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Impact Wrestling live results: Under Siege go-home show


Preview by Josh Nason

A six-man tag team match featuring all the competitors for this Saturday's Under Siege six-way no. 1 contender's match headlines tonight's Impact Wrestling.

Moose, Chris Bey and Sami Callihan will team up to face Matt Cardona, Chris Sabin and Trey Miguel. All six will compete for a future title shot at Impact World Champion Kenny Omega on Saturday.

In a pair of matches that will determine title matches at Under Siege, Havok and Rosemary will square off with the winner getting a shot at Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo while Petey Williams, El Phantasmo, Rohit Raju, Ace Austin, Acey Romero and TJP will compete in a six-way scramble with the winner getting a shot at X-Division Champion Josh Alexander.

Ahead of the Saturday match that will see Tag Team Champions FinJuice and Eddie Edwards take on the Good Brothers and Omega, Karl Anderson will face David Finlay in singles action.

In the BTI pre-show, Jordynne Grace will face Tasha Steelz.

Our live coverage will start at 8 PM Eastern.

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Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan) defeated Jordynne Grace (with Rachael Ellering) on BTI

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Havok defeated Rosemary (w/ Decay) to earn a Knockouts title match at Under Siege

Both Havok and Rosemary had been eyeing Purrazzo’s championship for some time, but last week, as Purrazzo found herself between the two, she figured she could escape them by having them wrestle for a shot at the title, which D’Amore made official later in the show. The winner advances to Under Siege to wrestle Deonna Purrazzo.

Story of the match was that these two knew each other well and were quite equal in terms of power. After some stalemate spots early on, Havok got control of the match and used her strength advantage to work over Rosemary’s head, with a combination of submissions and strikes while on the mat. 

Rosemary used the upside down to make a comeback, with a good flurry of offense and even hitting the spear for a near fall. Havok recovered and dropped Rosemary with a piledriver for the win. 

After the match, Purrazzo and company came out to attack Havok, but Havok got the upper hand and took out Purrazzo with a piledriver too. Decay got rid of Kimber Lee and Susan for Havok.

- Gia Miller interviewed The Good Brothers, Kenny Omega, and Don Callis. She asked about the momentum the Good Brothers have over FinJuice. Anderson said that the momentum will continue. Omega said that HE was the reason why the momentum was actually back, not because of Anderson and Gallows. Omega was wearing three championships around his waist, for those that complain that he doesn’t carry the titles. Omega was quite hilarious when he told Miller she didn't have what it took to join The Elite.

El Phantasmo defeated Petey Williams, Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton), Rohit Raju (w/ Mahabali Shera), TJP & Acey Romero (w/ Larry D) in a six-man scramble to earn an X-Division title match at Under Siege

While Ace Austin, TJP, and Raju have a history around the current state of the X Division and the champion Josh Alexander, this is Romero and William’s first shot in a while, and ELP’s first ever opportunity to go after the title, as he just debuted last week. Winner gets their shot at Under Siege.

Start of the match revolved around Romero, with everyone wanting to take him out, but Romero managing to take out most people outside the ring, while ELP and TJP wrestled inside the ring. ELP showed up everyone doing the rope walk, dodging Williams while on the rope, grabbing Austin and hitting a DVD from the ropes into the floor. This spot was crazy!

Back in the ring, we got a short sequence from TJP and Raju, followed by Austin and ELP taking down Romero, and Williams hitting the destroyer on ELP for a near fall.

The match continued with everyone coming in and out of the ring, hitting their signature moves, only to get their pin attempts interrupted or reversed, ending with ELP hitting the CRII on Williams for the win. This whole match was fantastic, for having six people involved, it had a great pace.

At one point, Larry D and Fulton got into a brawl outside of the ring and into the back.

ELP will challenge Josh Alexander for the X Division title at Under Siege.

- Susan and Kimber Lee got a meeting with Scott D’Amore. Susan had evidence that Dashwood cheated in Susan’s match with Taylor WIlde and so Susan wanted a tag match with her and Lee against Dashwood and Wilde at Under Siege. 

- We got a promo from Violent By Design, with EY talking about their spirits not being shattered after Rhino lost the spot at the Under Siege #1 contendership match. EY said that failure is not tolerated and asked himself who had created this problem, until he understood that the sickness was embedded in the root. He had a new, more violent plan going forward. Good promo, I think.

- Over at Swinger’s Palace, Alisha Edwards now works for Swinger after losing all her money. TJP put in a bet on himself to be a #1 contender for the tag titles now. Austin and Fulton also wanted a shot at that until XXXL and Raju and Shera all walked up saying they wanted a shot at the tag titles. We seem to be getting a four-way tag team #1 contendership match, with TJP teaming with Petey Williams. A lot of things are happening here. 

Willie Mack defeated Sam Beale

Beale got squashed by W. Morrissey last week, now he is taking on Morrissey’s Under Siege opponent -- Willie Mack.

