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Impact Wrestling results: Johnny Impact vs. Fenix


The episode seemed to set up some new angles and storylines, and again, there was no sign of Austin Aries. 

For the first time, Scarlett Bordeaux actually appeared in the ring.

Josh Mathews acted surprised and said “she’s not on the runsheet,” prompting Don Callis to say, “She’s on my runsheet. She’s on the list.”

Bordeaux strutted to the ring with her gyrations. She’s doing a worldwide search for her next talent to manage. She took a seat on a leather chair near the ramp to watch the upcoming match.

Sami Callihan defeated Trevor Lee

The camera frequently panned over to Bordeaux, whose outfit revealed ample skin. Callihan controlled the match until Lee shocked everyone with a moonsault off the top rope onto Callihan outside the ring. Jake Crist was at ringside and kept distracting Lee. At one point he pushed Lee off the top rope, who then fell and stun-gunned himself, allowing Callihan to deliver a spike piledriver for the win.

X-Division Champion Brian Cage came to the ring and hit Callihan with an F-5. The Crist brothers then pulled Callihan out of the ring.

Even though Lee lost, he has a lot of charisma and is emerging as a star.

There was a backstage segment with King freaking out because “the boss” called another ceasefire between the OGz and LAX. This angle really needs to end.

More backstage work with Gama Singh and Rohit Raju, who will collide later in the show. Singh is Raju’s manager, but has challenged Singh to a match as some kind of test.

Impact Tag Team Champions LAX defeated The Heavenly Bodies in a non-title match

Eli Drake was on commentary and the segment was designed to hear him talk. Drake has filed a lawsuit against Impact for creating an unsafe work environment. This was mostly a squash match for LAX, although the Heavenly Bodies got in some offense. Ortiz got the pin after delivering a neckbreaker off the top rope while Santana held a member of the Heavenly Bodies on his shoulders.

Another backstage segment with Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie. They set up a rematch for the Knockouts Championship next week.

LAX were leaving the arena when they ran into Matt Sydal, who tried to convince Konnan that he wasn’t doing the best job for Hernandez and Ortiz and that they might want to open their third eye. Konnan called Sydal’s approach “gangster” before taking his team and walking away.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Killer Kross and Moose, whose mic skills are painful. Moose said they were going to beat Fallah Bahh so bad that he was going to stop speaking gibberish and start speaking English by the end of the night. They set up a match between Fallah Bahh and KM for later.

We got a pre-taped video segment of Fenix, showing his rise to stardom and his development with his brother Pentagon Jr. Fenix is taking on Johnny Impact for the World Championship later in the show.

Gama Singh defeated Rohit Raju

Singh introduced himself as “one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.” He said he defeated Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Bad News Allen, and Abdullah the Butcher.

It was a setup. Raju didn’t want to fight Singh. Singh slapped Raju a few times and gauged his eyes, but then an unidentified man came into the ring and delivered a gutbuster to Raju, allowing Singh to get the unofficial three count for the pin. The assailant, not the referee, made the three-count. The crowd chanted “You deserve it.” The three of them then embraced and walked off together. I guess Raju passed the “test.”

Johnny Impact gave an interview backstage calling Fenix family, but that sometimes “family fights.”

They showed some bizarre videos of what people sent in to Bordeaux in hopes of winning her managerial services. Bordeaux watched the videos from her iPad in the bathtub.

Moose & Killer Kross defeated Fallah Bahh & KM

Kross seems like the kind of guy WWE would want. Bahh has a lot of charisma and the crowd really gets behind him when he walks around the ring pounding his head screaming “Bahh,” over and over.

Bahh did his roll over Kross, laying his 300-plus pounds over Kross. He then laid out Moose. Instead of rolling over him, he put his foot in Moose’s mouth, to the disgust of Callis. KM hit an impressive dive through the ropes onto Moose and Kross, and Bahh hit a dive on both men from the apron.

Moose and Kross got mad and turned the tables inside the ring, but they got gassed and Bahh hit a suplex and a Samoan drop on Moose and then Kross. Eddie Edwards dragged Moose from the apron to the backstage area, leaving Kross alone. But it didn’t matter. Kross choked out KM for the victory.

Backstage, Edwards and Moose were fighting on the roof of the Melrose Ballroom. Moose stole Edwards’ kendo stick and started beating him with it. Moose choked Edwards out and nearly pushed him over the edge of the roof, until Moose ran away and locked Edwards out, leaving him on the roof.

From 2008, the GWN Flashback Moment of the Week featured Kevin Nash & Sting vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe. Kurt Angle and Booker T ran into the ring to beat up on Styles and Joe. It was crazy to see all of these guys inside the Impact ring. Styles was busted open. Again, they kept the flashback to about two minutes, much less than the full matches they had been showing for months.

Su Yung defeated Kiera Hogan

This was a decent match. Hogan works hard and Yung has a great, creepy gimmick.

Yung was beating up on Hogan on the ramp outside the ring when Allie appeared, only to get stared down by Yung. Ever since Bound For Glory, Allie has been under some kind of Yung trance.

Yung won the match with the Panic Switch (a long airplane spin into a face slam) on Hogan.

Impact World Champion Johnny Impact defeated Fenix to retain his title

Mathews and Callis treated the match like it was a big deal, a clash of legends.

The two shook hands before the match started. There were dueling chants of “Johnny” and “Let’s go Fenix.” It was a small crowd, but they worked hard.

The match started with the two of them wrestling inside the middle of the ring, but then they both started running around the ring. Each attempted leg kicks on each other. The match was hindered by the amount of respect the two were showing each other. This was the kind of match that Jim Cornette would have hated because it felt overly scripted and choreographed early on.

There were several spots featuring both guys attempting the same moves simultaneously on each other. Fenix hit a move from the outside where he ran and jumped on the second rope, spun, and did a springboard off the top rope into a corkscrew splash on Impact.

Each guy traded dynamic aerial moves into near falls. “We hope this match goes on all night,” Mathews screamed.

Impact seemed to be hobbling a bit on his knee. Impact hit several knees and an impressive Shooting Star Press for the near fall. Impact did a dive off the top rope and missed, but landed on his feet. Fenix hit a springboard elbow off the top rope onto Impact.

The crowd was screaming, “This is awesome.”

Impact hit the Starship Pain for the three count victory, in a match that felt more like an athletic display than a traditional wrestling match. The match was also hurt by Mathews’ incessant promotion of it like it was some classic.

Impact embraced Fenix near the bottom turnbuckle after the match.

The OGz then attacked Fenix, in an attempt to bait Konnan to break the ceasefire. It was Pentagon Jr., however, who ran into the ring for the save.

As the show was wrapping up, they cut to the backstage area where Killer Kross said all roads lead to him. As he walked away, the camera showed Impact laid out, with the title belt on top of him.