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Impact Wrestling results: Austin Aries vs. Fallah Bahh


The show opened with Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross walking very slowly down the ramp for an interview segment. Moose had a new outfit this week, wearing all black and a gold chain.

The three sat on a gold sofa and chairs and Aries was going on about what a great Impact World Champion he is when KM and Fallah Bahh started to walk ringside

KM cut a good promo, suggesting that Aries was just using Moose and Killer Kross and that their friendship was not as tight as that of KM and Bahh’s. He said KM and Bahh were an example of what true friends really are and that true friends don’t stab each other in the back.

Aries acknowledged that the last couple of weeks have been “hectic” and then offered Bahh a title shot. Bahh accepted with a handshake to set up the main event.

Pentagon Jr. & Fenix defeated Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley

The luchadores are pretty spectacular with their synchronized high-flying moves. Lee and Konley wrestle like a traditional heel tag team, cutting off the ring and utilizing a clever double-team behind the referee’s back. Lee wrestles and looks a bit like Bruiser Brody.

After several near falls, Fenix got the victory after hitting a cradle piledriver where Pentagon Jr. jumped from the top rope onto Lee’s buttocks for the spike piledriver.

oVe then appeared on the screen and challenged Pentagon, Fenix & X Division Champion Brian Cage to a match at Bound for Glory.

Backstage, Bahh looked stressed out about his title shot against Aries and KM tried to build his confidence. KM found Eli Drake and asked him to motivate Bahh.

There was another long advertisement for Chris Jericho’s cruise.

The Global Wrestling Network Flashback Moment of the Week featured Kevin Von Erich introducing his two sons, Ross and Marshall for a tag team match against the Bromans. The Bromans got themselves disqualified just as they were about to lose, but Kevin Von Erich ran into the ring to do some of his signature spots, including his stomach claw.

There was a backstage interview segment with Allie and Kiera Hogan. Allie doesn’t talk like a professional wrestling character -- she came across more as a sort of mean, annoyed everyday person. Allie badmouthed Tessa Blanchard, calling her “spoiled and entitled.”

Then we got another backstage interview with Blanchard, who comes across as a big star with big league charisma. She said next week, when Impact is in Mexico, the world will see why Blanchard is “undeniable.”

Alisha Edwards defeated Katarina

Fresh off her heel turn against Grado and Joe Hendry, Katarina got a long ring entrance and plenty of camera time. As the match was about to start, Grado walked to the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Grado, playing a pure joke character, was wearing a fanny pack. Hendry took the microphone and said he put together a custom video just for Katarina.

They dissed her in the video, with Hendry singing a song called “Access Denied.” With Katarina distracted, Alisha rolled her up for the three count. Although Grado and Hendry are supposed to be the good guys, scorned by Katarina, together they came across as creepy and as though they were bullying a woman.

There was another backstage segment with KM and Bahh, but this time Scarlett Bordeaux appeared out of nowhere and motivated Bahh.

We got an interview segment with Johnny Impact, who was “recovering at home” after he was triple-teamed a week ago by Aries, Moose, and Kross. In what looked like a FaceTime video, Impact said that Aries was insecure about his abilities and that he would make him pay at Bound for Glory.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) defeated The Fraternity

Konnan was at ringside. The match was highlighted by Trent Gibson running from the ramp into the ring, but Ortiz intercepted him and gave him a chokeslam onto the ramp. LAX won with a Doomsday Device and pinfall over Gibson.

King then came to the ring with Hernandez and Homicide from the OGz, continuing the feud that seemingly will never end. They taunted Konnan’s crew, knowing that a ceasefire in the gang warfare was called a week ago.

King said he regretted that the little kid he struck in the car three weeks ago “is still breathing,” in an attempt to get Konnan to hit him and break the ceasefire. Ortiz and Santana held Konan back from presumably hitting King.

There was another backstage interview segment with Aries, Moose, and Kross. Aries said that after tonight, Bahh will be “gone” and then he will go on to Bound for Glory to defeat Johnny Impact.

Backstage, Bahh suddenly had the confidence in himself for the Aries match, motivated by Bordeaux. Rich Swann approached him and tried to fire him up. Swann turned around and ran into Matt Sydal, who is still trying to get Swann to open his third eye. Swann blew him off and walked away.

There was a Hall of Fame segment where they said next week they would announce its newest member.

X Division Champion Brian Cage defeated Kongo Kong

Cage moves really well for a big jacked-up guy with muscles.

He took Kong to one knee with some kicks, but struggled early with Kong’s power. Both of these guys seem like people WWE would be interested in. Even though he weighs more than 300 pounds, Kong hit a dive over the top rope from the outside ramp onto Cage for a near fall.

Cage powerslammed Kong and then hit a moonsault from the second rope. Kong hit a rolling bomb into the corner on Cage for a near fall. Cage went for a tornado punch, but Kong caught him and chokeslammed him. Cage reversed the momentum, however, and pinned Kong with an F-5, a move he struggled to apply, but it worked.

After the match, Cage grabbed the microphone, huffing and puffing, and said he accepted oVe's challenge and that he was going to decimate everyone.

Impact World Champion Austin Aries defeated Fallah Bahh to retain his title

Bahh came to the ring with the other wrestlers trying to fire him up during his walk. Aries, who has to be the slowest walker in professional wrestling, came out accompanied by Moose and Kross.

The match began with Aries showing off his athleticism, avoiding the rotund Bahh’s one-dimensional attacks. Aries then locked up with Bahh and Bahh put him in a side headlock. Aries elbowed and slapped his way out of it, whipping Bahh into the ropes.

Bahh got tired chasing Aries back and forth in the ring before he collapsed to one knee to catch his breath and Aries laughed. Aries did jumping jacks and flips as Bahh tried to recover. Bahh then got mad and started chopping Aries and pounding on him in the corner.

Whenever Bahh got the upper hand, however, Aries used his athleticism to escape.

Aries went for a sunset flip and Bahh tried to sit on him, but Aries slipped out. At one point, Aries stepped on Bahh’s back and pulled his hair back, which looked painful.

Aries, in a show of his arrogance, attempted a suplex -- but Bahh countered and suplexed Aries instead. Bahh hit a Samoan drop, but Aries kicked out. Bahh hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Aries for a near fall. Bahh then did his patented roll over Aries. In a show of athleticism, Aries spun out of it and applied a reverse neck crank, a move Aries calls the Last Chancery, but Bahh slithered to the ropes to break the hold.

Aries went for a dropkick into Bahh in the corner, but Bahh crescent kicked Aries in the face. Bahh went for a Yokozuna splash, but Aries popped up and powerbombed Bahh and then applied the Last Chancery for the win.

Aries continued to attack Bahh after the match. KM tried to help Bahh, but Moose and Kross laid KM out. Moose put a chair on KM’s head and Kross used another chair, slamming it into his face.

The show ended the way it began, with Aries, Moose, and Kross celebrating.