impact Wrestling will serve as the go-home show for Saturday's Slammiversary pay-per-view, an event that could see the debut of several new and returning faces.

In what's being called a "Battle of the Hosses," Joe Doering will take on Doc Gallows, Fallah Bahh and Willie Mack in a four-way preview of Saturday's Tag Team Title match. Last week, Karl Anderson, Rich Swann, TJP and Deaner had their own four-way with Anderson coming out on top.

In a preview of the Ultimate X-match Saturday, X-Division Champion Josh Alexander will team with Trey Miguel, Petey Williams and Chris Bey to battle Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju and Shera.

In a preview of the Knockouts Tag Team title match Saturday, Tasha Steelz will face Havok one-on-one. Steelz and Kiera Hogan will defend against Havok and Rosemary.

Ahead of his clash with Chris Sabin, Moose will face Hernandez in a battle of the big men while Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K continue their rivalry with Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering in a tag team match.

The BTI preview show will feature the aforementioned Sabin against Johnny Swinger.

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Chris Sabin defeated Johnny Swinger (with Hernandez & Alisha Edwards) on BTI

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Opening video recapped last week’s contract signing with Callihan and Omega for Slammiversary’s main event, plus the overall build up to the match. 

Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering defeated Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K

After about two months worth of build up, Grace and Ellering finally get their hands on Dashwood and Kaleb in a tag match. Dashwood came close to breaking up Grace and Ellering as a team, as she tried to steal Ellering away for herself. Last week, Dashwood and Kaleb jumped Jazz and that’s when the challenge was made.

Story of the match was that Grace and Ellering had the power advantage over Dashwood and Kaleb and thus dominated for the opening minutes. Dashwood and Kaleb at point even tried to leave, only to be brought back to the ring the hard way. 

Dashwood eventually managed to cut off Ellering with some aid from Kaleb. While Kaleb worked over Ellering, there was a spot where Ellering pulled down Kaleb’s pants. Soon after, Ellering escaped him and tagged in Grace for the hot tag. 

Grace came in hot and got a good near fall after a running sitdown powerbomb. She hit the running double knee and Vader bomb combo, followed by a second rope leg drop by Ellering for another two fall. 

Everyone hit their signature moves on each other for a ten count double KO tease. After recovering, Grace hit a dive on Kaleb, but back in the ring, Kaleb recovered and got some near falls on Grace. Finish finally saw Ellering and Grace debut an assisted rock bottom double team finisher for the win.

This feud should be over and with the momentum, Grace and Ellering are likely to go after the tag titles again. 

- Josh Matthews announced that Matt Striker is coming back at Slammiversary.

- We got a video package with Callihan talking about Kenny Omega and what he thinks about him. He talked about being the only person from the roster targeted by Don Callis.

- We got a video package for Deonna Purrazzo’s Knockouts championship reign, going all the way back to the first win against Jordynne Grace. They ran down the list of names she has defeated in her 240+ day reign. It also recapped last week’s Gail Kim announcement about Purrazzo’s surprise opponent for Slammiversary. 

- Deonna Purrazzo had a meeting with Scott D’Amore for the Slammiversary contract signing. Purrazzo, cocky about her reign, signed the contract without reading it. D’Amore teased Chelsea Green and Mickey James and even No Way Jose. 

- D’lo Brown and Josh Matthews ran down tonight and Slammiversary’s cards. 

Havok (with Rosemary) defeated Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan)

These two teams will be facing each other at Slammiversary, wrestling for the Knockouts tag team championship. Their rivalry is not long, but they’ve traded a couple of wins and losses already in singles matches.

Match started with Havok dominating the ring and kept it throughout the commercial break, but after Havok tried rushing Steelz on the corner, Steelz managed to dodge and bring down Havok to turn things around. After some minutes being worked on, Havok managed to get to her feet and use her power advantage to cut off Steelz. Finish saw Havok win with a tombstone piledriver.

Havok and Rosemary go into Slammiversary with momentum.

- Impact plugged Don West’s GoFundMe for his lymphoma treatment.

- We got a video package for W. Morrissey, mostly focused on showcasing Morrissey’s path of destruction so far.

- Backstage, Kimber Lee waited for news from James Mitchell and Su Yung, instead, she got Susan, who told Lee that Mitchell wasn’t able to summon Su Yung. When Kimber Lee asked Susan if she knew about Su Yung, she replied that she had known all along, then dragged Lee into a room.

Steve Maclin defeated Kal Herro

Somehow, Herro looks more retro and ridiculous than Johnny Swinger. This was another squash from Maclin, he won with a driver in about 2 minutes and one hope spot from Herro.

Throughout the match, Maclin addressed the camera asking for better competition. He also talked about everyone having given up on him.

