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Impact Wrestling live results: Victory Road go-home show


With Victory Road on Impact Plus this Saturday, Thursday's go-home edition of Impact Wrestling is headlined by a big ten-man tag team match featuring many of the company's top names.

On one side, World Champion Christian Cage will team with X-Division Champion Josh Alexander, Chris Sabin, Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards to face the team of no. 1 contender Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, W. Morrissey, Moose and Brian Myers.

The match will be a preview of Victory Road as Cage will defend the title against Austin in the main event while Alexander will defend his title against his teammate Sabin. Callihan and Edwards will also preview their match Saturday with rivals Morrissey and Moose.

Thursday will also see Laredo Kid vs. John Skyler in a rematch of last week's Before The Impact match while "Drama King" Matthew Rehwoldt will take on Trey Miguel in a singles match. The show will also see TJP clash with Petey Williams and Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) vs. Violent By Design. 

The BTI pre-show will feature No Way and Fallah Bahh against Johnny Swinger and Hernandez.

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Fallah Bahh & No Way defeated Johnny Swinger & Hernandez on BTI

Su Yung and her new stable came out after the match and took one of Swinger’s valets. 

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Opening video was a recap of last week’s setup to tonight’s big 10-man tag match between team Christian Cage and team Ace Austin. 

Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) defeated Violent By Design (Rhino & Deaner) (w/ Eric Young & Joe Doering) 

This match came after Decay and VBD had an altercation backstage last week, where VBD were reminded that they lost the titles because of Rhino, which led to Rhino challenging Decay to a match. Rhino is freshly out of being baptized by EY for a second time.

Short match. Match saw VBD cut off Crazzy Steve early on after Rhino attacked Steve from the apron, but that control didn’t last long, Steve made a comeback against Deaner. Rhino tried to help Deaner by holding Steve on the ropes, only to get taken out by Deaner when Steve moved out of the way, leaving Deaner open for Steve to pin Deaner. 

After the match, EY blamed Rhino for the loss, but this time around, Rhino had enough and confronted EY. With the intense staredown between the two, Rhino didn’t pay attention to Deaner who attacked Rhino from behind. Doering joined in and EY ended him by breaking the VBD flag pole on Rhino’s back. Seems like Rhino has been kicked out of VBD.

- Over at Swinger’s Palace, they talked about one of the valets being gone, and about Impact going to Las Vegas soon, so Swinger will have to close down. 

TJP walked up to get his winner’s money after betting on Maclin over Petey Williams, the same match that came out to distract Williams and cost him the match. Petey Williams confronted and challenged TJP for a match tonight.

- Gia Miller interviewed Team Cage and asked if they were all ready to take on a team the size of Team Austin. Alexander and Sabin took the opportunity to cut promos on each other, while Edwards and Callihan reminded us that they’re not friends and are only teaming for the greater good of Impact Wrestling. Cage cut a promo on Ace Austin, telling him that while he reminded him of a younger Cage, he wasn’t going to be able to capitalize like Cage did.

Petey Williams defeated TJP

This was a really good match. They started off with some great chain wrestling, slow paced and methodical, but as they went on, they picked up the pace more and more, where Williams gained the early advantage over TJP.

TJP made a comeback and immediately chased the mamba splash, which prompted Williams to also chase the destroyer. At one point Williams had the sharpshooter, but released it to hit the destroyer and almost got countered into the detonation kick. TJP went for La Magistral, only for Williams to reverse into a roll up and win.

After the match, Maclin ran out and took out both TJP and Williams. I seriously love Maclin’s corner spear.

- Miller interviewed Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows about defeating Rich Swann last week. They accepted that Gallows was there to help Anderson because it was a bunkhouse brawl and of course they were going to help each other. They made fun of Mack for being in the hospital, but right there and then, Mack and Swann came after them with crutches and attacked the Brothers until they were separated by staff and security.

After getting everything under control, Miller asked Swann and Mack about their issues with the Good Brothers. They said they wanted a shot for the titles, which was granted to them by D’Amore, to take place at Victory Road.

John Skylar defeated Laredo Kid

Laredo Kid defeated Skylar last week on BTI. Prior to this match, Skylar cut a promo congratulating Laredo Kid for getting lucky and defeating him, the man that defeated Matt Cardona on his debut. He planned on defeating Laredo tonight and proved it was a fluke.

After Skylar rejected Laredo Kid’s handshake, Laredo went on a long flurry of offense, both inside and outside the ring, where Skylar was able to catch Laredo with a over-the-belly suplex and cut off Laredo.

Back inside the ring, they went back and forth with strikes, which Laredo Kid was starting to dominate, when Skyler pulled on Laredo’s mask, rolled him up and pulled the tights for the win. It seems this rivalry will continue.

