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Impact Wrestling live results: Swann & Dreamer vs. Moose & Bey


Preview by Josh Nason

Tuesday's edition of Impact Wrestling on AXS will feature the current champion and next title challenger on the same side as Rich Swann will team with Tommy Dreamer to face Moose and Chris Bey in the main event. 

Swann and Dreamer will square off on February 13th's No Surrender on Impact Plus for Swann's World title. Swann challenged Dreamer to the match last week as it will be the legend's 50th birthday.

The show will also feature X-Division Champion TJP (Manik) vs. Rohit Raju in a non-title match with a secret helper that has been assisting Raju; Jordynne Grace vs. Susan in a battle of former Knockouts Champions; Josh Alexander vs. Sawyer Fulton; Havok vs. Tasha Steelz; and an appearance by Private Party and Matt Hardy. Private Party will face the Good Brothers at No Surrender for the Impact Tag Team Titles.

Our live coverage kicks off at 8 PM Eastern.

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Opening video recapped Joe Doering’s path of destruction from last week, plus the EY’s invitation for Cousin Jake to join them. Also, a recap of the main event from last week, where Trey Miguel made his return to join Impact World Champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Tommy Dreamer, when they fought Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock, Chris Bey, and Moose.

Havok (with Nevaeh) defeated Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan) 

The story behind Havok/Nevaeh vs Fire ‘n Flava goes way back, but as of late, Hogan and Steelz defeated Havok and Nevaeh to capture the vacant Knockout tag team titles, and now Havok and Nevaeh are looking for a rematch. Last week, they jumped them champions during their title win celebration.

Match saw Steelz get an early advantage thanks to Hogan’s outside distractions, allowing Steelz to get Havok off her feet and go after the leg, but as soon as she made the mistake of allowing Havok to make it to her feet, Havok took control of the match. 

Steelz tried to regain some momentum, but Havok’s power advantage was too much for her, and ended with a tombstone piledriver from Havok for the win. At one point, Hogan tried distracting Havok again, but Nevaeh was there to take out Steelz during the distraction.

The tag title match is inevitable, potentially at No Surrender.

- D’lo Brown and Matt Striker recapped last week’s Shamrock attack on the referee, security, and Callihan himself. D'Amore blamed Callihan for the attack, suspended Shamrock indefinitely. In addition, Striker and Brown ran down tonight's card.

- Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer had a talk backstage about their title match coming up and the main event tonight, where they face Bey and Moose. Swann offered Dreamer to let him do the work tonight so that Dreamer could be at No Surrender healthy. Dreamer took it like he was called old and that he couldn’t hang with the young boys anymore. Good little dissension to fuel their match.

- Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows talked about still being the Impact tag team champions. They hyped teaming with Kenny Omega at tomorrow’s Dynamite. They talked about screwing Private Party before No Surrender. 

James Storm and Chris Sabin approached the Good Brothers and confronted them about the post match attack from weeks ago. Sabin challenged them to a title match, but the Good Brothers rejected the idea since they didn’t have anything else to prove. Gallows didn’t want it since they wanted to be fresh for tomorrow’s Dynamite, and so instead proposed for a match next week.

Josh Alexander defeated Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin)

Last week, Josh Alexander had his first sight of success since the dissension of The North, he tagged with Matt Cardona to defeat the team of Fulton and Austin. This week, he’ll try to do it by himself.

Match saw Fulton dominate Alexander from the get go. Alexander tried to go for Fulton’s leg, but couldn’t bring him down for a while. He did eventually manage to use his slight speed advantage to dodge around and catch Fulton with a German, and counter a big boot for the ankle lock. Fulton regained control, chokeslammed Alexander on the apron, a second in the ring for a near fall, when Fulton went for the finish, Alexander countered, hit a Jay Driller, and picked up the win.

Big singles win for Josh Alexander. The feud is likely to continue, but it seems that Alexander can finally start to put The North behind him.

- Brian Myers came down to the ring. He is wearing an eye patch after Eddie Edwards attacked his eye last week. Myers said that he somewhat brought his injuries on himself for being the most professional wrestler, it was bound to end coming face to face with the most unprofessional wrestler -- Edwards. He wanted Edwards at No Surrender, but as he was about to say that he was not cleared to wrestle, Edwards ran down and attacked him. 

Hernandez rushed the ring and attacked Edwards. Myers told Edwards that Hernandez will face him at No Surrender. Matt Cardona came down and made the save. They seem to be bulding for a Myers vs Cardona thing here.

- Johnny Swinger’s casino seems to be a thing still, he was cashing out on the house’s wins over Bahh and Alisha Edwards. I don’t even know where this is going anymore.

- Backstage, Edwards thanked Cardona for the save and proposed they ask for a tag match against Myers and Hernandez. 

Larry D (with Acey Romero) defeated Crazzy Steve (with Rosemary) 

Last week, Larry D blamed Rosemary’s plans at Wrestle House for him being cursed and ending in prison after Taya took advantage of the curse. He attacked Crazzy Steve, and thus we have the match tonight.

Match was a speed vs power match. Crazzy Steve started the match with some momentum, but D cut him off after Romero tripped him. D mostly worked over him with strikes and by tossing him around, while Steve kept trying to bite D as a means to cut him off, but it was never enough, and the match ended with D knocking out Steve with an elbow. Ok match, could had been better with more time and less one-sidedness.

