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Impact Wrestling results: Fallout from Homecoming


Impact Wrestling's simulcast on the Pursuit Channel and Twitch began as the fallout from Homecoming took center stage. The episode opened with a video featuring all the highlights of Homecoming, emphasizing Killer Kross' attack on Taya Valkyrie.

Johnny Impact came down to the ring to “We Want Cage” chants. Johnny said that Valkyrie has been in the hospital for what Kross did to her. Impact talked about what he would do to Kross, but Brian Cage interrupted and came down to the ring too.

Cage said things are not over and that everyone knows that Cage had Johnny beat. Cage wanted a rematch right there, right now. Johnny wanted to argue that his wife is in the hospital, but Cage wouldn't have it.

Kross came out next. He talked trash to Johnny, pushing his buttons by saying that he will send Valkyrie back to the hospital when she comes back. Johnny had enough and superkicked Cage and dived on Kross, but Cage recovered and hit a huge lariat on Johnny. Kross clotheslined Cage, but Cage got right up. Kross, surprised, walked out instead of getting in Cage’s way. Cage posed with the championship. Good segment -- Cage looked like a beast.

Backstage, Cage was still looking for his rematch. Johnny asked Cage to let him take care of Kross tonight and Cage can get the next title shot. Johnny straight up accepted that Cage had the win at Homecoming.

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

This was a really great match, especially for the time it got. These two teams are no strangers to each other, so they meshed up nicely here. The match started with a series of reversals, counters, and quick tags. The Rascalz hit the Bronco Buster on Pentagon, only to have Fenix fly out of nowhere and hit a double cutter.

Back from commercial, Fenix and Wentz were in the ring and continued the fast-paced action. The Rascalz hit their kick combo that ends with a double foot stomp for a two count. Fenix made a comeback, superkicking both Rascalz. Pentagon took care of Xavier on one side, and Fenix dove on Wentz on the other.

All four wrestlers continued taking turns, kicking each other one by one. Pentagon started chasing the Fear Factor, but The Rascalz countered and were setting up the Hot Fire Flame when Fenix came back and cut them off with another set of cutters. Pentagon hit the Gory Bomb and Fear Factor combo on both Rascalz to take the win, pinning Xavier.

Both teams embraced after the match.

The GWN Flashback Moment of the Week was the very first Ultimate X match with Michael Shane defeating Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin.

Back from commercial, we got footage of Kross cutting a promo after the Homecoming main event. He claimed that Johnny had a plan to escape with the championship, showing the real type of man he is. After the video, Kross was with McKenzie Mitchell. Kross said that Johnny doesn’t even know how to hurt him in tonight’s main event. Kross said that tonight, he beats Johnny.

Back in the ring, Josh Mathews brought out new Impact X-Division Champion Rich Swann. Swann talked about how the X-Division changed the business many years ago, and so now he represents the "No Limits" division.

Sami Callihan came out to interrupt. Callihan talked about the long history between Swann and himself. Callihan gave Swann an oVe t-shirt, inviting him to join the group. Willie Mack came out and brawled with Callihan a bit, but Swann stopped them. This led to Callihan vs. Mack

Willie Mack defeated Sami Callihan

The match was already half-way started as we came back from commercial. Both men exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring, but soon after, Callihan tricked Mack to the outside, getting him caught in the apron skirt. They fought outside for a bit, with Mack landing a huge apron bomb. Callihan came back, whipping Mack into the ring steps.

They fought to the top of the ramp -- where Callihan hit an ugly piledriver, trying to win via countout, but Mack made it back in on nine. Mack started his comeback, fending off Callihan with kicks and strikes. Mack hit a Samoan drop and standing moonsault combo for a two count. Callihan hit a huge lariat for another two count.

Mack and Callihan kept exchanging near falls after some big moves before finally starting to go for their respective finishers. They traded some pin reversals, but when Callihan went for the piledriver, Mack countered and rolled up Callihan for the win. Good match -- somewhat better than the Homecoming one.

