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Impact Wrestling results: Fallout from Slammiversary XVII


The show starts off with Don and Josh talking about Slammiversary with Josh hyping it up as one of the best shows of the year. Josh says that tonight, we'll see the main event of A Night You Can't Mist. Josh says that tonight they'll be walking around to meed some of the Impact Wrestling dignitaries and in the main event, Jordynne Grace faces Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan in a triple threat.

A highlight reel airs covering Moose vs. RVD from the PPV with RVD saying he underestimated Moose and he was unvictorious. RVD says he doesn't need to work on himself, he just needs another chance to beat Moose. As far as goofball RVD promos go, this was indeed one of them. Don says this was a great sign of Moose moving up the talent food chain.

Josh and Don talk about the Eddie Edwards and Killer Kross first blood match before a recap airs on that. Kross talks about Eddie having too many voices in his head and Eddie says he loves the mind games. Eddie says that after the match, he has a newfound respect for Killer Kross and that he will be whatever he needs to be. Killer Kross cuts a tearful promo about knowing how crazy Eddie was before Davey Richards, Moose, or even his own wife knew it.

Rosemary cuts a promo on how Twitch gives Impact greater exposure and how they need more hivelings to support it. Melissa Santos does a Twitch video talking about her wedding.

Josh's voice is shot as he and Don talk about how the PPV was in the "war room". Josh welcomes His Guest at This Time Jimmy Jacobs. He talks about Monster's Ball and says it's chaos - so you can either let the chaos control you or you can control chaos. Father James Mitchell talks about how only one can win a monster's ball and it's one of the most dangerous matches in the business. He talks about how Havok being the one he wants to win, but if either she or Su win, they will be co-champion.

Taya calls Rosemary a pawn in her game and says it's unfair for her to defend against three people. Taya says after winning that she has once again beaten the odds. Mitchell gets one of the best lines of the year in with "I JUST GOT BLASTED IN THE FACE WITH WEAPONS-GRADE ASIAN MIST!" Melissa recaps how great Mitchell was and then talks about the lapdances on her wedding day.

Josh and Don talk to D'Lo Brown joining the company full-time as an agent. D'Lo and his squeaky chair talk about how The North being champions changed things up on LAX really quickly. A rundown of the tag title match then airs. Ethan Page talks about winning the titles and defending them on PPV within three days. The Rascalz talk about how they have to go back to the treehouse and figure things out. The North says they showed they will never lose the titles.

After the match, Konnan delivers a message to The North before saying they have idiot's luck and it will run out when Santana's back and they'll make sure The North's allies will be a breathing tube and a feeding tube.

D'Lo says that The North is the best team in the world before saying that they're the best in the company. Don says that they're the most efficient team in the world.

Melissa Santos hypes up the Fallout show with the lethal lottery returning as a mashup concept with Sami teaming with Tessa against Dave Crist and Trey of the Rascalz.

The Night You Can't Mist main event airs with Muta and Dreamer facing Johnny Impact and Big Mike. Johnny does a great job stalling and creating movement for Muta to react to, but Muta does show a surprising amount of speed on a takedown and a kneebar before Johnny Chinlock takes over for a while. Big Mike works over Dreamer and then Johnny takes some flip bumps for Muta's basement dropkicks.

Tommy sets up a super Spicoli driver and drives Johnny through the table that Elgin was lying on the floor. Muta pinned Johnny with the Shining Wizard. Tommy cuts a promo thanking the Philly fans and wanting to go to either AJPW or NJPW because of Muta.

Tommy Dreamer talks in the war room about living his dream at 48 teaming with Muta. He talks about Tessa vs. Sami being the first page of a book and the story will continue on. Don says that Tessa won by losing and the story is still being told. Tessa talks about being the first woman in a PPV match event and Sami says that as The Draw, he's the main event no matter where his match is placed.

Tessa is shown hitting a trio of dives, but getting caught on the last and being swung side to side into the barricade and eating a death valley driver on the floor. The recap of this made it come off like an all-time classic and Tessa says she won't let losing go to her heart. Sami says they need to do that match again.

Swann vs. Johnny Impact clips air with Petey talking about it from the war room. Petey says he looks up to both and he loved working both guys. Josh and Don talk about how Don created Ultimate X and Petey says that Johnny's great, but Swann was unbeatable on that show. Rich says that he faced one of the most athletic wrestlers ever while Johnny says he wants it because it's an Impact-original title.

Swann says he wants to be the best X Division champion in company history and is shown hitting the Lethal Injection and the phoenix splash. Johnny yells at Johnny Bravo and blames him for the loss. Johnny Impact says that he's going away and Taya blames him for the loss.

Scott D'Amore talks about the Elgin vs. Cage match. He says he was worried about Elgin because he's here to put people in the hospital. Josh asks if Cage proved he's the best out there and Don says that yeah, he was in rough shape at Rebellion, but he proved any critics wrong with the Slammiversary match. Scott talks about "something new coming into the picture" soon and while no one is legally sure who he is, Don says all the smart marks know who he is. A quick highlight reel airs for the match that doesn't do it justice.

Cage says that the Age of Cage is just beginning and Elgin says that he didn't fail because Cage couldn't beat him with his biggest moves. Rhino's gore is shown and Elgin says that Cage didn't truly beat him. He blames Callis for being a mark for Cage and bringing in the masked man. Okay, so in-canon on the show, Don Callis runs the show despite "just" being a commentator on-air.

A Tessa Blanchard countdown shows her taking out Taya, Glenn Gilberti, the BFG match with Taya, her title win against Su Yung, and then finally, her beating and retiring Gail Kim at Rebellion. The show has done a fantastic job of getting Tessa over as the biggest star in the company, and the formatting of this show would be perfect as a first one on a new network. If you're a lapsed fan, it's a perfect catch-up show. Josh and Don go back to the ring and hype up Impact Fallout.

Jordynne Grace defeated Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan

Madison gets 2 on Kiera with a small package after awkwardly ending a Grace sunset flip attempt. Grace lands a double suplex and we go to a break. Grace misses a pop-up Vader bomb on Hogan, who gets up and lands a Cro Cop high kick. Kiera stomps on Madison before foot choking her in the corner. Jordynne hits a giant slam on Kiera and hits her with a bridging German while also having Madison in an O'Connor roll.

Madison hits an Alberto-esque double stomp on Grace for 2. Hogan superkicks Grace, but she absorbs it and wins with the Grace Driver.

Madison was tossed out beforehand and looks pissed before jumping her. Hogan then joins in. Don says this is just like a bar fight. Maybe the one from the '70s original The Wrestler. Josh and Don talk about this being a setup by Hogan and Rayne.