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Impact Wrestling live results: The fallout from Over Drive

Mickie James battles Deonna Purrazzo with her career on the line.

After a week off for Thanksgiving, Impact Wrestling returns Thursday with current content with their Over Drive fallout episode.

In one of the headlining matches, Mickie James takes on Deonna Purrazzo in a clash of former Knockouts Champions. Purrazzo is blaming James for making Chelsea Green leave Impact following James' victory over her. If James loses, she must retire as part of her Last Rodeo stipulation.

After his actions against Impact World Champion Josh Alexander and his wife at Over Drive, Bully Ray will take on former Impact World Champion Rich Swann. Swann came to the family's aid after the show ended.

After Frankie Kazarian was unable to unseat Alexander, he will take on Steve Maclin who is upset that he didn't get the title shot at Over Drive.

Moose will look to rebound from his loss to Ray in a tables match at Over Drive as he faces Bhupinder Gujjar while the BTI pre-show will feature a preview of Friday's IPWF Throwback Throwdown III as Ladybird Johnston faces Miss Bea Haven.


Ladybird Johnston defeated Miss Bea Haven on the BTI pre-show


The opening video highlighted Bully Ray's recent actions leading up to challenging Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship at Hard To Kill.

Rich Swann defeated Bully Ray by disqualification

Prior to Rich Swann making his entrance, Bully Ray cut a promo on the mic. After putting down fans in attendance at ringside, he stated that he has kept his word on everything he said he was going to do. He then focused on Alexander and compared him to being as great as Kurt Angle but not as smart as himself. Ray stated he was one of the smartest wrestlers of all-time and then referenced his career highlights in Impact including sending Hulk Hogan packing and putting Dixie Carter through a table. As Ray concluded his promo, Swann hit the ring and attacked Bully from behind. As we headed towards commercial, a referee arrived ringside.

We're back from commercial and the match was finally underway with Bully with the upper hand. Ray had Swann trapped in the corner and we're reminded that Swann is good friends with Josh Alexander before Ray started talking smack to Swann.

Swann made a small comeback and managed to hit a frog splash but Bully kicked out at the count of one before dominating the match once again. Swann wouldn't back down though and managed to hit a 450 moments later but Bully once again kicked out at one. Before Swann could gain any further momentum, Bully grabbed his chain and nailed Swann with it costing him the match.

After the match, Ray grabbed a chair and laid a beatdown on Swann outside of the ring before zip-tying him to the bottom rope. Before he could continue his attack, Tommy Dreamer hit the ring and attempted to talk Bully down but got shoved for his troubles. Scott D'Amore then came down to the ring and after confronting Bully, D'Amore got visibly upset, tossing his jacket and headset at Bully and then swearing at him. D'Amore called him a piece of **** and Bully agreed that he was before reminding D'Amore that he was the one that hired him.

- A video promo aired for Throwback Throwdown III taking place tomorrow night on FITE, Impact Plus and YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders.

- A video promo aired featuring current X-Division champion Trey Miguel, focused and ready to defend the title as he spray painted it a familiar neon green.

Moose defeated Bhupinder Gujjar

After some back and forth action to start the match, it spilled outside and Moose managed to hit Gujjar with a powerbomb onto the edge of the ring apron. Moose slid back into the ring and Gujjar barely made the ten count before we headed to a commercial break.

We're back from commercial and Moose is continuing to lay a beating on Gujjar whipping him hard from corner to corner. Moose had Gujjar setup for the finish but failed to hit his spear and Gujjar managed to gain the upper hand for a good moment or two. However, after Gujjar failed to hit the Gargoyle Spear, Moose persevered and finally landed his own spear to end the match.

After the match, Moose stated that he told everyone not to trust Bully Ray before calling the fans at ringside "Ketucky Fried Idiots". He told the fans to never say the name of Bully Ray again before Joe Hendry's music hit and he headed to the ring.

Moose told Hendry to get out of his ring and wondered why he was even down there. Hendry stated he heard his name and thus gave Moose what he wanted. After some jaw jacking back and forth, a battle ensued between the two before Gujjar reappeared and nailed Moose with his Gargoyle Spear before celebrating with Hendry.

- Backstage, Gia Miller was with Mike Bailey. Bailey stated that he knew what it was like to be a champion and a former champion. He stated that he was going to deal with Kenny King and that his goals in Impact Wrestling haven't changed.

