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Impact Wrestling live results: Swann vs. Anderson bunkhouse brawl


The ongoing feud between Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers and Rich Swann & Willie Mack continues Thursday as Swann takes on Karl Anderson in a bunkhouse brawl on Impact Wrestling.

Swann will be looking to gain revenge as Doc Gallows and Anderson injured Mack by putting him through a table in a recent non-title encounter Swann and Mack won. They are still in hot pursuit of a Tag Team title rematch.

This week's show will also see Moose take on Eddie Edwards after Moose helped W. Morrissey beat Edwards down last week.

Other matches include Chris Bey vs. David Finlay in both a rematch and continuation of Bey and Jay White's recent feud with Finlay and Juice Robinson; Rosemary, one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, against old Fire N' Flava rival Tasha Steelz; and the undefeated Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams.

The BTI pre-show will see Laredo Kid return to take on the surging John Skyler.

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Laredo Kid defeated John Skylar on BTI

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Tonight’s opening video covered the ongoing feud between the Good Brothers and Rich Swann and Willie Mack, setting up the Swann and Anderson Bunkhouse brawl. Also, last week’s main event with Ace Austin defeating Tommy Dreamer. 

Rosemary (with Havok) defeated Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) 

Last week, Steelz and Evans jumped Rosemary and Havok while Decay made their entrance to face off with Fallah Bahh and No Way. Steelz and Evans have been chasing the Knockouts tag titles since their turn on Kiera Hogan. 

Rosemary started the match on top, controlling the pace and easily getting Steelz on the upside down, but Steelz turned things around when Rosemary decided to go for a top rope senton, which gave Steelz the time to recover and anticipate her. 

Steelz’ control only lasted for some minutes before Rosemary made a comeback, but Rosemary was too hurt and Steelz kept doding most of Rosemary’s offense, even a spear, but as they kept going, Rosemary managed to land the second attempt of the spear and get the win. Weak match, nothing really happened and Rosemary won with one move. 

After the match, Evans distracted both Havok and Rosemary, allowing Steelz to steal the title belts. Evans ended up attacking them from behind when they distracted themselves towards Steelz. 

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card. 

- Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin and asked if he felt prepared for Christian Cage. Austin said that he has been prepared to be the champion for a long time. Suddenly, they noticed that D’Amore was around and headed his way. Austin proposed that Cage should be in action next week, and since Fulton was free, he could take on that task. D’Amore agreed, but he instead made it a 10-man tag between team Austin vs team Cage. 

Austin walked up to Brian Myers and asked him to join him on Team Austin. Myers agreed.

- We got a vignette of Rhino’s rehab with Violent By Design. Young interrogated Rhino about what he had learnt during his time in isolation. Rhino was once again baptized in the holy water of change. 

Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows) defeated Rich Swann in a Bunkhouse Brawl

This match was signed as a result of Swann confronting the Good Brothers last week. Anderson and Gallows took out Willie Mack a couple of weeks ago as these teams feud for the tag titles. 

While this should be a singles match, Swann started the match going after both Anderson and Gallows with some of the weapons that surround the ring. Swann managed to maintain that momentum for a long while, switching between attacking Anderson and Gallows. 

Unfortunately, distracting himself between two people became too much and Anderson was able to recover and take down Swann from behind. Anderson was completely dominant working over Swann, he put him through a plywood sheet, attacked him with garbage can lids, and back into what was left of the plywood sheet. 

It was until Swann dodged a running Anderson that he was able to turn things around and get a near fall with a standing frog splash. Anderson came back with a spinebuster for a near fall himself. Anderson went for the gun stun, but Swann blocked it. Swann went for a 450, but Anderson dodged it and came back with a lariat. 

Finally, Gallows brought out a table for Anderson, where he hit a top rope gun stun, and even if the table didn’t break, it was enough for the pin and win. 

- Miller had a sit down interview with Mickie James. She asked about Purrazzo attacking her at NWA 73, to which James said that Purrazzo got the better of her because she didn’t expect it and she let her guard down. James said that she won’t let Purrazzo make a name out of her and she is not the producer she was at NWA Empower, she is now coming after Purrazzo as Hardcode Country Mickie James.

- We got a vignette by Matthew Rehwoldt talking and painting. Good promo on Trey Miguel, but I wasn’t impressed by his painting technique. He challenged Miguel to a match next week.

- Miller interviewed Josh Alexander about going into a match with Chris Sabin. Alexander said he was prepared for Sabin and brought up that Sabin is an 8x X Division champion because he lost it 8 times. 

Christian Cage approached Alexander and asked him to join Team Cage for next week’s match against Team Austin.

- We got a recap of last week’s match where Raju and Shera defeated Cardona and Green when Raju knocked out Green with a jumping knee. 

Rohit Raju cut a promo tha a lot of people were angry at him for how he defeated Green. He said that he would not apologize because he saw in Green eye’s how she wanted to take on a real man, and not someone like Cardona who hides behind her. 

