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Impact Wrestling results: Austin Aries vs. El Texano Jr.


After the intro package recapping last week, Josh Mathews opened the show saying, “Tonight we make history for the first time ever as Impact Wrestling comes to you from Mexico City, Mexico!"

Lots of empty seats in the crowd, which never really got into the show. Dead silence filled many of the segments.

oVe (Sami Callihan, Dave Crist & Jake Crist) defeated Aerostar, Hijo del Vikingo & Laredo Kid

This was a typical Lucha Libre-style match with plenty of aerial moves and high spots. All three of the Mexican wrestlers did moonsaults off the top rope onto the outside of the ring on oVe. Hijo del Vikingo one-upped Bray Wyatt, walking on his hands for several steps in the ring. Vikingo hit a moonsault off the top rope. Laredo Kid followed with a 450 splash, although he wobbled a bit on the top rope before pulling it off.

The luchadores went for triple superkicks on oVe, who hit triple piledrivers for a near fall.

oVe won with a triple cover after Callihan hit an RKO on Vikingo, who was perched on Dave Crist’s shoulders.

Backstage, Matt Sydal tried to convince Rich Swann again to open his third eye and become tag team partners.

In another backstage segment, Tessa Blanchard kicked a Mexican female wrestler out of the dressing room area. Faby Apache then walked in and told Blanchard to be more respectful and Blanchard left the dressing room area.

Eli Drake came to the ring for an extended promo. He continued his weekly open challenge. Out came the Bruiser Brody-like Trevor Lee

Eli Drake defeated Trevor Lee

Drake has great charisma and Lee moves in the ring with a lot of athleticism.

Lee dominated most of the match until Drake pulled Lee’s long black hair and then bodyslammed him. Drake won with the Gravy Train.

There was another backstage segment with the OGz, with King talking about how violent he plans to be when he gets into the ring.

King defeated Kronoz

King won in seconds after a spinning backfist. The OGz triple-teamed Kronoz briefly to start the match.

We got a backstage segment with LAX. Santana and Ortiz tried to get Konnan to break the ceasefire with the OGz. This has to be among the worst feuds of the year.

Faby Apache defeated Alisha Edwards

Apache quickly applied an Indian deathlock. Later, she put Alisha in a surfboard.

Alisha got in some weak looking elbows. Apache did a good job of complaining to the referee every time Alisha kicked out of a pinfall attempt.

Alisha finally took Apache down with a hard clothesline and then a front-face slam, but she made a mistake by taking too long to go to the top rope. She jumped off the top and Apache caught her and rolled her over. She then hit a powerbomb for the win.

After the match, Apache took the microphone, and after having some difficulty finding the hard camera, spoke in Spanish to the crowd. Apache challenged Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard to a title match the following week.

There was a brief interview with El Texano Jr., who will face Impact Champion Austin Aries later in the show. Texano said he has two partners too, his fist and his bullrope, to counter Killer Kross and Moose.

There was another Bound For Glory promo.

Scarlett Bordeaux appeared backstage, this time with her hair pulled back.

Rich Swann danced to the ring.

Pentagon Jr. & Fenix defeated Matt Sydal & Rich Swann

Pentagon was extremely over with the crowd. This was really the only match the audience got into. 

This match featured probably the four best high-flyers in Impact. Sydal spent most of the match pointing to his mythical third eye.

Fenix hit an impressive rolling cutter on Sydal and Swann. He followed that up with a 720 plancha over the top rope onto both of them. Later, Swann hit his own reverse moonsault over the top rope onto both Lucha Brothers.

Pentagon hit a dangerous-looking piledriver on the apron on Sydal. Fenix then got the win over Swann with a suplex into a spinning powerbomb.

After the match, oVe ran to the ring. It looked like Pentagon and Fenix were going to get triple-teamed until Brian Cage showed up to even things up and send the Ohio contingent back to the dressing room.

Another backstage interview aired with Aries, Kross and Moose, who has a new outfit that resembles early 1980s Randy Savage.

There was another backstage segment with members of the Desi Hit Squad getting massages. Of course, Gama Singh interrupted and forced them to train and beat each other up instead.

There was a pre-taped video segment featuring Joe Hendry and Grado, who both recently split from their manager Katarina.

In the TNA Flashback Moment of the Week,  Petey Williams took on Chris Sabin and Matt Bentley. There’s a problem when the best and longest match on the show happened a decade ago, under the ownership of a different company.

They showed a package of Abyss, who will be inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame.

Impact World Champion Austin Aries defeated El Texano Jr. to retain his title

Aries walked down to the ring as slowly as he possibly could, with a lot of attitude and arrogance.

Despite his slow walking to the ring, Aries is very good when he wants to be. He has impressive agility and athleticism. The match began like most Aries matches, with him evading Texano’s moves and then showing off in the corner to celebrate his evasive skills.

Texano is a big, thick guy who can also perform aerial moves, but he gassed out quick.

Aries wastes a lot of time in between moves by playing to the crowd or talking smack to the referee. Texano got his best offense in when he scratched Aries’ back. Texano hit Aries with some weak-looking clotheslines. Texano spent a lot of time on the mat gasping for air.

At one point, Aries grabbed Texano’s bullrope. The referee grabbed it and took it away. Aries then tried to grab his belt -- and the referee snatched that away. As the referee was throwing the belt out, Texano grabbed his bullrope and whipped Aries with it. He appeared to almost get the pinfall, but Aries put his foot on the ropes.

Aries then won the match with a suplex into a DDT.  

Johnny Impact appeared on the screen to say that he might not be medically cleared in time to challenge Aries for the championship at the October 14 Bound for Glory show. Impact then ran into the ring and clobbered Aries with a series of right hands. When Moose and Kross tried to intervene, Eddie Edwards ran to the ring to make the save.