This was just another squash match, less violent than against Morrissey and Beale got some offense in, but a squash nonetheless. Mack won with a pop-up forearm and the 6-star frog splash. 

After the match, Morrissey attacked Mack from behind, tossed out Beale, and hit a big boot on Mack. 

- Miller interviewed FinJuice and Edwards. Finlay said that Omega and Good Brothers are cowards for jumping them last week and that Anderson knows he can’t beat them in a fair fight. Tonight, Finlay will defeat Anderson and tonight, Edwards is out there with them. Edwards said he’s bringing his Kenny of his own, his kendo stick Kenny.

- We got a new installment of All About Me with Tenille Dashwood, with the special guest interviewer Taylor Wilde. Wilde wanted to have a talk with Dashwood about her getting involved in Wilde’s match last week. Wilde told Dashwood that she would team with her at Under Siege because she wanted to get rid of Susan and Lee, but she wanted to make it clear that they were not friends, partners, or anything. Dashwood didn’t get the hint. I love Dashwood, she’s great in her character.

David Finlay (w/ Juice Robinson and Eddie Edwards) Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows, Kenny Omega and Don Callis) 

Both these trios are scheduled to wrestle each other at Under Siege. FinJuice and the Good Brothers have been feuding since FinJuice’s debut and consequent title change, but after they joined Omega and started antagonizing the Impact roster, Eddie Edwards took the offense personally and interjected himself in the feud. As of late, Omega and the Good Brothers cost Edwards the chance at the Under Siege six-man #1 contendership match, and last week, Gallows defeated Robinson in a single match. 

The match started somewhat intense, but it wasn’t a minute in before Omega and Robinson started to interfere for their team mates, tripping their respective opponents. The distraction led to Anderson gaining control when referee Tolle distracted himself trying to stop Edwards and Robinson from starting something, allowing Omega and Gallows to attack Finlay. 

Back in the ring, Anderson worked over Finlay’s head and neck. Finlay made a comeback a couple of minutes in and took out Omega and Gallows to stop them from getting involved. Finish finally came when Finlay locked in a scorpion deathlock, only for Omega to jump in and attack him for the DQ. 

After the match, the babyfaces cleared the ring and challenged Omega and company to get in the ring.

- Chris Sabin cut a promo talking about feeling guilty that he wasn’t out there with James Storm when he lost to Moose. He told Moose that tonight in the main event, he’s coming straight for him.

- We got a recap of Tasha Steelz defeating Jordynne Grace on BTI. After that, Grace cut a promo backstage saying that she lost the momentum they had with her loss, but Ellering told her that everything was ok and they’d win at Under Siege. The story being that Fire ‘n Flava have been telling Grace that she is the weak link, and Grace has started to believe it.

Brian Myers defeated Crazzy Steve (w/ Decay)

Myers lost his Under Siege qualifying match against Matt Cardona, and became an easy prey for Decay’s jokes, and has now started to feud with them.

Match started with Myers pretending to get attacked by Taurus, so that the referee would send Taurus to the back. 

Myers got some control and worked over Steve, but the latter quickly made a comeback, and just as he was able to capitalize, Myers got him with a roll up and a hand on the ropes for the win. 

After the match, Taurus returned and speared Myers. Myers vs Black Taurus takes place at Under Siege.

- Miller interviewed Don Callis about the chaotic ending to the Anderson and FInlay match. D’Amore walked up to them and told Callis that he had been messing around with the talent and because of his provoking, Moose injured Storm and now Storm is gone. D’Amore told Callis that he needs to figure out whether he’s Omega’s family, or the Impact EVP. Dissension has started.

- Brown and Striker ran down the Under Siege card, confirming a couple of new matches.

Moose, Sami Callihan and Chris Bey defeated Matt Cardona, Trey Miguel and Chris Sabin 

These six men won qualifying matches to advance to a six-way match at Under Siege, with the winner getting a title shot at Kenny Omega for the Impact World Championship. 

Match started with a couple of pair ups between the members of each team, momentum mostly on the babyface side until Moose made his presence felt, taking out Miguel, and allowing Bey to take control of the match.

The heel side got heat over Miguel for a while, going for the midsection, and constantly tagging in and out. Miguel eventually made a comeback and got the tag to Cardona, who came in hot, running over Bey and Callihan. Last couple of minutes saw all men come in and hit their signature moves one after the other, ending Sabin failing to hit the cradle shock on Callihan, who blocked and hit the package piledriver for the win. Took a while to pick up speed, but the last minutes of this match were great.

There was a great spot with Miguel hitting tope con giro on Moose, who caught him mid air, only to get reversed into a rana, sending Moose straight into the ring post. 

Post-match, Callihan and Moose got face to face. Afterwards, we got the visual of a focused and worried Don Callis, watching as Sami Callihan celebrated on the screen.