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Impact Wrestling live results: Under Siege qualifying matches


Preview by Josh Nason

Thursday's Impact Wrestling will round out the field for the Under Siege six-way that will crown the next challenger for Impact World Champion Kenny Omega.

After Sami Callihan, Chris Bey and Matt Cardona advanced last week, three matches this week will determine who will join them: Moose vs. James Storm, Rhino vs. Chris Sabin, and Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju.

Under Siege is set for Impact Plus on Saturday, May 15th.

Thursday's show will also feature the debut of NJPW's El Phantasmo against an opponent to be named. One of his NJPW roster mates and one half of the Impact Tag Team Champions Juice Robinson will face Doc Gallows in singles action as the rivalry between FinJuice and the Good Brothers continues.

Taylor Wilde will look to go 2-0 in her return as she faces Susan with an eye on a title shot against Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo while one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Rachel Ellering will face Kiera Hogan in a preview of the Ellering/Jordynne Grace vs. Fire N' Flava title rematch at Under Siege.

This week's BTI pre-show match will feature Shera vs. Jake Something.

Our live coverage kicks off at 8 PM Eastern.

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Jake Something defeated Mahabali Shera (with Rohit Raju) on BTI

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The show opened with a recap of Scott D’Amore’s plan to crown a new #1 contender for Kenny Omega with 12 men wrestling in qualifier matches in order to advance to a six-way match at Under Siege. The surprise attack from Omega and the Good Brothers on last week’s main event between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards was also shown.

Chris Sabin (w/ James Storm) defeated Rhino (with VBD) in an Under Siege no. 1 contender six-way qualifier

This was a speed vs power match, with Rhino having control from early on as it took about a minute for Deaner from VBD to interfere, grab on Sabin’s foot, and allow Rhino to take control of the match. 

Rhino worked over Sabin for only a couple of minutes before they bumped heads and Rhino was injured enough that it allowed Sabin to recover and take him out with a dive. VBD once again interfered to allow Rhino to poke Sabin’s eyes for some more control, but when Rhino went for the gore, Sabin got the magistral pin and got the win. Ok match, nothing to it.

Sabin advances to Under Siege to take on Sami Callihan, Chris Bey, Matt Cardona, and the winner of Storm vs Moose and Miguel vs Raju.

- Backstage, Brian Myers got interviewed by Gia Miller. He argued that he had already won the right to challenge for the title by beating Matt Cardona at Rebellion, but still got forced to wrestle him anyway. Rosemary appeared and read his tarot cards. Myers dissed her and gored by Black Taurus and the rest of Decay.

- Backstage, Omega and the Good Brothers talked about beating up Eddie Edwards and FinJucie last week. Don Callis told them that they need to focus and they can’t keep losing, referring to the Good Brothers losing to FinJuice at Rebellion. Omega told Anderson and Gallows that he’s going to coach them to win.

Taylor Wilde defeated Susan (with Kimber Lee) 

Last week, Wilde defeated Kimber Lee, now she takes on Susan, the second lackey to Deonna Purrazzo, who Wilde has her sights on, more specifically, the Knockouts championship. In addition, Tenille Dashwood has tried to start a tag team with Wilde after she save Dashwood from a beatdown at Rebellion.

The match was mostly Wilde in control, even when Susan managed to take down Wilde for a minute, Wilde recovered. Halfway through the match, Dashwood and Kaleb came down and actually saved Wilde from Kimber Lee, who was trying to attack Wilde. Wilde got the win with a German bridge pin after Dashwood hit a neckbreaker on Susan on the ropes, without Wilde seeing it.

After the match, Dashwood tried to take some photos with Wilde, but Wilde wasn’t having it and walked away. 

- Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo about not being out there with Susan and Lee, which she defended herself saying that she was the champion and had no reason to be out there as a second. 

Purrazzo was then interrupted by both Decay and Havok, both eyeing the championship, claiming that Purrazzo had no challengers. Purrazzo said that Havok and Rosemary should wrestle and she’d wrestle the winner, right after she talked it out with D’Amore.

- We got a vignette for W. Morrissey, talking about how people did not really know who was behind the face that most people recognize because of a catch-phrase. He said that everyone in the industry betrayed him, and so he rebuilt himself and will bring agony to everyone, the same he felt. Good promo.

Trey Miguel defeated Rohit Raju (with Mahabali Shera) in an Under Siege no. 1 contender six-way qualifier

Good match. It started with an acrobatic showcase from Miguel until Raju cut him off with a hard spinning elbow. Raju worked over Miguel’s arm, while also distracting the referee to allow Shera to get some strikes in. Miguel had a couple of flurries of offense before he managed to make a proper comeback with a desperation footstomp. 

