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Impact Wrestling results: Eli Drake's Gravy Train Turkey Trot


This edition of Impact was all built around the five-on-five turkey suit match, with references to previous Thanksgiving matches. It was full of segments to build both teams and more of a special episode than part of the ongoing storylines. 

McKenzie Mitchell opened the show by introducing tonight’s Eli Drake Second Annual Gravy Train Turkey Trot match between Team Eli Drake and Team Fallah Bahh. Drake cut a promo inviting everyone to stick around. They have a raffle they’ll use to select the members of each team.

A GWN Flashback Moment of the Week showed last year’s Gravy Train Turkey Trot match between Team Eddie Edwards and Team Eli Drake. Team Eddie Edwards won when Edwards pinned Chris Adonis, who ended up in the turkey suit. They only showed the end of the match, but the whole segment of getting Adonis to adorn the suit.

Back with Mitchell and Fallah Bahh, the first member of Team Bahh is KM. They did some comedy about food. 

Back from commercial, Drake got his first pick from the raffle, which turned out to be Katarina. Katarina tried to reason with Drake as to why she will be an asset. 

We got another GWN Moment of the Week, this time recapping 2007’s inaugural Turkey Bowl. Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles and Chris Sabin with the winner getting $25,000 and Styles having to wear the turkey suit. Stipulations aside, this was a great match. 

Back with Mitchell, Bahh grabbed his second team member from the raffle, and it’s Kikutaro! This was a pleasant surprise. 

Back from commercial, Scarlett Bordeaux came out with an entourage of the “Sexxy Show” dancers. Bordeaux didn’t say anything after her entrance -- we just cut to another set of video entries for her talent search. Videos included Shark Boy and the Michael Jackson impersonator wrestler. 

Drake spun the raffle and revealed the third member of his team -- Jake Crist. All of oVe came out, hinting that Sami Callihan and Dave Crist will be out there to back Team Eli Drake up. Callihan threaten Jake Crist not to lose. 

We got videos from some of the Impact roster talking about their favorite Thanksgiving memory.  

Bahh now picked the fourth member for his team. It turned out to be Desmond Xavier, who is already working his stoner gimmick. 

Back from commercial, Drake picked his fourth member from the raffle. After making fun of Bahh, he revealed it is Rohit Raju from the Desi Hit Squad, who all came up. Again, Gama Singh hinted that they will all be out there to support Team Eli Drake. 

We got another set of videos of favorite Thanksgiving memories with Rich Swann and Trey Miguel.

Bahh made his final selection for tonight, which is Alisha Edwards. KM asked Alisha if she’ll be able to handle Katarina, and then Fallah Bahh said a bad joke ("What type of music do pilgrims listen to? Plymouth Rock.")

Back from commercial, Drake made his final pick, Glenn Gilbertti! Yes, Disco Inferno is back and is using this match as his entry to the Scarlett Bordeaux Talent Search.

An Ultimate X match to crown a new X-Division Champion was announced for January's Homecoming pay-per-view. Gilbertti came out again with Mitchell and said he invented the Ultimate X match. 

We got a video package with the history of Option C and all the wrestlers that have cashed it in and won the title out of it, ending with Brian Cage’s cash-in announcement from last week. 

Back from commercial, Drake, along with his team, cut a promo saying that tonight, none of them will be wearing the turkey suit. Everyone in the team got a chance to talk except Jake Crist since Sami Callihan did the talking. At the end, Bordeaux came in dressed as a pilgrim saying that she’ll be out there scouting for talent. 

Team Fallah Bahh then cut their promo. Bahh did all the talking, with KM translating for him. He hyped everyone up.

Team Fallah Bahh (Fallah Bahh, KM, Dezmond Xavier, Kikutaro & Alisha Edwards) defeated Team Eli Drake (Eli Drake, Jake Crist, Rohit Raju, Katarina & Glenn Gilbertti) w/ oVe & The Desi Hit Squad

Before the match started, everyone made the oath that if any of them are the one to get pinned or submitted, they will wear the turkey suit. 

Katarina and Alisha started the match, with the latter using her speed advantage to get some offense in and get a few two counts. They tagged in Jake Crist and Kikutaro, who snuck to get control and tag in Xavier. Jake got away and tagged in Drake, which again played on the power vs. speed matchup, with Drake getting control this time.

Raju and Bahh got tagged and Bahh kept control of the match until Gama Singh got in the ring, distracting Bahh and allowing Raju to take out Bahh's knee and tag in Gilbertti. Drake and Gilbertti started to double team Bahh, but Bahh made a comeback and finally got KM tagged in. 

Everyone came in and sequentially locked each other in Figure Four headlocks, with Bahh rolling them into a Human Centipede Boston crab at the end, but suddenly, Bordeaux came out trotting around the ring, distracting everyone, and then just walked to the ramp and sat to watch.

Back from commercial, everyone was back into the match with Team Eli Drake having cut off Kikutaro and working over him. After several tags, Kikutaro made a comeback on Raju and got a tag to Xavier, who ran wild on everyone. Xavier hit a dive on everyone outside, followed by a plancha by Bahh.

Inside the ring, Alisha and Katarina had some near falls. Finally, Gilbertti came in and all of Team Bahh rolled over him -- even the ref got a chance to. Bahh went for the kill, but Gilbertti countered and went for the People’s Elbow, only to miss and get pinned by Bahh after a Banzai Drop. 

After the match, Josh Mathews reminded Gilbertti that he took an oath that he would wear the turkey suit. Gilbertti said he wouldn't do it. Bordeaux came down to the ring and told him to put the suit on, and so he did. Bordeaux told him he looked like an idiot before walking out. 

This was a one-match show, but everything celebrated reaching that match, and as the Thanksgiving special that it is, it did not at any point feel like part of the canon storylines going into Homecoming nor affecting the seriousness of those stories and the wrestlers involved.