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Impact Wrestling results: The Good Brothers vs. Reno Scum

Impact Wrestling results: The Good Brothers vs Reno Scum

Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for tonight’s episode, main evented by the newly crowned Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards defending against Trey Miguel. Also, the in-ring debut of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Opening video recapped ECIII’s return to the promotion, Trey Miguel challenging Eddie Edwards to a title match, the developing feud between The Good Brothers and Ace Austin, and the Motor City Machine Guns defeating The North to end their record breaking reign with the tag team titles.

Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards defeated Trey Miguel to retain the title

Good opener, it started slow, but it picked up towards the end.

Collar and elbow to start the match, clean break and a bit of a stalemate until Trey went for the lucha armdrag to change the pace. Trey landed an early bulldog, rana, and dropkick combo for a quick pin attempt, and back into the headlock.

Eddie started to come back with strikes, hit an atomic drop, and over-the-head belly-to-belly to turn things around. Blue thunder bomb for a two count. Eddie continued with chops and whipping Trey from corner to corner, going for pin attempts here and there.

Trey finally found an opening to dodge Eddie’s attack and went for the comeback with a kick combo into a neckbreaker for a two count. He went for the top rope split-legged moonsault, but Eddie caught him with his knees. Trey and Eddie exchanged forearms and superkicks, ending with a Pele kick by Trey. 

Back from commercial, Eddie and Trey continued to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Trey dropped Eddie and hit a low cutter for a two count. 

Trey went for the meteora, but Eddie dodged and went for the tiger driver. Trey reversed into a roll up for a two count. Eddie caught Trey with a clothesline then landed the tiger driver, getting a two count.

Eddie went for the Boston knee party, but Trey caught him with a jumping knee, sending him to the ropes. Eddie used that momentum to come back with the BKP for the win.

After the match, Eric Young came out again. Eddie called him into the ring, but Young walked away.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight’s card.

We got the debut of Wrestle House. Taya is trying to leave the house, but Rosemary turned the doors into portals to hell where Abyss was. At this point, everyone realized that this is no one’s house and that they can’t leave. Tommy Dreamer is the host since this is apparently this is his house, not the House of Hardcore though. 

Deaner and XXXL got into a fight and everyone called for them to have a truce, which they obliged. Dreamer announced that the winner of Wrestle House will win one million dollars, though Rosemary told Dreamer that he knew that wasn’t true. 

Everyone fought over who would be sleeping where. Acey Romero and Crazzy Steve argued over who would sleep in the ring. Suddenly, Acey and Steve were in their wrestling gear and were about to do a match.

Acey Romero defeated Crazzy Steve

Kylie Rae was the referee of the match. 

Match started with Crazzy Steve telling Acey that they could share, but Acey didn’t want to and went after Steve, who managed to dodge for a bit, but eventually, Acey got a hold of him and tossed him around. 

They did some comedy, making Acey run the ropes, but Acey caught Steve, hit a Bubba bomb, locked in a sleeper, and Rae called for the bell early. Taya talked some trash to Rae.

This whole thing was terrible, mainly because half of these people can’t act. Kylie Rae, Taya, and Johnny Swinger made it worth it.

Backstage, Bahh and TJP messed with Rohit Raju for not wearing a mask. Rohit told them to join him going after Chris Bey, but TJP said he was happy in the tag team division. Rohit talked him into getting into the X-Division again. 

Rohit ran around looking for Chris Bey to tell him that TJP was coming after Bey’s title and that he had Bey’s back to protect him from Fallah Bahh.

Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Ace said that he had problems with The Good Brothers who arrived and disrespected them.

We got a great video package about the careers of the Motor City Machine Guns.

The North cut a promo backstage. Page had nothing to say, but Alexander said that they were still the best tag team in the company’s history. They wanted their rematch against the MCMGs.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Beer Money, Inc vs MCMGs from Victory Road 2010.

We saw Rob Van Dam getting ready to reveal Katie Forbes new set of photographs.

We got a promo by ECIII, talking about his history, a history that he was here to destroy and start from scratch, calling his own shots. He said the old ECIII was a reflection of failure because he sold his soul to achieve those wins. He will destroy his past to carve a new future.

Moose got interviewed by Miller. Moose put himself over for defeating Fallah Bahh last week and that he would make another invitation for his TNA World title. Miller asked about ECIII, but Moose said he didn’t want to talk about him and said he wouldn’t be getting a title shot. 

Heath approached Moose and asked for the invitation. Heath tried to trick Moose into saying that there was no TNA Championship, so Moose gave him the title shot. 

Scott D’Amore approached Heath and told him that next week, if he wins, he gets a roster spot.

Knockout’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kimber Lee in a non-title match.

Pretty good for the short time it got. Lee rushed Purrazzo to start the match with strikes and pushed her to the ropes, dropping her with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, forcing Purrazzo to escape the ring to get a breather. Lee dropped her with a big boot for a two count.

