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Impact Wrestling results: Emergence night two

Impact Wrestling results: Emergence night two

Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for chapter two of Emergence, main evented by the first ever 30 minute Knockout ironman match between the Knockout’s champion Deonna Purrazzo and her challenger, Jordynne Grace. Also tonight, Eddie Edwards defends the Impact World Championship in an open challenge.

The opening video was a rundown of tonight’s two big title defenses. 

Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards defeated Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes) to retain the title

They started up with a lock up and some quick wrestling for wrist control but Eddie hit an atomic drop and belly-to-belly to send RVD to the floor to recover. Eddie tried to follow with a baseball slide, but Rob was ready for him, slammed him around a bit before sending him back to the ring. Rob instead of following up, was distracted by Forbes that wanted some kissing, allowing Eddie to once again try for the dive and succeed.

Eddie was starting to get the better of Rob, but Katie distracted him and allowed Rob to ram Eddie face-first into the ring post, to drop him on the guardrail for the leg drop from the apron. 

Finally, back at the ring, Eddie and Rob traded strikes, but once again Katie interfered while Rob distracted the referee, setting up Eddie for the split-legged moonsault for the two count. 

Eddie hit a blue thunder bomb but wasn’t able to follow up with a pin. Rob rolled up Eddie with some body-scissors for a two count. Eddie hit the tiger driver, but RVD kicked out at two.

Eddie went for a top rope frankensteiner, but Rob blocked twice, dropping Eddie on the ropes for a big jumping kick and rolling thunder. RVD went for the 5-star, but Eddie moved away, hit the BKP and picked up the win to retain the title. Ok match, one of Rob’s better as of late.

After the match, Eric Young rushed the ring and attacked Eddie Edwards from behind. He told Eddie that he was taking next week’s title shot. 

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight’s card. 

Over at Wrestle House, Taya organized a team-building exercise, a toga party. Johnny Swinger is wearing a fantastic leopard print toga. Also, Swinger has started ‘Fuji-ing’ people, meaning that he throws powder in people’s eyes and he plans to take out all the men in the house to have all the ladies for himself.

Taya was somewhat inebriated in the party and bullied Kylie Rae. Bravo was apparently sad in his room because Larry D and Rosemary are out on their own. The Deaners and Acey Romero are still having problems over stolen beer, and finally Swinger accidentally Fuji’d Crazzy Steve. Tommy Dreamer declared a blindfold match, with the loser having to dress as the winner next week.

Wrestle House: Crazzy Steve defeated Johnny Swinger in a blindfold match

They did a bad joke with a horn that Steve had. Swinger asked for help from the roomies, but they weren’t much help and only led him to a roll-up from Steve. Bad, but at least it was short.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards was out looking for EY, but he’s nowhere to be seen.

We got a great commercial for Bound For Glory featuring EY.

Rhino cut a promo on Reno Scum, challenging them to a tag team match and he wanted Heath as his tag team partner. Rhino is still great.

Eddie headed to the ring and called out Eric Young to have their title match right there and then. EY came out and called Eddie pathetic. He told Eddie that he was five steps ahead of Eddie and that things were gonna go down by his design. He said his attacks on Swann were orchestrated. Eddie told EY that their title match would be next week, but the ass-whooping would start tonight, and thus they brawled and got into a pull-apart in which Eddie accidentally knocked down Scott D’Amore. Good little angle to add some heat to this match.

Gia Miller interviewed Rohit Raju about his title win. Rohit said that he manipulated Chris Bey and now he’s the X-Division champion. He said that he had been a victim of the political games, and so he got himself in a match. He said he’d give opportunities to everyone who never gets them.

We got a new episode of Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and The Rascalz as the special guest hosts. They’re having a miscommunication between pot and decoration, but Rayne didn’t let them smoke.

The special guests were Madman Fulton and Ace Austin. Madison brings up the Good Brothers defeating them, causing The Rascalz to laugh at Fulton and Austin. Fulton got hot and wanted to come to blows, but he was calmed down by Ace. It’s nice to see two teams antagonize each other without doing the usual wrestling shtick that leads to fights.

The Rascalz invited Madison Rayne to the treehouse, but she refused. This was all good.

We got a promo by Sami Callihan in his computer room. He blamed RVD over his loss against Eddie Edwards and thus not being world champion. He said that tonight, RVD lost because he is the one now hunting RVD’s head. He said that next week, he’ll be waiting for RVD in the ring.

We got a promo by ECIII, recapping his first world title win over Kurt Angle, saying that being champion was the happiest moment in his life, his greatest achievement, and he couldn’t let it go. He said that everything after that was downhill and that as long as this championship existed, he wouldn’t be able to move on, but he didn’t know how. He invited Moose to join him in destroying the title. This was kinda confusing.

Brian Myers defeated Willie Mack

They started with some counters and reversals on wrist control until Mack caught Myers with a shoulder tackle and an armdrag to send Myers to the corner to recoup. 

Myers caught Mack with a surprise knee to the gut, cutting off Mack with some strikes and choked him against the ropes, but Mack came back with a rana and dropkick combo. Myers started to big time Mack, which ended with them trading strikes and going into the ropes where Myers snapped Mack’s throat against the ropes for a two count. 

Now in control, Myers worked over Mack’s throat with a sleeper. He swept Mack’s leg for a two count, and went back to a knee to the back and crossface combo. 

