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Impact Wrestling results: EC3 makes his final appearance


Previously: Moose, Petey Williams, Eli Drake, and Ethan Carter III all won briefcases in Feast or Fired.

Tonight: Kongo Kong takes on Abyss in Monster’s Ball. Plus, somebody will be fired during the Feast or Fired reveal.

Show Recap --

- Alberto El Patron came down to the ring and said he’s here for a fight. Patron started to leave, but Austin Aries interrupted. Aries mentioned that they come from different places but are similar. Patron said they both have something to prove.

Patron told Aries to enjoy the title and kiss it -- because it’s coming to him. Patron then told people in the back to play Aries’ music. Patron tried to leave again, but Aries stopped him. Aries pointed out that his music should be played last. However, he then told them to play Patron’s music because this will be the only time it’ll be played last.

- Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt ran down the card for tonight. Mathews pointed out that he’s the new Grand Champion and will be in Matt Sydal’s corner later.

Trevor Lee (w/ Caleb Konley) defeated Fallah Bahh

Bahh was in control early until Lee gained the advantage when Konley interfered. Bahh steamrolled over both guys. He set up for the Banzai Drop, but Konley interfered again and Lee rolled up Bahh.

- Sami Callihan stalked Alisha Edwards in her hotel and followed her to her room. He convinced the maid to let him in the room. Eddie Edwards was at the Impact Zone and saw this on the monitors. He ran out immediately.

X Division Champion Matt Sydal (w/ Josh Mathews) defeated Rohit Raju to retain his title

Sydal gained the advantage after hitting a spinning heel kick. Raju made a comeback with a flurry of offense. He attempted a superplex, but Sydal countered into the sunset flip powerbomb. Sydal hit the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Knockouts Champion Allie defeated Sienna to retain her title

Sienna jumped Allie to start the match and was firmly in control early on. Allie fought back and hit the codebreaker for a two count. Sienna attempted the AK-47, but Allie slipped out the back and hit the superkick for the win.

After the match, Braxton Sutter came down to the ring and tried to make up with Allie but accidentally called her “Laurel.” Sutter proposed -- but Allie rejected him.

Su Yung made her Impact debut and jumped Allie from behind. She gave Allie a vicious beatdown.

- In the back, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Ethan Carter III about the reveal later. A bunch of guys including Moose, Johnny Impact, and Bobby Lashley walked by and all said they hope he gets fired.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Abyss defeated Mick Foley In a Monster’s Ball match (Dr. Stevie Richards was the special guest referee)

Foley sandwiched Abyss between two barbwire boards and scored a near fall. Abyss then chokeslammed Daffney through a barbwire board, gave Richards the Black Hole Slam on the thumbtacks, and chokeslammed Foley through another barbwire board for the win.

- Eddie Edwards arrived at the hotel and ran to his wife’s room. He ran past the maid on the way to the room. He entered and found his wife sleeping. He searched around but didn’t find anything.

He left the room and bumped into the maid again, but it was actually Callihan in disguise. They brawled in the hallway until OVE jumped Edwards. Alisha threatened to call the cops.

Kongo Kong (w/ Jimmy Jacobs) defeated Abyss (w/ Father James Mitchell) in a Monster's Ball match

Kong gained control after tackling Abyss through a table on the floor. He went up to the top for his splash, but Abyss threw him off. Abyss brought in the thumbtacks, but Jacobs interfered with a kendo stick.

Abyss attempted to chokeslam Jacobs on the thumbtacks, but Kong made the save and chokeslammed Abyss on the tacks instead. Abyss fought back and powerbombed Kong through a table for a near fall.

Abyss tried to hit Kong with Janice, but Kong chokeslammed him on a barbwire board. Kong hit the splash off the top onto Abyss (who was still on the board) for the win.

- Jeremy Borash hosted the reveal for the Feast or Fired briefcases. Eli Drake went first and revealed a Tag Team title shot. He was disappointed that it wasn’t the World title and threw the case out of the ring. Petey Williams went next and revealed an X-Division title shot.

Ethan Carter III and Moose both opened their briefcases at the same time. Moose revealed a World title shot. EC3 was so shocked he was frozen and didn’t open his case. He denied the case was his and refused to open it.

Borash opened the case, revealing that EC3 is fired from Impact. EC3 assumed it was a joke and mentioned all of his accomplishments. He brought up being a Carter and screamed that he’s Dixie Carter’s nephew.

EC3 changed his tone and acted humble. He tried to leave on good terms, but he suddenly attacked Borash with the case. This brought out Brian Cage, who attacked EC3 and gave him the Drill Claw.

Next Week: Brian Cage takes on Bobby Lashley.