Kimber Lee started going for Purrazzo’s arms with a full nelson body-scissors submission. Purrazzo started to punch herself free, and managed to stomp Lee’s elbow to incapacitate her. Purrazzo started kicking and stomping on Lee’s arm, snapping it against the ropes.

Lee locked in a desperation tarantula on the ropes to get a quick opening and dropped Purrazzo with a kick combo, but only for a two count. Kimber Lee got a bit cocky for her own good, and got into a striking battle with Purrazzo who got the last kneelift and side leg sweep. But when she went for the Fujiwara armbar, Lee reversed into a crucifix pin for a two count. 

Lee went back for the strikes, but her arm was hurting. She went to the top rope, but Purrazzo pulled her off, snapped Lee’s armbar a la Pentagon Jr, locked in the Fujiwara armbar and submitted Lee for the win.

After the match, Jordynne Grace returned with her arm in a sling. She then took it off and took down Purrazzo. Grace punched Purrazzo, sending  her packing. Grace still sold the arm after the fight.

Backstage, Katie Forbes stumbled upon Sami Callihan, who she thought was a fan.

We got another vignette for Brian Meyers. He really doesn’t look impressive.

We got another installment of Wrestle House, with Johnny Swinger giving Crazzy Steve a chance to be his young boy in exchange to stay with him. In another room, Cody Deaner couldn’t sleep because Cousin Jake snores. They argued about who woke up who with Jake’s snores. Dreamer was in Jake’s bed for a reason and said they’ll be wrestling in the morning. 

We then saw a cartoon rooster announcing that it was morning. This is bad, really bad.

Cousin Jake defeated Cody Deaner

They started arguing about who snores more, then they pushed each other a bit. Cody offered Jake a truce, but when Jake bent over, Cody rolled him to a small package for a two count. Cody poked Jake’s eyes, went for the ten punches then hit a palm strike, but Jake recovered and hit a body block to take down Cody.

Cousin Jake hit the give’er, but Cody kicked out. Jake locked in a submission, but Cody powered up, hit a jawbreaker and hit the Dusty punches. Cody went for a tornado DDT, but Jake blocked, hit the sidewalk slam and won the match.

After the match, Cody Deaner found an RV to sleep in. I have a bad feeling this Wrestle House is going to derail the good will Impact has gained.

Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan met backstage. Callihan wanted an explanation by Shamrock, but Ken blew him off and left. Katie Forbes told RVD that Callihan was creeping on him. RVD told Callihan to keep his distance.

Forbes then came down to the ring, along with Rob Van Dam. They’re here to promote Forbes’ new website by showing off some of her photos. When the photos showed up, Callihan hacked the video and put his face all over Forbe’s pictures. Katie had the worst acted breakdown in Impact history, while RVD tried to calm her. This was worse than Wrestle House.

Xavier and Wentz were in the treehouse. They talked about Trey not being there and being somewhat distant. Xavier invited Suicide to join them instead, but Wentz was freaking out about the mask. Suicide was smoking inside the mask. They all got high. Xavier was freaked out by Suicide and Wentz started conspirying that Suicide and Acey Romero were the same person.

Next week, TJP and Bahh vs Rohit Raju and Chris Bey, Moose vs Heath, a MCMG interview, and another Eddie Edwards open challenge.

Josh Matthews interviewed Rich Swann via Skype. Swann said he was disappointed that it took him 7 months to recover, and in one match, Eric Young took him out. He said that he will be on Impact next week to address his future.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe)

The Good Brothers were billed from Tokyo, Japan. 

Anderson and Thornstowe started the match with a collar and elbow lock up, but Adam pushed Anderson to the ropes and raked the eyes for the early advantage. Anderson recovered quickly and took down Thornstowe with a shoulder tackle. They exchanged some strikes in the corner before Anderson took down Adam again and tagged in Gallows. 

Gallows punched around Thornstowe and dropped some elbows repeatedly, getting a two count. Anderson tagged in again for a double team kick combo, but at this point, Ace Austin walked out to the ramp to watch the match, distracting Gallows and Anderson. This allowed Reno Scum to cut off Anderson with the battering ram. 

Reno Scum worked over Anderson with quick tags and mostly strikes. Thornstowe got a two count with a standing moonsault. 

Anderson eventually managed to block a DDT from Thornstowe and hit a spinebuster, getting the opening to tag in Gallows, who took out Luster with a big boot, dropped Thornstowe with an elbow hit the magic killer on Thornstowe and picked up the win.

After the match, Ace distracted Anderson and Gallows, allowing Reno Scum to attack them, who they took out easily. Madman Fulton then emerged. Both teams brawled backstage, out of the building, and into the street as the show went off the air.

Final thoughts -- 

This was a bad show for Impact. The Wrestle House and the Katie Forbes angle really brought down the show that otherwise, was having good action inside the ring and some developing storylines.