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Impact Wrestling results: Bound for Glory go-home show


Impact delivered a bizarre go-home show before Sunday's Bound for Glory pay-per-view. The championship match played second fiddle to a stale LAX and OGz gang angle. There was some decent wrestling here and there on the show.

Petey Williams defeated Trevor Lee, Jack Evans, and Puma King

This was really one-on-one or two-on-one for most of the match, full of lots of spots and high-flying moves. All four guys were in the ring at the beginning and at the end. Lee was the focal point of the match, both physically and on commentary.

Josh Mathews asked why Lee isn’t more successful because he appears to have everything it takes. “Million-dollar athletic skills, 10-cent head,” Don Callis responded.

Lee is 25 years old and resembles Bruiser Brody, although he’s much smaller in stature. Lee and Williams had the most ring time, with Lee playing the heel, but the Mexican crowd hardly reacting to him.

Evans was impressive during the short time he was in the match, executing a standing moonsault on Williams. Puma King got in a few of his signature springboard dive moves also.

The end came when Williams hit a Canadian destroyer on Lee for the three count.

Maximo defeated Grado

Grado really needs to do a self-assessment of whether his character is working. He comes across as a combination of Kevin Owens, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, and Bayley. Clearly his gimmick is intended to be a joke and a caricature, but we see how well that worked for James Ellsworth.

Maximo had a pink mohawk and black and pink robe, himself coming across as a combination of Bobby Roode, the Red Rooster, Adorable Adrian Adonis, and 1990s Goldust. He wore a shirt that said “Kiss me” on the front and "AAA" on the back.

The crowd seemed really into Maximo, who began the match feigning sexual acts toward Grado. At several points during the match he tried to kiss Grado, but Grado punched him or broke free.

Yes, this is 2018.

Maximo executed an impressive tope on Grado outside the ring, but this match was largely a joke, with Grado playing pretend wrestler and Maximo portraying gay stereotypes.

The end came when Maximo actually forcibly locked lips with Grado, sending him on his back and pinning him to get the win.

After the match, Grado returned the favor, shaking Maximo’s hand and then planting a longer lip kiss on him. Maximo fell to his butt and smiled and Grado stormed off, in what was an extremely awkward moment for the show, not because they kissed, but because of the awful gay stereotypes the segment displayed.

No sign of Joe Hendry and Katarina, Grado's best friend and ex-girlfriend.

In the TNA Flashback Moment of the Week, Tara defeated Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky. Mickie James was the referee. These flashback moments only serve as reminders of a time when the product was better, with larger crowds.

Rohit Raju defeated Gursinder Singh

The match was billed as the loser must go back to Punjab, India and will no longer be part of the Desi Hit Squad. Each guy was fighting to impress their abusive manager, Gama Singh. These guys had a decent match, fueled by the storyline that they were pushing hard to avoid being cut from the roster or falling out of favor with Singh.

The announcers spent most of the match saying the two were “like brothers.”

Raju won the match with a version of the codebreaker. Raju looked anguished that he defeated his “brother.”

After the match, Singh slapped Raju and forced him back to the backstage area. Callis cackled like the whole match was a joke.

Impact World Champion Austin Aries, Moose & Killer Kross defeated Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh & Eddie Edwards

Led by Aries, these three guys are the slowest walkers in the business. It took the same amount of time for Andre the Giant to get into the ring at the Pontiac Silverdome as it did these three guys walking 30 yards.

It’s a good thing that Vince McMahon doesn’t watch impact because if he did he would sue them for Edwards’ Dean Ambrose gimmick ripoff. Edwards actually does Ambrose better than Ambrose these days.

After a slow start, the match heated up with Moose and Edwards in the ring, trading right hands and elbows. Edwards chopped Moose several times, gaining the advantage. The crowd was really loud for Edwards, who wrestled in blue jeans and a tank top.

Moose hit a good dropkick on Edwards while he was sitting on the top turnbuckle.

The heels made lots of tags, keeping Edwards in the ring for most of the match. Bahh also got some ring time. He’s an enigma. He’s so short and round that he’s a spectacle to look at, and has some charisma, but it’s hard to imagine him breaking away from being a joke character.

Aries, by the way, was masterful in the match, looking a level above everyone else in terms of timing and technical ring skills. The match built up to hot tags to Impact and Aries, as a preview to the Bound for Glory main event.

Somebody needs to tell these guys to wear different color tights. They looked more like a tag team in their black and white trunks than guys feuding in the main event.

Impact almost pinned Aries with a crescent kick, but Moose made the save. Moose then gave a big clothesline to Impact, but then was thrown out of the ring by Edwards, who sidestepped his spear attempt. Edwards dove through the ropes onto Moose, taking him out.

Aries then clobbered Bahh, sending him to the outside with a forearm. Aries started to celebrate, but was blindsided by Impact -- who hit him with a springboard kick from the second rope. He then landed a split-legged corkscrew moonsault. He almost had Aries pinned, but Killer Kross made the save.

Kross suplexed him on the outside of the ring and then threw him back into the ring. Aries then pinned him with a brainbuster. They played up the storyline that Impact’s neck was injured.

Knockout Champion Tessa Blanchard defeated Keyra

Watching Blanchard in Impact sort of feels like how it did to watch Ronda Rousey in Strikeforce. You just knew that she was headed for bigger things one day.

Blanchard has the charisma of a 1980s heel, like a Tully Blanchard or Ric Flair. She takes those little moments to sell the story of the match, and she rarely looks like she is setting up for another spot, which is the plague of most wrestling the past couple of years.

Keyra owned the early part of the match, hitting a huricanrana and a suplex. Blanchard fled the ring and the action spilled to the outside. Blanchard baited her, catching Keyra in mid-air and delivering a powerbomb onto the steel ring post.

Blanchard won the match with a short-arm, buzzsaw DDT. Blanchard also spends a lot of time looking, pointing, and admiring her championship belt, putting the belt over as important.

LAX and OGz summit

Impact actually ended the go-home show with a 10-minute English-language promo, in front of a Mexican live crowd.

King and Konnan decided to rehash the entire history of the angle which has lasted nearly six months now. King told the TV crowd to order Bound for Glory because he was going to destroy Konnan.

Konnan took the microphone and spoke Spanish briefly to rally the crowd.

These guys feel like they were promo acting in their backyard.

Konnan said the ceasefire was over and hit King, sparking a brawl between both teams. The show abruptly ended, leading into a pre-packaged promo for Sunday's Bound for Glory event.