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Impact Wrestling live results: White & Bey vs. Good Brothers


Preview by Josh Nason

New Japan NEVER Openweight Champion Jay White will make his in-ring debut for Impact Wrestling tonight alongside Chris Bey against Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers in a non-title match.

White didn't accept The Elite's offer to join them and instead said they couldn't rejoin the Bullet Club. Kenny Omega, Don Callis and the Good Brothers came out to confront him and eventually, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows jumped White. Bey, who White had earlier offered to join the Club, ran out to make the save. 

The show is main evented by Moose vs. Chris Sabin in a Slammiversary rematch that Moose requested.

The rest of the lineup includes Violent by Design (Deaner and Rhino) vs. Willie Mack and Rich Swann; FinJuice, No Way (fka No Way Jose) and Fallah Bahh vs. Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Rajua and Shera; and the returning Taylor Wilde vs. Kaleb with a K.

The BTI pre-show will see Steve Maclin look to remain undefeated as he faces Trey Miguel.

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Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel ended on a double countout on BTI

Maclin jumped Miguel after the match, took him out with a chair until Petey Williams came out for the save and pull-apart.

* * * * * * * * * *

Opening video recapped how the new alliance between Jay White and Chris Bey came about, including the altercation with the Good Brothers.

Show started with Gia Miller interviewing Scott D’Amore about a big surprise he had planned for tonight. D’Amore didn’t get to the reveal because Dreamer interrupted him and brought up that it’s been two weeks since Slammiversary, and there is no contender for Kenny Omega set yet. D’Amore passed on the responsibility to Dreamer before leaving.

Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Jay White & Chris Bey in a non-title match

Last week, when Jay White was explaining why he had come to Impact, chasing after David Finlay, he was interrupted by the Good Brothers who want to make sure they are still the leaders and that White should thank and respect them. After an altercation, Bey came out for the save after White had offered a position in the Bullet Club.

Match started with White and Bey in control over Anderson, but once Gallows tagged in, he cut off Bey with ease. The Good Brothers worked over Bey for a long time, not many tags, but a good combination of choking and tossing Bey around, working the back throughout. 

Bey eventually managed to dodge Gallow’s attacks and escape to get White the tag, who came in strong, taking down both Brothers, looking like a total babyface. 

Bey tagged back in and almost got taken out with the magic killer, but White made the save. Anderson and Gallows still took out White, hit a chokeslam and magic killer on Bey for the win.

Interesting that they would have White lose his first match, but it’s clear that tag team gold is not the plan for him right now.

- Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz cut a promo about losing their titles and rematch, but that they will get those titles back. Fallah Bahh interrupted them, and invited Steelz to go together at Homecoming as a team. This actually triggered Steelz to give Hogan some harsh comments about it being Hogan’s fault that they lost the title. Steelz agreed to tag with Bahh, but it seemed to be out of spite. 

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card and an update on the Homecoming card for this saturday.

Taylor Wilde defeated Kaleb with a K (with Tenille Dashwood) 

Taylor Wilde returned last week after being off for some time after being attacked backstage. Last week, it was made apparent that it had been Dashwood and Kaleb who took her out, and so she requested a match against Kaleb for tonight. 

Match was a good babyface showcase for Wilde, who fought a bully that had size and strength over her. Kaleb had the upper hand early on, but after Wilde tricked him to run into the ropes, Wilde made a comeback. 

Kaleb got a near fall with a superkick, after failing, he tried to attack Wilde with his fanny pack, but Wilde managed to dodge, send him outside, and hit a tornado DDT. She hit an ugly poisonrana and a bridging German for the win.

This should likely advance to a Wilde vs Dashwood match now.

- Chris Bey said backstage that he didn’t expect his first match in the Bullet Club to be a loss. White stopped him and told him that he wasn’t in the Bullet Club yet, and he wasn’t impressed by what happened in the ring, but he believed in redemption, and offered Bey a second shot.

- Josh Alexander cut a promo saying he will become the champion the company deserves and needs. He was asking for competition before D’Amore walked up and told him he had wanted to give time for Alexander to rest, but since he was ready, he would take on Black Taurus at Homecoming for the title.

- Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo if she thought her plate was too full right now between Impact, AAA, and NWA matches. Purrazzo said that she was perfectly capable of taking on everything and she had actually started training with Invicta FC’s Atomweight champion Alesha Zappitella. Purrazzo announced that she will also enter the mix tagged tournament at Homecoming. Zappitella was there to support Purrazzo.

FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay), Fallah Bahh, & No Way defeated  Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju, & Mahabali Shera

This match comes from Slammiversary, where FinJuice returned to Impact and beat Fulton and Shera easily. Bahh and No Way joined them in order to level the playing field against the alliance of Austin and Raju.

The babyface started strong, getting the better of Fulton and getting a lot of offense with quick tags and team moves, but when Bahh got in the ring, Raju managed to blind tag himself in and blindside Bahh to cut him off. 

The heels worked on Bahh for a bit until it came down to Austin and Bahh, who was too heavy for Austin to keep him at bay, and thus Bahh made a comeback and tagged in Finlay. He ran wild until Shera cut him off, but Robinson came in with the assist to take out Shera. 

At the end, with all men coming in to hit their signature moves, Bahh took on both Austin and Fulton, managing to get rid of the latter, but it was the opening for Austin to hit a dive on Bahh and the rest outside the ring. 