LAX were celebrating at their clubhouse. Konnan admitted that he was wrong and that LAX did the right thing and they and the Lucha Brothers kept it together.

Scarlett Bordeaux came down to the ring for a strip show. Bordeaux announced that next week, she reveals the winner of her talent search. Bordeaux said that to celebrate the debut on Pursuit Channel, she was going to take off her robe. Before she could get to it, the Desi Hit Squad interrupted.

Gama Singh implored Bordeaux to save the strip show for the winners of the talent search, since he thinks that the Desi Hit Squad will win. Singh argued that America doesn’t deserve to see Scarlett naked.

Suddenly, Scott Steiner interrupted and came down to the ring. Steiner put over the Pursuit Channel and said that the Desi Hit Squad ruined the night for him and Nashville. Raj Singh and Rohit Raju tried jumping Steiner, but Big Poppa Pump took care of both of them.

Steiner took a chair and sat down in the middle of the ring as Bordeaux did her strip dance. All and all, this was a weird segment to have, it's a way to show that they can be edgier on Pursuit and nothing else.

Back from commercial, we got footage of Gail Kim from Homecoming. She said that Tessa Blanchard got what she deserved.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Cali Collins

This was a squash match. Blanchard came in strong, and when Collins managed to dodge Blanchard and get a kick in, Blanchard didn’t feel it and went back to taking out Collins. Blanchard went for the Buzzsaw DDT, but changed it to Gail Kim's Eat Defeat for the win.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards was with McKenzie Mitchell. Edwards celebrated his win over Moose and said that he is ready to move on. Eli Drake interrupted him, asking Edwards if he is sure he wants to take over the "hardcore" flag after what Drake did to Tommy Dreamer and Abyss.

Allie and Su Yung walked around somewhere in the Undead Realm. Allie talked about Rosemary’s return, when suddenly they saw a message by Rosemary, written on a casket. The message read “One more chance…rejoin the shadow…”

Killer Kross defeated Impact World Champion Johnny Impact in a non-title, no DQ match

This started with Johnny taking the mount on Kross, but he couldn’t break the guard. Kross countered and took Johnny’s leg out. Kross started working over Johnny, tossing him to the outside as he hit a big lariat while Johnny sat on the top rope.

Johnny and Kross brawled outside the ring for a while as Johnny rammed Kross to the guardrails. Johnny brought out a table and a chair, but there was enough time for Kross to recover and punch the chair out of Johnny’s hand. Kross put the chair on Johnny’s neck and rammed it to the ring post.

Kross now brought up the steel steps, looking to hit a con-chair-to against them, but Johnny managed to dodge it. Johnny hit Kross with the chair, then started burying Kross under more chairs, where he hit a moonsault from the steel steps while carrying a chair himself. Johnny seemed to hit his face on the steel steps on his way down.

Johnny was regaining his breath, but suddenly, Kross just stood up like nothing. They tossed all the chairs to the ring and went at it again inside the ring. They traded strikes before Impact started ramming Kross face-first into a chair. Johnny hit Kross with a crazy flying chair shot. Johnny once again buried Kross under chairs, this time looking for Starship Pain, chair in hand.

Suddenly, Moose ran down to save Kross, throwing Johnny into the table that was outside the ring. Moose tossed Johnny back in the ring. Kross then locked on the Kross Jacket for the win as Johnny passed out.

Kross and Moose celebrated in the ring over the choked out body of Johnny Impact. This was a really good match, different from what we’ve seen Johnny do since winning the championship.

Overall, this was a good episode with a hiccup right there during the Bordeaux strip show. Inside the ring, the show was great with three great matches and a well-crafted squash match. Story-wise, we seem to have a good direction going with the World title, and developing stories with the rest of the championships, plus what seems to be a colliding story as Edwards’ hardcore path is crossing with Eli Drake’s anti-hardcore quest.