- A video promo aired featuring Mickie James and her upcoming "Last Rodeo" match later tonight against Deonna Purrazzo.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Steve Maclin by disqualification

A first-time match between the two began with the two going face to face before fists were being thrown left and right.

Maclin gained the upper hand as Kazarian was tossed hard over the top rope to the outside and we soon saw the aggressive nature of Maclin start to shape the match. Kazarian continued to attempt to gain momentum but Maclin had a definite strength advantage. Kazarian switched things up with his speed and technical skills and managed to control the match over the next several moments.

Maclin attempted to nail his "Caught in the Crosshairs" after Kazarian was caught up in the corner but he missed and Frankie once again capitalized. Maclin had enough and grabbed a steel chair and blasted Kazarian with it forcing the referee to call for the disqualification.

- Backstage, Tasha Steelz was with Savannah Evans and footage was shown of them losing at Over Drive to the Death Dollz. Steelz told Evans that next week, she should face Taya Valkyrie and that she would sit back and watch and learn.

- Backstage, Gia Miller was with Eddie Edwards. Edwards stated that it was time to move on from the past and regretted nothing that took place in the past year. Edwards stated that he was only focused on the future now before being interrupted by Delirious.

-Backstage, the Motor City Machine Guns confronted Impact world tag team champions Heath & Rhino. After MCMG challenged them to a match for the titles, Rhino aggressively agreed before walking off screen.

Mickie James defeated Deonna Purrazzo in a "Last Rodeo" match

Of all of the current Knockouts, Purrazzo is definitely one of the top women that could easily end the career of James here in the main event.

After both women began the match looking to gain the advantage using speed and technical skills, it proved to be nothing more than a stalemate. James attempted to hit the Mick Kick but missed and we headed into a commercial break.

We're back from commercial and James had Purrazzo trapped in the corner and nailed Deonna with some massive chops. James followed it up with some turnbuckle smashes before landing a Thesz Press on Purrazzo.

Purrazzo was able to switch up momentum by using her aggression to slow down the pace of the match for the next few moments. James mounted a comeback and attempted to hit her MICK-DT but missed and landed a flap jack on Purrazzo instead. Purrazzo quickly recovered and as James was climbing to the top rope, Deonna caught up to her and shoved her down to the floor below as we headed into another commercial break.

We're back from commercial and Purrazzo was stomping a mudhole in James before picking her up and nailing a brainbuster but only managed a two count. Purrazzo followed up with a modified camel clutch and James looked like she didn't have much left in the tank. As both women were back on their feet, James attempted a comeback but Purrazzo nailed her with a massive forearm.

James persevered and after sending Purrazzo to the outside of the ring, nailed a missile dropkick to Deonna after she was back inside. James attempted to follow up with her MICK-DT again but failed and Purrazzo capitalized with a pump kick.

Purrazzo followed up with her Venus de Milo and as it looked to be the end of the career of Mickie James, she managed to hook the bottom rope with her foot. Purrazzo followed it up with a roll-up and attempted to hook the tights but James reversed the roll-up and hooked the tights herself to get the 1-2-3 and keep her career alive.

After the match, Impact Knockouts world champion Jordynne Grace came down to the ring. After praising James, she challenged James to a match for the title at Hard To Kill. James shook Grace's hand and as she attempted to pull away, Jordynne pulled her towards her to make her presence as champion known.

- A video promo was shown of Violent By Design's Eric Young and Deaner sitting across from one another at the table where VBD was created. Young asked Deaner whether he would do anything to eliminate the sickness "if it was in this room right now?" Deaner replied yes before the two men engaged in a battle with each other looking to use a knife that was on the center of the table. After a brawl back and forth, Deaner gained the upper hand and Young was flat on his back, beaten and bloodied. Young told Deaner to "embrace the violence" and "eliminate the sickness" and that he was the designer while Deaner was the design. An enraged Deaner then appeared to eliminate the sickness before he was once again sitting at the table, alone this time.

Final Thoughts:

Great episode tonight!

I'm loving the new direction Impact is going with VBD and it looks like it's end of the road for Mickie James' historic career at Hard To Kill one way or another. You add the tension between Bully Ray and pretty much everyone in the company leading up to his championship match against Josh Alexander at Hard To Kill and 2023 looks like a promising year for Impact Wrestling.

Next Week:

  • Taya Valkyrie vs. Savannah Evans
  • Josh Alexander will be in the Impact Zone