After the match, Rosemary faced Larry D and actually intimidated XXXL to leave her and Steve alone.

- Gia Miller interviewed Trey Miguel. He talked about having two crutches, referring to Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz, but now he wanted to show that he could stand on his own. 

Sami Callihan interrupted him and brought up that Miguel had the tools to be a good wrestler, but not a top guy on Impact. Xavier and Wentz being his crutches was only an excuse and he was already throwing them under the bus. Callihan pushed some buttons and told Miguel to really think hard on who he wants to be.

- Miller interviewed XXXL about D’s win over Steve. Miller asked about the hesitation against Rosemary, but D said that there was no hesitation, XXXL was ready to take on the whole roster and that they wouldn’t hit a woman.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K approached them, offered to help them if they needed someone to hit Rosemary for them. D said that if Decay can find themselves a third person, XXXL and Dashwood are ready for them at No Surrender.

Jordynne Grace (with Jazz) defeated Susan (with Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee)

The story between Grace and Purrazzo goes back to the latter’s debut in Impact. As of late, Purrazzo and her mates have antagonized Jazz and Grace, even defeating them not long ago. Last week, Susan jumped the shark and challenged Grace to a singles match. 

Jordynne Grace had the power and experience advantage over Susan, but Purrazzo and Lee kept interfering to allow Susan to cut off Grace and maintain control. It would take some time, but eventually between Grace and Jazz, they’d take out Purrazzo and Lee out for enough time so that Grace could hit the Grace Driver on Susan for the win.

After the match, Purrazzo and Lee attacked them and they all ganged up on Jazz and Grace, but suddenly, ODB made her return to the promotion and made the save. Grace seems to be building a veterans group.

- Backstage, Private Party argued to Matt Hardy that Storm and Sabin were trying to get involved in their business. Hardy told them to calm down, they already have the Impact tag title shot secured, but now, they need to focus on tomorrow’s battle royale where they can earn a title shot at the Young Bucks’ titles. Hardy said he had everything under control.

- We got our weekly AEW commercial with Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone. They hyped their Beach Break. Khan said that his time messing with Impact had led him to be more open about making emotional decisions outside of AEW and that’s why he allowed Moxley to go to NJPW. So NJPW and AEW publicity on Impact this week. 

- Grace, Jazz, and ODB talked backstage. ODB said that she worked her food truck nearby and dropped to say hello, when she saw the 3-on-2 attack and decided to help. 

Rohit Raju defeated X Division Champion TJP in a non-title match

Rohit requested this match from D’Amore, he had expected a title match, but was tricked out of it. As a result of that, Rohit talked to an unknown person for help, so he could defeat TJP here and get the title match he wanted, and finally regain the X title.

Match was really good. TJP worked with submissions, while Raju’s offense was based on strikes and knee attacks. They went back and forward, with Raju having a slight advantage because his strikes were doing more damage, while TJP was relying on reversing and countering Raju into pins or submissions, but not necessarily hurting Raju. In addition, Raju later in the match, started also going after TJP’s arm. 

TJP had to change his game to an aerial match in order to gain momentum, but Raju still had done more damage. When TJP tried to hide under the ring as he had before, Raju had been ready for that and had Mahabali Shera hidden under the ring, ready to take out TJP. Shera slammed TJP on the apron and Raju picked up the win. The Desi Hit Squad is back!

Raju vs TJP will be clashing for the title soon, also likely to happen at No Surrender. TJP may need to get back with Fallah Bahh.

- Eric Young and VBD cut a promo explaining why they didn’t attack Cousin Jake last week. They told him that VBD is not open for everyone, but Jake has an invitation if he chooses.

- Miller interviewed Cousin Jake about EY’s invitation to join Violent By Design. Jake said he didn’t have an answer, but he’d give them one next week.

- Brown and Striker ran down next week’s card. ODB vs Kimber Lee, Kiera Hogan vs Nevaeh. Good Brothers vs James Storm & Chris Sabin with the titles on the line. And finally, the Swann vs Dreamer contract signing.

Moose & Chris Bey defeated Impact World Champion Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer

This was built from last week’s main event, sans Callihan and Trey Miguel that have gone on to have their own program together. Swann and Dreamer will be wrestling for the title at No Surrender. 

Prior to the match, we saw Swann make a comment that underestimated Dreamer’s fuel tank, commentary even built on this, talking about his injuries, comparing him to Terry Funk in terms of wrestling at this age, and so on. The story of the match added some dissension there, having Swann be the babyface in peril everytime he got in the ring, and even if he had told Dreamer that he’d do the work tonight, he had to rely and tag in Dreamer in order to survive.

Finish of the match saw Moose set up for the lights out on Dreamer, but Dreamer moved out of the way and sent Moose straight into Swann, who was legal and pinned for the win.

After the match, Moose also attacked Dreamer with another lights out, pretty much telling them that whoever wins on at No Surrender, he’ll come after them. Moose posed with both world titles to close the show.

Final thoughts -- 

Ok show from Impact. Main event and TJP vs Raju were particularly good. There was some good build towards No Surrender.