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Impact Wrestling results: Austin Aries returns, wins World title


Previously: Impact World Champion Eli Drake defeated Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact in Six Sides of Steel.

Tonight: Austin Aries made his surprise return to Impact. Plus, Ethan Carter III & Alberto El Patron faced Moose & Johnny Impact in a tag match.

Show Recap --

- A mystery person was shown walking into the Impact Zone.

- The six-sided ring is no more and has been replaced by a traditional ring.

Grand Champion Matt Sydal defeated Fallah Bahh to retain his title

Prior to the match, Sydal mentioned that he has a spiritual advisor that has been guiding him.

Sydal was in control early, but Bahh used his size to take over. Sydal fought back and worked over Bahh’s leg. Bahh attempted the Banzai drop, but Sydal kicked him to the floor. Bahh missed a second Banzai drop and Sydal hit the Shooting Star Press to retain the title.

- Backstage, Caleb Konley was concerned that Trevor Lee is no longer the X Division Champion -- but Lee told him he has a gameplan in place.

Bobby Lashley defeated KM

KM gained the advantage after Lashley missed a charge in the corner. Lashley made a fiery comeback and hit the spear to win the match.

- In the back, Joseph Park was on the phone with his grandma when Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong approached. Jacobs wants Abyss to show up next week.

- Backstage, Bobby Lashley announced that he’ll continue to focus on both mixed martial arts and pro wrestling. He had a brief interaction with Eddie Edwards.

Kiera Hogan defeated Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness in a non-title match

Van Ness was in control early until Hogan made a brief comeback. Van Ness used a curb stomp and set up for the Unprettier when Allie came out. Van Ness was distracted and Hogan rolled her up for the surprise win.

- LAX came out and mentioned defeating OVE in Barbwire Massacre III. This brought OVE to the ring. Sami Callihan said they hate everything but respect LAX.

Callihan promised they were coming for the tag belts, but he said they have bigger fish to fry for now and OVE walked away. Suddenly, Konley and Trevor Lee jumped LAX from behind and stole their flags.

- Eli Drake and Chris Adonis discussed the upcoming Facts of Eli Drake's Life celebration backstage. Drake asked about the mystery person, but Adonis didn’t know what he was talking about.

Moose & Johnny Impact defeated Alberto El Patron & Ethan Carter III

After the faces had the advantage, El Patron distracted Moose and the heels took over. Impact scored a near fall after hitting Starship Pain as EC3 broke up the pin.

The heels isolated Impact on their side of the ring. Moose got the hot tag and ran wild, then scored a near fall with a hesitation dropkick. El Patron hit the double foot stomp on Impact, but Moose rocked Patron with a clothesline for the win.

- Chris Adonis and Eli Drake came out for the Facts of Eli Drake’s Life celebration. Adonis called Drake the greatest champion that ever lived, the greatest dresser that ever lived, and the greatest friend that ever lived. Drake called himself the greatest man that ever lived.

This brought out the returning Austin Aries. Aries pointed out that he is the greatest man that ever lived. Aries challenged Drake to a match -- but Drake refused. Adonis jumped Aries from behind and Drake accepted the challenge.

Austin Aries defeated Eli Drake to win the Impact World Championship

Both guys wrestled in their street clothes. Drake scored a two count, then Aries made a comeback. Aries used a dropkick in the corner and hit a brainbuster to win the Impact World Championship.