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Impact Wrestling results: Blanchard & Miguel vs. Valkyrie & Austin

Impact Wrestling results: Tessa & Trey Miguel vs Taya & Ace Austin

Impact returns to the Fronton Mexico in Mexico City to continue the fallout of Hard To Kill and kick-off the new set of tapings. Opening video featured last week’s angle where Sami Callihan stalked Tessa Blanchard during her sitdown interview. 

Tessa Blanchard opened the show coming down to the ring. Tessa cut a promo saying that it felt good standing in the ring as the World Champion. She said that winning the title was just the beginning because now she has a target on her back and that she knows Callihan has a rematch coming. He told Callihan that he is the one that needs to look out for his own good. She said that she can’t wait to be done with Callihan so she can move on to the rest of the roster. Tessa called out Callihan for the rematch, but instead, out came Taya Valkyrie!

Now the longest reigning Knockout’s Champion, Taya, got face to face with Tessa. This being Mexico, Taya was way more over than Tessa. Taya said that she took the Knockout’s Championship in Mexico, and in their last match, she took the AAA Reina de Reinas title in MSG, and she was the one making history. Tessa challenged Taya a match, but they got interrupted by a third champion -- Ace Austin. 

Ace said that he is also had a good night at Hard To Kill. Ace said that he and Taya have a thing in common, they’ve both defeated Tessa before. Ace said that he could beat Tessa again. Tessa attacked Ace when he implied a night at the hotel, but Taya and Ace teamed up on Tessa until Trey Miguel came out for the save and took out Ace. Strong opening. 

Tessa and Trey Miguel team up tonight to take on Ace Austin and Taya Valkyrie in the main event.

We got a video recap of Willie Mack failing to capture the titles from The North at Hard To Kill. This led to Jimmy Jacobs interviewing Willie Mack, telling him that he was incredible at the pay-per-view. Mack said that he was waiting for Rich Swann to come back from his injury. Jacobs asked what he would do for now, to which Mack said he was going to keep on training. 

Johnny Swinger walked up and offered to be Willie Mack’s partner if he wanted to chase after the titles, but Mack told him he’d pass. The interview had potential, but then they turned it into a Swinger comedy skit. 

Backstage, Taya is arguing with John E. Bravo about being tired of Tessa and wanting recognition. Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan walked up to Taya trying to recollect their bounty, but Taya told them they had to wait until she was done with Tessa tonight. Taya told them to face off to figure out the order in which she’d fight them. 

Taurus defeated Moose and Rhino

The animal kingdom match. Moose started the match by leaving the ring for both Rhino and Taurus to go at it. Taurus early on showed some athleticism, but Rhino had the size advantage. Moose kept trying to trip both men by pulling on their feet. Rhino and Taurus kept going at it. 

Back from commercial, commentary tells us that Rhino and Taurus had been going at it during the break. We see that Rhino is starting to set up the Gore, but Moose trips him up again, and finally Taurus and Rhino are tired of Moose and they decide to chase after him. 

Moose tried to fight off both men, but he just got beat up and double teamed by both men, at least until they went for pins and the team broke up, which gave Moose the opening to take them out and get them with some kicks and punches. 

Moose did good keeping them down, but when he went to try and suplex them, he failed on both accounts, with Rhino actually reversing the Suplex and making a comeback. 

Taurus came back and got a two count with a Springboard plancha. Moose hit the Go To Hell for a two count on Taurus. Moose went for the No Jackhammer Needed, but Rhino blocked it, hit a belly-to-belly and set up the Gore, but Moose hid behind the ref. 

Moose low blowed Rhino, but Taurus was there to cut him off. Rhino hit the Gore, but in came Taurus with a headbutt and took the pin over Moose. Did not see this coming. 

On commentary, Don Callis tried to sell that Moose needed a manager to finally seal the deal with a championship. We’ll see if this goes anywhere. 

Gabbi Loren interivewed Jordynne Grace about her future plans. Grace said she’s not done chasing the Knockout’s championship. She said that when Bravo is not in the picture, she knows she can defeat Taya, and said she wants in on that Rayne vs Hogan match for next week.

Joey Ryan was called in for another wrestler’s court, but in Spanish, by a Tommy Dreamer wearing a sombrero that Mexicans don’t really use at all. Ryan just walked out and said he wasn’t doing this again.

Joey Ryan defeated Maximo

Oh boy, this is a pair up for ages. The crowd immediately called for the kiss. Joey called for Maximo to touch it, and Maximo didn’t actually go for it. 

Maximo and Ryan traded some lucha arm drags and quick pin attempts before the stand-off. Maximo hit a top rope elbow, but went for the atomic drop and his knee took the force of Ryan’s penis. Joey came back with a dropkick and a dive to get in the offense. 

Joey pulled Maximo to his penis, but Maximo countered, kissed Joey, and got a two count from a roll up. 

Joey finally made Maximo touch it, hit the Dong-plex, hit Sweet-Tooth-Music, and picked up the win. Short fun match, I honestly expected less of a match.

Loren interviewed RVD and Forbes. Rob said that he hated what he saw in the ring just now, and before Loren could ask a question, RVD walked away. 

Michael Elgin cut a promo telling Eddie Edwards that he pinned him and tapped him out at Hard To Kill. He said he is coming for Eddie’s trophy. 