David Finlay defeated Chris Bey

Bey, as a representative of the Bullet Club, has been feuding with FinJuice for some months when they came back to the promotion, on the same night that Jay White debuted. Two weeks ago, Bey got a win over Finlay with his feet on the ropes, prompting this rematch. 

In the most Bullet Club way, Bey started the match by stalling and doding Finlay around, to the point that Finlay had enough and chased after Bey to the floor where they started going back and forth. 

The match eventually got back in the ring, where Finlay caught Bey with a back elbow and senton combo for the first pin attempt of the match. Finlay tried to follow with a plancha to the floor, only to get tricked by Bey, who successfully cut Finlay off on the ropes and gained control of the match. 

Bey worked over Finlay’s back for a couple of minutes before he got cocky and thought he could hit the art of finesse, only for Finlay to block him and make a comeback. Finlay got a good near fall with a backbreaker, and quickly transitioned into an STF and into a crossface, but after some struggle, Bey made the ropes. 

After a couple more near falls, Bey got the same pin that he used to defeat Finlay two weeks ago, except Juice Robinson was ready to make sure Bey couldn’t cheat. With the distraction, Finlay rolled up Bey and got the win. 

After the match, Hikuleo made his debut and took out both Juice Robinson and David Finlay. Hikuleo and Bey Pillmanized Robinson’s ankle. 

- Josh Alexander and Chris Sabin sat with Scott D’Amore for the Victory Road X Division match contract signing. They both had words for each other, signed the contract, and after some nice words from D’Amore, they both shook hands. 

After Alexander was gone, Cage asked Sabin to join him in Team Cage. Sabin accepted. 

- Over at Swinger’s Palace, TJP, Bahh, and No Way arrived and placed a bet on Maclin vs Petey Williams. TJP placed a bet on Maclin, while No Way teased a fight with Hernandez, and Undead Kimber Lee lurked around. All that happened. 

Steve Maclin defeated Petey Williams

Petey Williams and Maclin have been feuding for some weeks now, trading momentum. Two weeks ago, Williams interfered in the TJP versus Maclin match to keep the feud going after Maclin had already defeated Williams at Emergence. 

Match was back and forth and kept at a fast pace throughout. Maclin was all about power moves, while Williams did more high flying offensive moves. After a dive and a diving rana, Williams set up the Canadian destroyer, but out of nowhere, TJP, No Way, and Bahh came out with the conga line and distracted Williams enough for Maclin to hit mayhem for all for the win. 

After the match, TJP and Williams eyed each other, and while it wasn’t officially a heel turn for TJP, it did seem like we’re heading that way.

- Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards about facing Moose with Morrissey in his corner. Edwards said that last week, he got taken out because he wasn’t ready, but this week, he’s ready for both of them. 

Sami Callihan walked up to Edwards and told him that he needed him, but Edwards rejected the idea of him working along with Callihan. Christian Cage also walked up and asked them both to join Team Cage. Callihan quickly accepted, but Edwards told Cage that he had to choose between him and Callihan, because he was not going to team with Callihan.

- Miller asked Ace Austin if he had his team finalized, before he could answer, Moose and Morrissey approached him and said that if either Callihan or Edwards made Team Cage, then they were on Team Austin.

- Next week it will be Team Austin vs Team Cage. For Victory Road, they announced Hikuleo & Bey vs FinJuice and Tasha Steelz & Evans vs Decay for the Knockouts tag titles.

Moose (with W. Morrissey) defeated Eddie Edwards

These two have a long history together, but as of late, the ongoing feud of Edwards and Morrissey got mixed up with Moose and Callihan, rekindling the rivalry between Edwards and Moose. 

Match started with good back and forth action, similar to a Japanese pacing with both men exchanging strikes and shoulder blocks, but it wouldn’t be long before Moose cut off Edwards on the ropes, snapping his arm on them. Moose would continue going after Edwards’ arm, with the occasional interference of Morrissey outside the ring. 

Edwards would make a comeback and get into another strike exchange with Moose, that would end with Edwards spinning Moose around with a huge lariat, only to get taken out when Edwards went for the BKP. Edwards would dodge a lights out and get a near fall, but Morrissey was there to put Moose’s leg on the ropes. Edwards retaliated with a dive on Morrissey, but it was that distraction that allowed Moose to hit lights out and get the win. 

After the match, Morrissey and Edwards ganged up on Edwards until Sabin came out for the save. Sabin managed to take down both guys, but Myers and all his gang came out to attack Sabin. Josh Alexander came out and took out everyone, including a C4 on Myers. 

Ace Austin and Fulton came out and took out Alexander, and finally, it was Christian Cage that came out, took out Fulton, and along with Edwards, took out Ace Austin. 

With everyone out, Moose and Morrissey recovered and were about to take out Edwards when Alisha Edwards of all people came out for the save, but she obviously couldn’t do much and was about to get destroyed by Morrissey when Callihan made the save. Callihan and Edwards worked together to take out Morrissey and at the request of Christian Cage, both men temporarily patched things up and agreed to work together in Team Cage.

Team Cage posed together as the show went off the air. Great looking unit this Team Cage.