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Impact Wrestling live results: W. Morrissey vs. Brian Myers no DQ match

Thursday's show will also see Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green in a non-title bout.

No. 1 World title contender W. Morrissey will continue his run through The Learning Tree on Thursday's Impact Wrestling as he faces its leader Brian Myers in a no DQ match.

Morrissey defeated eight members of the Learning Tree and then was beaten down by Myers and World Champion Moose after the match. Scott D'Amore made the match last week after Morrissey searched for either man backstage in a rage.

In a non-title match, Knockouts Champion Mickie James will face Chelsea Green, made as a favor to Green after she backed James up against top contender Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans last week.

ROH Women's Champion and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo will put one of her titles on the line in an open challenge.

In another preview of the Team Impact vs. Honor No More match at No Surrender, The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) take on Rich Swann and Rhino.

The BTI pre-show will see Lady Frost against Alisha.

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Lady Frost defeated Alisha on BTI

After the match, we saw the debut of “The Quintessential Dive” Gisele Shaw, who came down to the ring. She only posed and not even acknowledged Frost.

The show opened with Josh Alexander who came down to the ring. He said that for the last few weeks, he’s been out there to talk about the Impact World title, but the one thing that he cared more for was Impact Wrestling itself. He said that at No Surrender, he’ll go to war against Honor No More. He also addressed Morrissey and Moose, who will be wrestling for the Impact World title, and brought up that while Scott D’Amore keeps telling him that he needs to keep his emotions in check, Morrissey is out there running wild.

Alexander said that at No Surrender he will defend Impact, but to whoever walks out with the title that night, he’s coming to get them and as he was about to invoke his rematch clause, he was interrupted by Big Kon, the former Konnor.

Alexander knew why he was there and wasn’t waiting a week or another minute, Alexander called for a referee so he could deal with Kon as soon as possible.

Josh Alexander defeated Big Kon

Kon had the size advantage and got some offense in early on, but Alexander quickly locked in the ankle lock and tapped out Kon in less than two minutes.

After the bell, Alexander kept on the ankle lock until security came for him. Alexander attacked them and even pushed down D’Amore who tried to calm Alexander down. Fans chanted “You deserve it” at D’Amore.

After everything calmed down, D’Amore talked to Alexander about their relationship and some sentimental stuff about Alexander’s wedding and signing him. Alexander told D’Amore that he only cares about becoming a world champion and becoming the flag bearer of Impact Wrestling and that he’s tired of D’Amore’s process, he wants his shot or else he’s gone from Impact.

D’Amore retaliated by suspending Alexander and telling him he is off No Surrender. Alexander was fantastic, D”Amore was a bit over-dramatic. At the end, the fans completely turned on D’Amore.

-- Backstage, Steve Maclin wanted in on team Impact after HNM attacked him last week. D’Amore told him that it would be up to Team Impact to decide who was taking Alexander’s spot.

ROH Women's Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Santana Garrett to retain the title

Last week, Purrazzo made an open challenge to anyone who wanted a shot at either of her championships. Garrett answered the call. She originally competed for Impact under the name Brittany in 2014.

This started with many counters and reversals, going for the quick pin. It continued with Garrett getting some offense, but Purrazzo dropped her on the apron and a baseball slide, sending Garrett to the floor.

Back in the ring, Purrazzo controlled the match as she worked over Garrett’s arm. After a couple of minutes, Garrett made a short comeback with a cartwheel back elbow, attempted a Last Chancery, but Purrazzo made the ropes.

Garrett went for a handstand Frankensteiner, but Purrazzo pushed her off and got her into a Koji clutch. Garrett rolled out and hit a shotei, but when she went for the top rope, Purrazzo caught her with the Fujiwara armbar coming down. Garrett tried to escape, but the champion turned it into a European Clutch for the win. The finish was weird because the referee started counting before the clutch was locked.

-- Team Impact met with D’Amore about replacing Alexander. They tried to get Alexander reinstated, but D’Amore told them to pick a partner. Chris Sabin asked D’Amore to have Jonathan Gresham join Team Impact. They’ll talk to him after taking care of The OGK tonight.

Chelsea Green defeated Knockouts Champion Mickie James via DQ in a non-title match

Last week, James offered Green a match as a thank you for backing her up in James’ rivalry against Tasha Steelz and Savanna Evans, who joined commentary for this match.

This was a short match. It started with some back and forth sequences of reversals and escalated to both women chasing their signature moves. But when Green ended up hitting Steelz’ own move, Steelz and Evans attacked Green, giving her the DQ win over James.

I can see this leading to a three-way match at No Surrender.

-- Gia Miller interviewed Bhupinder Gujjar about joining Impact. He  said that he finally achieved his dream of being a pro wrestler and was happy to represent India in Impact. Raj Singh approached him to congratulate him, but once again, Gujjar ignored him and walked away.

-- The IInspiration approached Kaleb and asked him if he was enjoying the phone they got him last week. They talked him into taking photos of them at which point he was caught by Madison Rayne. Kaleb pretended he was tricked, but Rayne still scolded him.