Mack surprised Myers with a sunset flip pin, but Myers kicked out and once again brought Mack down with a big elbow and went back to the crossface. Myers decided to go for a running attack, only to get surprised by a desperation sky high from Mack.

Mack hit a clothesline, spinning back elbow, scoop slam, and leg drop for a two count. Mack hit the Samoan drop and moonsault combo for another two count. Myers went for the top rope, but Mack stopped him. They traded some strikes, but it was Myers that dropped Mack and followed with a diving elbow for a two count. 

Myers went for a DDT, but Mack dodged, only to take a spinning kick for a two count. Myers started talking trash to Mack, who responded with a strike and a book end, but Myers reversed, rolled over Mack, took the pulled the tights and stole the win. Ok match.

We got a promo by Heath calling for the fans to make #Heath4Impact to trend so he’d get the chance to back up Rhino next week. 

Back at Wrestle House, The Deaners are talking about Larry D’s recent changes. Rosemary joined the party and was heading out with Larry D, who was now calling himself Lawrence D, before Alisha Edwards stopped her. She called out Rosemary for trying to make Bravo jealous and she was breaking his heart. Taya got drunk and passed out, giving Bravo some free time to go and take Rosemary back. Rosemary was about to break up with Lawrence D anyway, but Bravo jumped in, slapped Larry D out of the hex, and thus, Dreamer called for match time.

Wrestle House: Larry D defeated John E. Bravo

Bravo tried to elbow Larry D early, but didn’t do much damage and instead got taken down with one headbutt. Larry punched Bravo and knocked him out with one strike for the win.

After the match, Bravo came clean and told Rosemary that he had feelings for her. He told Taya the truth about him and Rosemary. Taya blamed Rosemary that they were all trapped in Wrestle House. She challenged her to a winner takes all match next week. Rosemary didn’t understand what ‘all’ meant, but Valkyrie mentioned that  it included Bravo.

Next week we have Sami Callihan vs Rob Van Dam, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs The Rascalz, and Eddie Edwards vs Eric Young for the Impact World title.

Knockout’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace (2-1) in a 30 minute ironman match to retain the title

Lock up to start the match. They remained in a stand still for some time, even after Grace went for a roll up, they still maintained and got up while locked up. Jordynne broke it up and took control of the wrist. Purrazzo reversed, but Grace quickly broke out with an armdrag. Purrazzo started selling her arm.

Purrazzo took down Grace with a headlock, but Grace reversed it to leg-scissors over the neck. Tight control, but Purrazzo escaped with a headstand. Grace went for the headlock but Purrazzo escaped,  only for Grace to connect with a shoulder tackle and a couple of arm drags. Grace blocked a kick by Purrazzo, dropped her, and locked in a single leg Boston crab. Purrazzo made the ropes.

Back from commercial, Jordynne was in control, whipping Purrazzo from corner to corner. Purrazzo escaped and played a bit of cat and mouse, tricking Jordynne into a big boot to the face to finally cut her off. Purrazzo slammed Jordynne’s head on the apron before tossing her back in the ring and started to work over Grace’s arm.

Purrazzo snapped the arm over and over. Stomped on the elbow, snapped it over the ropes, dropped her on the shoulder, and sneaked pin attempts in between. Jordynne would try to strike herself to safety, but Deonna wouldn’t break the armbar until Grace made the ropes.

Deonna hit a couple of short-hand clotheslines for a two count. 

At this point, there was 10 minutes to go and they were still 0-0, Purrazzo stomped on Grace’s fingers. Purrazzo kept finding ways to snap every joint in Grace’s arm and back into the armbar or kimura position. 

Jordynne finally punched Deonna off of her and started using her good arm to attack with elbows and clotheslines. She went for a superplex, but Deonna pushed her down, only to take a big palm strike from Jordynne and a second rope suplex, but Grace couldn’t follow up with a pin.

Both women started trading strikes in the middle of the ring with Grace getting the upper hand and dropping Deonna with a couple of shoulder tackles, followed by two sentons for a two count. Jordynne got Deonna’s back and locked up a sleeper with leg scissors for a submission fall. Jordynne Grace is 1-0 with 5 minutes left.

Grace followed up with a body attack, but Purrazo countered with a running knee and a reverse STO and into the Koji clutch, but Grace made the ropes. Deonna stomped on Grace in desperation, chopped her, but Grace made a comeback with chops and went for the Grace driver, which Deonna fought free from. Jordynne rushed Deonna on the corner but accidentally took out the referee when Purrazzo pulled him in between them. Jordynne Grace hit the Grace driver, but the referee was down and didn’t count the pin. 

Purrazzo, using the distraction, hit Grace with the championship belt and stole her first pin to tie the match 1-1 with only a minute to go.

Purrazzo went for a second pin for a two count, transitioned to the armbar, but Grace broke it off. Purrazzo kicked Grace’s arm off then followed with a big punt kick and a German suplex bridge, but Jordynne kicked out. Purrazzo locked in the Fujiwara armbar and transitioned to the Venus de Milo for a submission win with only 5 seconds left, retaining her championship. Great match, Purrazzo and Grace are fantastic!

Final Thoughts -- 

Great show, the main event is a must watch. The rest of the show was a lot of build up towards next week’s show, which also seems to have promise.