Back in the ring, Finlay hit trash panda on Raju for the win.

- Miller tried to speak with Kenny Omega, and as usual, Don Callis answered. He said that today, he was going to allow her to talk to Omega because he was in a good mood and everything was working out for them. Omega came out, but didn’t say much since Callis was just putting him over. 

Tommy Dreamer approached them and told them that in a couple of weeks, there will be a battle royale for the number one contender’s spot against Omega, to defend at Emergence. Omega and Callis were irate after the announcement.

- We got a new vignette for the Drama King. No debut date set yet.

- Backstage, FinJuice were cutting a promo on the tag team titles when Jay White and Chris Bey jumped them. White rammed Finlay with one of the gear boxes and left him laying. White told him that Finlay will never again beat him. 

- Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and the Good Brothers came out to the ring. Omega corrected Callis that it’s 2021 and both real men and real women don’t quit, they get fired. Callis talked about how Omega beat Callihan and how the Good Brothers just defeated Jay White, and in return, they get no respect. Callis kept running his mouth when Sami Callihan returned to interrupt them.

Callihan said that he wasn’t done with Omega and that in two weeks, he’ll win the battle royale and get another shot at Kenny Omega. Callihan said that two weeks was too long a wait, and so Callihan got himself a 6-person match against Omega and the Good Brothers for next week. 

Suddenly, Frankie Kazarian, the Elite Hunter, jumped the guardrail and along with Callihan, chased off the Elite. Backstage, Dreamer welcomed Kazarian back. Dreamer will be getting a third person for them next week. Callihan teased that such person will never agree to do it.

- We got a vignette from Su Yung, and the newly transformed into the dark realm, undead Kimber Lee.

- Brian Myers cut a promo that he found a tag team partner, he wanted Beulah McGuillicutty, but Sam Beale had failed to get her phone number. Myers instead called Franscine, she plugged her socials, but rejected him because she wasn’t anyone’s second choice. She caught him because she was smart enough to watch the show. She indeed looked fantastic.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated Violent By Design (Deaner & Rhino) (with Eric Young & Joe Doering) 

Both teams are wrestling to get back into title contention after losing the tag team title match at Slammiversary to the Good Brothers. 

Deaner and Rhino jumped Swann and Mack to begin the match, but the brawl quickly went to Mack and Swann after VBD was tossed out the ring, followed by a corkscrew from Swann to the floor.

Swann and Mack maintained the upper hand over Deaner for some minutes, but Swann was eventually cut off by the group efforts of VBD. The heat run on Swann wasn’t long, but we had a great spot with Deaner tackling Swann mid air to stop him from tagging in Mack. 

Mack got the hot tag and quickly dominated Deaner until EY tripped him behind the referee’s sight. Rhino and Deaner got a couple of near falls on Mack, but in the commotion, Swann got a blind tag and a lethal injection for a near fall himself. 

Finish saw Mack hit the stunner on Rhino, setting him up for Swann to hit the 450 for the win. Good short match. Hard to say at the moment, but it would seem like Swann and Mack will be getting themselves a shot at the Good Brothers eventually.

- Over at Swinger’s Palace, Swinger wanted to know the odds for the main event tonight. Cardona and Green walked to the casino, since they were scouting the odds for the Homecoming tournament. Since there was still an open spot for the tournament, Swinger wanted Hernandez and Alisha to enter the tournament and win it for the casino. Petey Williams and Jordynne Grace also joined them for the shenanigans. 

W. Morrissey walked up and told Alisha he had a message for Eddie Edwards, that after Homecoming, he’s not coming back home. Swinger’s Palace skits are usually bad, but this was at least productive.

Back from the commercial, Edwards addressed Morrissey’s threats, saying that he has a family, unlike Morrissey who has no one that cares for him. On Saturday, he will defeat him.

Tommy Dreamer walked up to Edwards and asked him to tag team with Callihan and Kazarian to take on the Elite. Edwards was reluctant about teaming with Callihan, but Dreamer told Edwards that he promises that he has his word that Callihan will stay in line, which was enough for Edwards to agree. It will be Omega, Anderson, and Gallows vs Callihan, Edwards, and Kazarian.

Moose defeated Chris Sabin

This is the rematch to their Slammiversary match, where Sabin defeated Moose via roll up. They challenged each other to a rematch last week. 

The match worked both as a follow up, but also an abridged version of the Slammiversary match, with Sabin going after Moose’s leg, and Moose using his power advantage to cut him off. 

Match saw Sabin start with some offense, but after the match spilled to the floor, Moose took down Sabin and slammed him against the steel steps to really hurt him. 

Back in the ring, Moose got cocky and allowed Sabin to cover a bit, enough to attempt a comeback that got cut off again. Moose hit Sabin with some huge chops on Sabin.

Sabin eventually made a comeback when one of those huge chops went directly into the ring post, and so Sabin managed to bring down Moose, but he couldn’t keep him down, and Moose kept pushing for Sabin to bring it. Moose went for the revolution fly spot again, but Sabin blocked, hit a jumping tornado DDT for a big near fall.

Sabin went for cradle shock, but Moose blocked it and hit lights out for the win. Really good match, I would love to see them get more time.

After the match, Moose tried to toss Sabin out of the ring, but Sabin countered, hit a plancha on Moose, chased with a dive to the outside, and they brawled into security came out for the pull-apart.