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Impact Wrestling results: GFW Championship on the line


Previously: Alberto El Patron defeated Eli Drake to earn a shot at the GFW Global Champion.

Tonight: GFW Global Champion Magnus defends against Alberto El Patron.

Show Recap --

Andrew Everett defeated Dezmond Xavier, Caleb Konley, and Matt Sydal

All four guys traded hurricanranas and pinfall attempts to start the match. Konley scored a close near fall with a moonsault. Xavier was on the top turnbuckle when Sydal jumped up and caught him with a hurricanrana, but Xavier was able to land on his feet. Everett then hit the Frankendriver on Xavier to win the match.

- Jeremy Borash was once again in the crowd and harassing Josh Mathews on commentary.

- KM was at his hotel when he stole a pizza claiming to be “Billy.” KM ate the pizza and then refused to pay for it. He yelled at the delivery man and intimidated him.

- James Storm’s music hit but instead Ethan Carter III came out dressed as a cowboy. EC3 mocked Storm and sang him a country song. Storm’s music interrupted and the real James Storm ran out.

They brawled until EC3 managed to handcuff Storm to the ropes. EC3 took off his belt and viciously whipped Storm until his back turned bright red. EC3 tripped over a utility worker and whipped him too.

Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. defeated Idris Abraham & Hakim Zane in a first round GFW Global Tag Team Championship tournament match

A tournament will take place over the next few weeks to crown new GFW Global Tag Team Champions. The finish came when Garza Jr. hit a moonsault onto Abraham on the floor while Laredo Kid simultaneously hit a 450 splash on Zane to score the win and advance in the tournament.

Laurel Van Ness (w/ Kongo Kong) defeated Ava Storie

Laurel Van Ness is still wearing her wedding dress and is a horrible mess. Storie had the early advantage until Van Ness snapped. Van Ness used a curb stomp to the back to win the match.

- Another Rockstar Spud video aired of him rehabbing after the attack by Swoggle.

- LAX held a funeral for Decay. Santana, Ortiz, Diamante, and Homicide had their faces painted white. Santana and Ortiz each held an urn representing Abyss and Crazzy Steve. They came out to funeral music. Konnan pretended to be sad until he ordered LAX to spill the ashes. Rosemary watched from the rafters.

Konnan announced that LAX will enter the GFW tag tournament. Konnan ripped Impact and America. He got upset with a fan that was waving the American flag and pushed him down. The Veterans of War came out and brawled with LAX.

Impact Grand Champion Moose defeated Marshe Rockett to retain his title

All three judges gave the first round to Moose. Moose then used the Go to Hell to win the match in the second round.

After the match, Eli Drake and Tyrus jumped Moose. Chris Adonis ran out and joined in on the beatdown.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Dutch Mantell in the back. He announced that next week the Ultimate X match makes its return.

Alisha Edwards (w/ Eddie Edwards) defeated Angelina Love (w/ Davey Richards) by DQ

Eddie Edwards had minor surgery on his knee so he was on crutches. Alisha used the Future Shock DDT, but Richards jumped on the apron. Alisha kicked the middle rope, which hit him low. Love attacked Alisha with a chain to cause the DQ and Richards attacked Edwards' knee with the crutch after the match.

Alberto El Patron defeated Magnus to win the GFW Global Championship

Alberto El Patron and Magnus fought on the top turnbuckle and both crashed hard to the floor. El Patron missed a superkick and Magnus hit the Michinoku driver. He followed up with a big elbow for a close near fall.

El Patron made a comeback by hitting a backcracker and locked on the cross armbreaker. Magnus made it to the ropes to break the hold. Magnus locked on the cloverleaf submission, though El Patron made it to the ropes.

El Patron attempted the cross armbreaker again until Magnus took out his leg. El Patron attempted the double stomp but missed and landed on the bad leg. El Patron made another comeback and locked on the cross armbreaker to win the title.

Next Week: X Division Champion Low Ki defends against Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee in Ultimate X. Plus, James Storm vs. Ethan Carter III.