Havok (w/ Father James Mitchell & Susie) defeated Rosemary

Rosemary started the match dodging Havok and going after Susie, telling her to leave Mitchell. Rosemary got back in the apron and hit a scary looking jumping rana on Havok. Rosemary jumped on Havok with the headlock, but Havok crushed her against the apron and they started brawling up the ramp. Rosemary went for a German in the ramp, but Havok blocked and hit a samoan drop instead 

Back in the ring, Rosemary caught Rosemary with a plancha and a running elbow combo. Rosemary hit a version of the slingblade and the running Last Chancery for the submission tease. Havok broke off and came back at Rosemary with a running clothesline. Havok hit a backbreaker and running kneelift. 

Rosemary made a comeback with a desperation jawbreaker, but when she went for the ten punches, Mitchell distracted her. Rosemary hit her mist on Mitchell, but the distraction was enough for Havok to turn the table and Tombstone Rosemary for the pin. Maybe it’s the Mexican fans, but this whole angle feels like it has overstayed their welcome. 

After the match, Susie ran away and Mitchell ran out to find her. 

Backstage, Gama Singh is telling Rohit and Shera that he’s proud of them winning. Shera told Gama that Raj has been sent away on a spiritual journey. Gama wasn’t happy about it.

The Rascalz are in the Treehouse. Dezmond and Wentz are making fun of Trey’s crush on Tessa. Wentz said he had hooked up from peyote. We got trippy visuals until Pagano and Murder Clown joined them and freaked them out. 

Eddie Edwards addressed Elgin’s promo. He said that he is calling his shot on April 19th in New York, but Elgin interrupted him before he did and they started pushing each other until the big pull apart. 

Willie Mack defeated Rohit Raju (w/ Gama Singh & Mahabali Shera) 

Rohit tried to jump Mack, but Willie was ready and got the better of Rohit with some lucha arm drags, a hurricanrana, and sent him out with a dropkick. Mack went for the dive, but Shera got in the apron and distracted Mack, allowing Rohit to comeback and take down Mack. 

Rohit had a lot of kicking offense, getting a quick two count with a foot stomp. Rohit went for the Headlock, but Mack was too big for him. Mack came back with some clotheslines, and running elbows. Shera pulled Rohit out of the ring, but Mack hit a tope con giro on both.

Back in the ring, Mack hit the samoan drop and moonsault combo for a two count. Mack went for the stunner, but Rohit blocked, hit a knee and a cannonball, but missed the foot stomp. Mack hit the stunner and picked up the win. 

After the match, Shera attacked Mack until Johnny Swinger came out and actually managed to fend off the Desi Hit Squad for a bit, but Shera dropped him with the Sky High. Gama took out Swinger and Mack with big punches.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was the Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money Inc from Genesis 2011.

Backstage, The North are making fun of Swann breaking his leg, talking to Hijo del Vikingo, who challenged Alexander to a match.

Announced for next week: Elgin and Edwards start a best of five series, Rayne vs Hogan vs Grace in a Knockout’s championship number one contendership match, and the return of Dr. Wagner Jr..

Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo) & X-Division Champion Ace Austin defeated Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard & Trey Miguel in a non-title match

I don’t fully understand why Taya is wrestling with Ear Muffs, but they look fabulous. Tessa’s entrance had some glitches, obviously coming from Callihan messing with her. 

Taya and Tessa started the match with elbows and clotheslines. Taya quickly tagged in Ace, who else fell to Tessa’s headlock takedowns. Trey tagged in and took down Ace with a jumping knee and dropkick. Trey hit a rana and sent Ace to the outside, went to follow with a dive, but Taya blocked him. Tessa sent Taya down too with Ace, and followed with synched dives on Ace and Taya. 

Back from commercial, Trey and Tessa have been working on Ace with some double teams, but outside the ring, we see Taya take out Tessa, allowing Ace to get the better of Trey in the ring and turn the momentum on him. 

Ace Austin worked over Trey for a while, getting quick two count attempts here and there. Taya came in and also worked on Trey, but the latter would get some openings to get the better of Taya until Ace made the assist. Trey nailed Taya with a forearm, but Taya came back with a big kneelift for a two count. 

Ace tagged back in and worked over Trey’s midsection, hanging him on the Tree of Woe for some kicks and a dropkick from Taya. Ace got a two count with a backplex. Submission by Trey that allowed him to to the paper cut spot between the fingers, but Trey finally dodged Ace’s attacks and hit a desperation kick, but unfortunately, Bravo distracted the ref who called the tag illegal. Trey kept fighting and hit a double foot stomp on Ace, and finally got the tag to Tessa. 

Tessa and Taya came in with the former catching Taya with a crossbody from the top rope. Rana by Tessa, followed by an elbow and a cutter. Tessa went for the Magnum, but Taya moved and tagged in Ace. Tilt-a-Whirl DDT by Tessa and stereo dropkicks along with Trey. 

Trey tagged in and went for a meteora, but Ace dodged. Trey hit a moonsault and flatliner for a two count. Trey went for meteora again, but Taya blocked it and dropped him instead. Tessa took out Taya with a big boot and followed with a dive. 

Back in the ring, Ace hit The Fold on Trey and picked up the win. Pretty good match, especially towards the end. 

After the match, Tessa and Ace stood tall in the ring. 

Final Thoughts -- 

Ok show by Impact, nothing particularly special. We seem to have a direction for Tessa with Taya, Ace, and Callihan as chasers, and the Elgin vs Edwards Best-of series should be amazing. It’s always fun to see the AAA wrestlers mix it up in these tapings.