Both men exchanged strikes, and a couple of near falls, Raju coming close to a submission win with a crossface, but Miguel escaped, blocked a jumping knee, locked in the hour glass submission, and tapped out Raju. 

Miguel joins Callihan, Sabin, Bey, and Cardona in the #1 contendership match at Under Siege.

After the match, Jake Something came out and attacked both Shera and Raju. Last week, Raju cost Something the chance to qualify to the Under Siege six-way match, and he wanted payback.

- Over at Swinger’s Palace. Cardona, Bey, Sabin, Miguel, and Storm all argued about who was going to win the Under Siege six-way and go after Kenny Omega. Chris Bey tried to add dissension between Sabin and Storm prior to Storm’s match with Moose, which resulted in Storm telling Sabin to stay in the back for his match with Moose, as he would prove to Bey and everyone that he didn’t need backup.

Doc Gallows (with Kenny Omega & Karl Anderson) defeated Juice Robinson (with David Finlay)

After losing the tag titles to FinJuice, Gallows and Anderson got a bit more serious, but after losing their rematch, they’ve become more vicious, trying to show that they’re not dragging Omega down. 

Match started with Robinson running wild over Gallows, he managed to hit the running cannonball and go for the Dusty punches before Gallows cheap shot him and drop him to the floor with a big boot. 

Gallows worked over Robinson’s head with every dirty tactic you can think off, closed fist punches, biting, and choking Robinson. Eventually, Robinson got himself a breather after dodging Gallow’s attacks, and managed to get him down by taking out Gallow’s leg. 

Robinson went for pulp friction, but after some distractions of Omega and Anderson, Gallows was able to block him and take him out with a sky high for the pin. Ok match.

After the match, Omega and the Good Brothers attacked FinJuice until Edwards came out for the save. With Robinson down, the numbers game was too much for Edwards. 

- Backstage, Miller tried to reach Purrazzo and ask about her plans to defend the title. She had no answer, but was interrupted by D’Amore, who said he liked the idea of Purrazzo defending against the winner of Rosemary and Havok, and thus made it official.

El Phantasmo defeated VSK

This is both ELP and VSK’s debut for Impact Wrestling. ELP immediately made his presence felt too sweeting Penzer on the forehead. 

VSK had some early offense and even a pin, but it quickly became an ELP squash match, constantly mocking VSK, just showing off. VSK had a second hope spot, with a big near fall after an Ushigoroshi, but ELP recovered and hit the alleged loaded superkick for the win. Good debut for both, hopefully VSK comes back too.

Rachael Ellering )with Jordynne Grace) defeated Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) 

These two, with their respective partners, are facing off at Under Siege for the Knockouts tag team titles, after Fire ‘n Flava requested their title rematch after losing the titles at Rebellion. 

Hogan started the match with control, she caught Ellering early on and dominated using her speed advantage. 

After Hogan had managed a couple of near falls, Ellering finally used her strength to counter Hogan and make a comeback by striking down Hogan. Ellering had not fully recovered before Hogan was back on the offense, but as Hogan tried to gain some momentum, Ellering caught her with a desperation blackhole slam and got the win. This was quite good for the time it got. 

- Don Callis approached Moose and tried to put him over and get him away from going after Omega. Moose told him to shut up and left to the ring, saying he had a message to send.

- Backstage, Hogan and Steelz were talking when Grace and Ellering walked up to antagonize them for no reason. Fire ‘n Flava just talked trash to Grace, so at the end, Grace challenged Steelz to a match next week. 

- Brown and Striker ran down the matches for next week. Rosemary vs Havok in a #1 contendership match, an X Division Scramble with the winner facing Josh Alexander for the title, and Karl Anderson vs David Finlay. 

Moose defeated James Storm in an Under Siege no. 1 contender six-way qualifier

Started with some back and forward action, both inside and outside the ring. As they went on, Storm had gained some momentum until Moose caught Storm’s leg on a rope assisted enzuigiri, dropping him over the ropes, and going after the knee, ramming it against the rails. 

With his leg out, Storm was an easy prey for Moose, as he continued working over Storm’s knee, with both strikes and submission locks. 

Storm eventually managed to make a comeback by striking back at Moose, and catching him with a codebreaker and a tornado DDT, but it just wasn’t enough to keep Moose down. Storm tried to hit the eye of the storm, but his knee buckled, Storm hit the last call instead, but couldn’t make the pin in time, allowing Moose to recover and hit the lights out for the win.

It will be Chris Sabin vs Trey Miguel vs Chris Bey vs Matt Cardona vs Sami Callihan vs Moose in a #1 contendership six-way match at Under Siege on May 15. Winner will challenge for Kenny Omega’s Impact World Championship at a future date.

After the match, Moose Pillmanized Storm's knee. Sabin ran down for the save, but it was too late. Commentary wondered if this had happened if Sabin had indeed come out with Storm for the match.