Bullet Club/Violent By Design/Good Brothers segment

The Bullet Club (Jay White, Chris Bey, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) came down to the ring. Loa introduced Tonga and himself and said that in a few days, they were going to win the Impact tag titles. White also talked about facing Eric Young at which point Violent By Design came down.

Eric Young talked trash about being part of a group he created and not living from someone else’s creation. White responded that if VBD runs things around on Impact, then the Bullet Club runs things around the whole world and the whole industry. White ran down Young  and told him that at No Surrender, he gets to breathe with the Switchblade.

EY challenged the Bullet Club to a six-man match next week. White accepted, but he also wanted to brawl right there and now. Babyface Jay White is something else.

Suddenly, the Good Brothers joined the party. Karl Anderson wanted to take the opportunity to get thanked for creating the Bullet Club so that White and company had houses. Tonga took the mic and thanked the Good Brothers for finally leaving NJPW so that their tag division could improve.

Anderson and Doc Gallows started running down their accolades, but Tonga responded that the only reason the Brothers have been everywhere is because they have been fired from everywhere, except the Bullet Club itself, but that changes at No Surrender.

-- We went backstage and saw Jonathan Gresham taken out and in need of medical assistance.

-- We saw Matt Cardona turning heel last week, attacking Jordynne Grace with a chair to win the Digital Media championship.

Gia Miller asked Cardona if he had some words about his win last week. Cardona said he was screwed at Hard To Kill and that Impact didn’t even check in on him, so he knew he had to just focus on himself. Cardona said that if he wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t be wrestlers vlogging, playing video games on Twitch, or making YouTube shows. He told Grace to bring it at No Surrender because he’s always ready.

The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (w/ Honor No More) defeated Rich Swann & Rhino (w/ Team Impact)

This is the third match in this rivalry between Team Impact and Honor No More. PCO defeated Chris Sabin while Josh Alexander defeated Vincent in last week’s main event.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett joined commentary.

Taven and Swann started with the former getting the early advantage, but as the pace picked up, Swann turned things around. It wasn’t a minute in that both parties outside got into it and the referee sent everyone to the back.

Taven and Bennett took control and cut off Swann after the distractions. They worked over him with constant quick tags and double team moves, but couldn’t keep him down for the three count. 

Swann managed to make a comeback and use a bit of miscommunication between the OGK to tag in Rhino, who came in wild and almost hit the gore. But Maria blinded him with Fuji dust/powder, setting him up for Taven for the win.

After the match, OGK took down Swann and talked trash to ROH head Cary Silkin who was at ringside. They threatened to attack Silkin when Maclin ran down for the save. Maclin took out Taven while Rhino finally got to gore Bennett.

Ian Riccaboni and Silkin talked backstage when Maclin walked up. They thanked him, but Maclin said he did it because he had beef with HNM. Eddie Edwards didn’t want Maclin on the team, but Riccaboni vouched for him. With reluctance, Team Impact welcomed Maclin to the team. 

-- Gia Miller interviewed Gisele Shaw about stealing Lady Frost’s spotlight. Shaw said that she can’t steal anything that Frost never owned, but if Frost had a problem with her, they could settle it next week in her in-ring debut.

-- Next week: Gisele Shaw vs. Lady Frost, Mickie James & Chelsea Green vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans, Chris Sabin vs. Kenny King, and Bullet Club vs. Violent By Design.

W. Morrissey defeated Brian Myers (with The Learning Tree) in a no DQ match

For a couple of weeks, Morrissey has been beating up Myers’ Learning Tree as they keep getting in his way. He tried a two-on-one handicap match and a nine-on-one match, but after everything else failed, Myers finally had to step in.

VSK and Dice tried to attack Morrissey before the match, only to get taken down easily, but once in the ring, the numbers game allowed Myers to take down Morrissey. Dice and VSK set up tables, but before they could take down Morrissey, he managed to boot Dice onto one.

On the other side, Morrissey chokeslammed VSK through another table after Morrissey slammed Myers on the apron.

Without Dice and VSK, Morrissey and Myers went back and forth with weapons, but even after many kendo stick shots from Myers, Morrissey kicked out at one. Myers attacked Morrissey with a trash can lid and followed by duct taping Morrissey to the ropes and proceeded to attack him with the kendo stick over and over again. 

Myers escalated to using a trash can until it was worn out that he brought out a second one for a coast-to-coast dropkick. Myers finally released Morrissey for the pin, but only got a two.

Myers went for the Roster Cut, but Morrissey came back with a big lariat, a corner splash trifecta, and a big boot. Morrissey hit the BQE, but instead of going for the pin, he brought out thumbtacks for a second and third BQE and the win.

After the match, Moose attacked Morrissey with the title belt, choked him with a chair, wrapped it around Morrissey’s neck, and hammered it with a second chair.

Moose posed with the title over Morrissey’s body as the show went off the air.