After the match, Maclin said that the worst you can give him is time to prepare. He is there on Impact and he is done waiting.

- Backstage, Decay and Havok celebrated their win tonight and wanted to induct Havok into Decay, but that was a bond that only James Mitchell could make. 

Mitchell showed up and addressed barely escaping Susan. Havok agreed to bond with Decay.

- We got an Ultimate X video package. 

Josh Alexander, Chris Bey, Petey Williams, & Trey Miguel defeated Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju, & Shera 

In the last month, we’ve seen the X division field break into two sides after Austin and Raju brought their muscle in and became a unit. In retaliation, Alexander, Williams, and Miguel came together, later joined by Chris Bey, as they hoped to get rid of Fulton and Shera before Slammiversary’s Ultimate X match.  Of course, there is doubt if Bey can be trusted. 

Match started with a couple of pair ups between the competitors. Williams wrestled Raju first into a stand off; Alexander and Austin came in next, and after a short exchange, Miguel tagged in, only to get distracted by Fulton, which led to Miguel being cut off by Austin. 

Fulton tagged in as they started working on Miguel. We got a couple of tags before Miguel managed to escape Fulton and Austin’s offense, tag in Bey for the hot tag. 

Bey came in and managed to take down Austin, Raju, and Shera, but once Fulton came in, he was too much for Bey. Alexander jumped in and hit a German on Fulton, only to get taken out by Raju. And so on, we saw all participants run in to hit their signature moves until it came down to Bey rolling up Shera for the win. 

After the match, Bey and company took out Fulton and Shera with a chair. Before everyone left, Chris Bey took out Miguel and Alexander with the chair too, making it clear that it will be everyone for themselves at Ultimate X.

- Backstage, a hidden camera caught Brian Myers trying to recruit Hernandez as protection. Hernandez told him that Swinger had given him a full gig. Myers found someone else instead, but we didn’t see who he talked to.

- Brian Myers came out with Sam Beale to the ring. He called out Jake Something, as he intended to agree to the stipulation from last week’s match, and call Something a ‘professional’. 

Something and Matt Cardona came out together. Even with Beale there, Myers claimed he was being ganged up two-to-one. Myers called Something a professional, but he wasn’t a star. 

Myers ran down Something’s look until things eventually came down to blows. Something and Beale brawled to the floor, while Cardona hit the Unprettier on Myers in the ring. As Cardona set up the running kick, Tenille Dashwood came down and hit a low blow on Cardona. 

The camera angle didn’t actually show the low blow, just the reaction.

Backstage, Cardona cut a promo on Myers and how he hasn’t changed in years. He also brought up that he hasn’t even talked to Dashwood in years. Scott D’Amore walked up to him and told Cardona that if he can get himself a female partner, he can get both Myers and Dashwood at Slammiversary. This could write off Chelsea Green as Purrazzo’s opponent. 

- We got a video package for Moose vs Chris Sabin at Slammiversary. 

Moose defeated Hernandez (with Johnny Swinger)

Last week, while Moose and Sabin brawled in Swinger’s Palace, Moose took out Hernandez when he tried to stop the fight, and thus we have this match.

This was close to a squash. Hernandez started strong, but in less than a minute, Moose recovered and won with the lights out. 

After a match, Moose went to break Hernandez’ leg, but Sabin ran down for the save and tried to break Moose’s leg himself. Some good little last minute heat for this match.

- We got a second video package for Omega vs Callihan, but now it was Omega and Callis’ turn to talk about Callihan and how dangerous and reckless he is in the ring. 

- Brown and Matthews ran down Slammiversary’s card one last time.

Joe Doering (with VBD) defeated Doc Gallows (with Karl Anderson) , Willie Mack (with Rich Swann), & Fallah Bahh (with TJP)

These four men, along with their counterparts, will wrestle for the Impact tag team titles at Slammiversary in a 4-way tag match. Last week, Karl Anderson defeated Swann, TJP, and Deaner for some momentum. 

Early in the match, Bahh and Mack teamed up to take out Doering and Gallows, but once they controlled the ring, Bahh and Mack got into a strike exchange with both men teasing their finishers, but once they reached the stalemate, Gallows and Doering returned to clean the ring. 

All four men brawled outside the ring for a bit, Bahh and Gallows were the first to return to the ring with Bahh on top, but it didn’t last long, as Doering jumped him and once again, the match spilled to the outside. Eventually the match built to Doering and Gallows finally wrestling each other, but it ended with both men on the floor too. And just to complete the pairing, Bahh and Mack had one spot in the ring. 

Finish finally came when Doering hit the running crossbody and lariat on Bahh for the win.

The match was a bit of a mess and Doering and Gallows avoiding each other made it worse. 

After the match, Violent By Design dominated the ring. Gallows and Doering had a staredown.