- We had a new installment of All About Me with Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne, and Kaleb. After putting each other over, they welcomed the special guest host, Taylor Wilde, who brought along Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering with her. Dashwood felt the danger and wanted to cancel the show, but Wilde cut her off and brought up that Dashwood had been dodging her one-on-one, so she challenged her to a singles match at Victory Road. 

This felt ad-libbed and it was all over the place, but without a doubt, Dashwood plays her part perfectly.

- We got footage from earlier today when Matt Cardona attacked Rohit Raju and Shera as the latter arrived at the arena. 

Gia Miller asked Scott D’Amore about how he would deal with the issues between Cardona and Raju. Cardona walked up to him and asked for a match with Raju at Victory Road, which D’Amore agreed to in a No DQ match as long as it’s the last time, Cardona stopped attacking people backstage, and D’Amore didn’t have to deal with their problems. 

Trey Miguel defeated Matthew Rehwoldt  

This rivalry started when Miguel backed up Melina Perez when she was being attacked by Deonna Purrazzo and Rehwoldt, who took Miguel’s involvement personally. 

Rehwoldt cut off Miguel early in the match before Miguel could even gain any momentum, and he successfully managed to maintain control by cutting off Miguel’s attempt to turn things around. At one point he blocked Miguel’s attempt to an arm drag by dropping him arm first into the ropes. 

Rehwoldt kept working over Miguel with focus on the injured arm, but as he went on, Rehwoldt started to get more and more cocky, playing to the crowd and taking time to trash talk Miguel. 

Eventually, Miguel was able to get some space and pick up some speed and get enough offense on Rehwoldt to bring back balance to the match. Miguel attempted a split-legged moonsault but Rehwoldt blocked and hit a powerbomb from a fireman’s carry for a big near fall.

Rehwoldt went for a swanton bomb, but Miguel moved out of the way and locked Rehwoldt in a leg submission for the submission win.

After the match, Purrazzo ran down and low blowed Miguel, attacked him, but Mickie James ran down for the save. Purrazzo and James brawled to a big pull apart. James even hit a dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor, on top of Purrazzo, Rehwoldt, and a handful of referees. Good angle. 

- We got a recap of Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans stealing the Knockouts Tag Team belts from Decay. Steelz then cut a promo on Rosemary and Havok, telling them they are not the real champions and that they had stolen the titles from Steelz at Slammiversary. Steelz told them if they wanted the titles back, they’d be waiting for them at Victory Road.

- We got a recap of Chris Bey and Hikuleo taking out Finjuice last week, followed by Bey cutting a promo saying Hikuleo and himself will complete the job at Victory Road. 

- Also confirmed for Victory Road are The Good Brothers vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack for the tag team titles and Taylor Wilde vs Tenille Dashwood.

Team Cage (World Champion Christian Cage, Chris Sabin, X-Division Champion Josh Alexander, Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards) defeated Team Austin (Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, W. Morrissey, Moose & Brian Myers) (w/ Sam Beale & Zicky Dice)

Many rivalries came together in this match. Ace Austin is the #1 contender to Cage’s title after defeating Moose, Callihan, and Sabin at Emergence. Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan have been feuding with W. Morrissey and Moose separately, but as of late, those feuds have come together, and finally, Sabin and Alexander are scheduled to wrestle for the X Division championship at Victory Road. Last week, D’Amore booked Cage and Austin to find four men each to team with and be part of this match.

Callihan and Austin started the match, with the latter being team Cage’s punching bag, as they worked over him with quick tags. We saw the first glimpses of Callihan and Edwards working as a team. The match quickly got chaotic when Austin made it to his corner and all ten men got in the ring for a big 5-on-5 staredown. This obviously ended with a huge brawl around the ring. 

First back in the ring were Austin and Callihan, but Myers threw Sam Beale to the ring, who was an easy distraction for Callihan who just wanted to piledrive the kid. With the distraction, team Austin was able to jump Callihan and cut him off for a bit.

Callihan tagged out quickly enough for a small dissension spot between Sabin and Alexander, but things were back in control with Cage coming in to take on Fulton, followed by Edwards vs Moose, with the latter gaining momentum after Morrissey distracted Edwards and allowed Moose to hit the corner dropkick, sending Edwards to the floor. 

Team Austin worked over Edwards for some time, keeping him away from his corner and quick tags between the team. It was until Edwards managed to get Morrissey off his feet that he tagged in Cage. On the other corner, Myers came in, but couldn’t stop Cage’s hot tag. 

After a near fall from Cage, all men started to come in one by one, hitting a signature move on the previous, up until it was down to Austin and Cage, with Austin lowblowing Cage, but fortunately for Cage, Edwards was there to cut off Austin and superplex him to the floor on top of the rest of the wrestler. 

In the ring, Cage hit a spear on Myers, Alexander tagged in and hit C4 on Myers for the win. Alexander had two blind tags in the match, but I wouldn’t look too much into it just now.

The show closed with the faces celebrating together.