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Impact Wrestling live results: Wrestle House II Thanksgiving special


Following last Saturday's Turning Point, Impact Wrestling brings back fan favorite Wrestle House on the Thanksgiving edition of their weekly show.

Decay used their dark magic to teleport Johnny Swinger, John E. Bravo, Hernandez, Madison Rayne, Kaleb With a K, Alisha and the Swingerellas to Wrestle House to close last week's episode of Impact as this week's two-hour show will focus on the second edition of the reality-based show.

Next week's show will return back to their usual format with matches taped from this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Wrestle House originally premiered last summer and was centered around the style of other reality shows like Big Brother, painting the picture of Impact roster members living together. After airing episodes throughout weekly Impact programming throughout the summer and early fall, the show resulted in a storyline wedding between John E. Bravo and Rosemary.

On the Before The Impact pre-show, Bullet Club's Chris Bey will take on Fallah Bahh.

Our live coverage kicks off at 8 PM Eastern.

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Chris Bey (with Hikuleo) defeated Fallah Bahh on BTI

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James Mitchell is tonight’s narrator. He first recapped Wrestle House 1 which ended with the engagement of Rosemary and John E. Bravo which would later lead to the attempted murder of Bravo at the hands of Lawrence D, which in itself would lead to the rise and fall of Swinger’s Palace.

In this version of Wrestle House, we have Black Taurus, Crazzy Steve, Havok, and Rosemary from Decay; Johnny Swinger, Hernandez, Alisha Edwards and the Swingerellas from Swinger’s Palace; and Madison Rayne, Kaleb, Chris Sabin, and John E. Bravo. Sabin is the sexy hunk of the house. 

Decay kept them all hostage until they made Swinger be happy and thankful since Decay will gain Bravo’s virgin blood.

The show was structured as a countdown to Thanksgiving day. On the second day, Kaleb tried to recruit Riley of the Swingerellas as a reality TV star, but when he noticed that she only had eyes for Sabin, Kaleb challenged him to a match.

Chris Sabin defeated Kaleb

This actually happened in a venue with Dr. Ross, Sinn Bodhi and Mitchell on commentary. Yet, the commentary audio was only on when the announce table was on screen, not during the match. Sabin won a short match with a slow motion Cradle Shock after escaping Kaleb’s selfie submission attempt.

On the third day, Rayne complained that everyone was taking their time to hang out. Black Taurus read one of the classics, dressed in a suit while listening to classical music. It was perfect. 

Rosemary and Havok told the crowd that everyone booked for Turning Point were getting a chance to leave for the day and go wrestle. 

Edwards and Rayne joined together to come up with a plan to make Swinger happy so they could all leave. The plan was a match from IPWF: Julian Cumberbund (Ethan Page) vs. Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack). The idea was to give Swinger a match against Brown so Swinger and he could wrestle one last time. Brown and Swinger hated each other so much that Brown decided to come out of retirement for this, but not until the morning because Brown went to sleep at 6 PM.

Downtown Daddy Brown defeated Johnny Swinger

This was worked as an old school match. Bravo had a close chance at winning after a referee bump, but Brown recovered and got the win.

After the match, everyone was transported back to the house where Alisha accidentally revealed to Swinger why they were in the house. An angry Swinger told them that now he was going to keep them all imprisoned in the house because he was never going to be happy...on purpose.

On the fourth day, after some arguing, the house divided itself between the ones who wanted to leave and the ones that wanted to help Swinger. Rayne asked for a 5-on-5 match and if they win, they get sent back. Alisha asked that the fifth person on her team be Eddie Edwards. Everyone sang Edwards’ theme for his entrance. 

Decay (Rosemary, Havok, Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) and Chris Sabin defeated The Influence (Madison Rayne & Kaleb), Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, & Hernandez 

Decay controlled most of the match as even Edwards couldn’t handle Steve and Sabin’s double teams. They teased a 10-person suplex, but instead broke it up and all of Decay bit their opponents, followed by Rosemary hitting a spear on Alisha for the win. Sabin was enjoying being part of Decay a bit too much. After the match, Kaleb kept hitting on Riley, told her she should become a full time referee.

As a new plan, Rosemary and Swingerella #1 decided to bring in Lawrence D as her boyfriend to make Swinger jealous. Apparently, this is D’s house. Swinger didn’t care about D. 

Rayne brought in Swinger to Locker Room Talk to have him meet Swinger’s hero, Gene Simmons. It was actually The Demon, but Swinger wasn’t smartened up about it. The Demon told Swinger about finding love and never letting go once he did. Swinger was now motivated and asked Swingerella #1 out, but since Lawrence D was still there, he got jealous, so Swinger challenged him to a match for the love of Swingerella #1.

Johnny Swinger defeated Lawrence D

This was a match between two tricksters. They kept cheating against each other until Bravo stopped a pin after finding out that D had sprayed his cologne on Swinger. During the distraction, Swinger pulled a Mr. Fuji on D and got the pin. After the match, Swinger proposed to Swingerella #1. Rosemary said that no one was leaving until they went to the altar.

The next day, Alisha Edwards was worried that Eddie was going to ruin the wedding. Swinger asked Hernandez to be his best man. Hernandez accepted, but later told Alisha that he was worried that there was something else going on. 

Later on, Hernandez found out that Rosemary was trying to steal Bravo’s soul, but when he tried to stop them, Rosemary transported him into a match with Black Taurus. Decay surrounded Hernandez, coming off like heels.

Black Taurus (with Decay) defeated Hernandez

Taurus jumped Hernandez and had some offense, but Hernandez came back with a low blow. Hernandez went for a border toss, but Taurus dodged. Decay distracted Hernandez and allowed Taurus to take out his leg to roll him up for the win. After the match, Rosemary erased Hernandez’ memory.

Eddie Edwards also heard Decay and Bravo talk about their plan. As he was about to tell everyone, Rosemary cursed him so he would be drunk. 

On their way to the wedding, Kaleb left Riley alone after Rayne bullied him, so Sabin walked up and said they could go together. 

It when then time for the wedding with Mitchell officiating. Swinger was the first to give his vows and then talked about all the women he’d been with in the past. Edwards ran in and tried to reveal the truth, but he was too drunk to talk. Hernandez recovered his memory and the truth was out: Rosemary was trying to kill Bravo. It then became a weird joke about Britney Spears.

Bravo revealed that he wasn’t a virgin anymore, so Rosemary couldn’t get his blood. Swingerella #1 revealed that she and Bravo had been sleeping together, but Swinger was ok with that as rule #2 of professional wrestling is to never fall in love with a Rizzazz, per Swinger. Bravo proposed to Brunhilda, Swingerella #1’s real name instead, and Mitchell made it official.

Afterward, they all had Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was thankful. Santa Claus showed up.

I feel like I need to apologize on behalf of this website to whoever read this full recap, it was an interesting show to say the least.