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Impact Wrestling results: Callihan and Edwards face off in the woods


Impact Tag Team Champions DJ Z & Andrew Everett defeated Aerostar & Drago to retain their titles

The match featured some quality chain wrestling and several high spots from the high-flyers. It kicked off with Aerostar performing several flips and somersaults in the ring, only to have Everett match them -- to the delight of the crowd. Aerostar's moveset resembled Rey Mysterio Jr.

Everett hit a hurricanrana against Drago to slow down the pace of the match. Aerostar and Drago then cut off the ring well with frequent tags and a double team before Everett broke free and made the hot tag to Z. 

The match ended with several high-flying moves, including Drago back body dropping Z over the top rope. Everett later hit a corkscrew moonsault, jumping from the back of Z, who then executed a dive through the legs of Everett and the second and third rope onto Aerostar on the outside. Everett than did a springboard moonsault onto Drago. 

Everett hit a 720 flip off the top rope to pin Aerostar to retain the Tag Team titles. 

Back in the studio, Don Callis and Josh Mathews hyped the upcoming unsanctioned fight between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. Callis said he would never participate in an unsanctioned fight because there's no health insurance for that kind of battle. They also showed a video package of new Knockouts Champion Su Yung, looking evil and maniacal.

 The show then featured a long flashback match between RVD and Tommy Dreamer, a match that looked slow by comparison to the fast-paced action of the episode's opener. RVD won with the frog splash off the top rope. 

LAX defeated The Cult of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley)

King is now managing Santana and Ortiz. With his brawling style and long, curly hair, Trevor Lee looks like a skinnier version of Bruiser Brody. The match featured some good back-and-forth, tag team wrestling. Lee hit a belly-to-back suplex, setting up Conley for a cover, but Ortiz kicked out.

Lee went for a powerbomb, but Ortiz flipped him over, then crotched Conley on the top rope. Ortiz hit a rolling cutter, allowing Santana to get the pin on Conley. 

Eli Drake Fact of Life segment

Eli Drake showed a lot of charisma in this segment, where he listed the five Impact Dummies:

  • 5. The fans of Impact Wrestling
  • 4. Austin Aries
  • 3. Impact Wrestling management
  • 2. The fans of Impact Wrestling (again)
  • 1. Moose

Drake hit a buzzer every time he called someone a dummy, while a dummy icon showed up simultaneously on the TV screen. 

Moose came out to interrupt Drake. \ Mathews called Moose "the best pure athlete in Impact Wrestling."

Moose called Drake a loser.  "I don't need gold because I am gold," he barked, before Drake punched Moose.  Moose kicked him, but Drake gave him a low blow and the Gravy Train. Drake then threw the microphone stand onto Moose. 

Brian Cage defeated Rohit Raju

Raju tried some flying moves off the chest of Cage, but he was too strong, and Cage quickly overwhelmed him with his power. Cage pinned Raju with the Weapon X.. 

X-Division Champion Matt Sydal came out and tried to convince Cage to join forces.

Sydal told him "you're jacked, you're tan, and you can throw just about anyone around."

Still, Cage has even more potential. "I can open your third eye," Sydal told Cage. Sydal said "inner strength separates challengers and champions," before Sydal asked him to forgo his title shot.

Cage then grabbed him and gave him an F5.

Mathews interviewed a shirtless Austin Aries via satellite.

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards (unsanctioned match in the woods) 

This was a bizarre match, looking like a combination of The Final Deletion and the 2016 WWE outdoor match between The New Day and the Wyatt Family. 

Under a full moon, Edwards spent most of the jump-cut match screaming for "Sami!" and walking through the nighttime dark forest. He took out OVE first, choking one out with a two-by-four. 

When Callihan finally appeared, the match involved a bull's horns, a baseball bat, and even a collar-and-elbow tie-up, amid a forest of trees. After some brawling and a sunset flip on the dirt, there was a moment of blood when Edwards used a broken horn to mangle Callihan's face.

Just as Edwards seemed to subdue Callihan, Tommy Dreamer and Alisha arrived in a car. Edwards attacked Dreamer, hitting him with some kind of rod in the stomach, before screaming in the woods to end the show.