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Impact Wrestling results: Jordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie

Impact Wrestling results: Jordynne vs Taya, Deonna Purrazzo debuts

Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for tonight’s episode.

The opening video focused on the finals of the number one contender's tournament, where Trey Miguel was mysteriously taken out in the back, prompting for his Rascalz teammate Zachary Wentz to take his spot and go after Ace Austin. Unfortunately for Wentz, Ace Austin bested him and became number one contender. 

Furthermore, we got a refresher of the feud between Jordynne Grace and Taya Valkyrie, who face off tonight for the Knockout’s Championship.

Show opened with D’Amore and Callis debating on what to do with the Impact World title and Trey Miguel’s attack.

Michael Elgin defeated Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan

Talk about an opening match, this could main event any major Impact pay-per-view. 

Elgin made his entrance, but Shamrock didn’t wait. He ran down and started brawling with Elgin. Callihan entered via blackout apparition and the match was finally started.

For the first minutes, Shamrock and Elgin brawled while Callihan watched. After a powerbomb, Shamrock left the ring and Callihan entered the battle against Elgin. 

They brawled to the outside, where Elgin caught Callihan’s dive and slammed him on the apron. Shamrock, out of nowhere, came down with an over the top rope dive on both men. 

Elgin and Shamrock made it to the ring where Elgin hit a missile dropkick on Shamrock to take him down and start working. However, Callihan was there to distract Elgin, allowing Shamrock to armdrag him. 

Callihan and Shamrock initially showed to be on the same side, and thus Elgin took them both out with a double clothesline, sent Shamrock out, and hit a falcon arrow for a two count on Callihan.

Elgin worked over Callihan, tossing him around the ring. Callihan would try to outstrike Elgin, but he wasn’t hurting him, while Elgin’s strikes surely made an impact on Callihan. It wasn’t until Shamrock came back to attack Elgin that Callihan and Shamrock took Elgin out with a kick combo and belly-to-belly. 

Callihan and Shamrock started striking off until Callihan took out Shamrock’s leg, hit a diving elbow, and picked up a two count. 

Elgin returned and went to exchange strikes with Callihan, but this time, Sami got the upper hand with a kick and elbow, only for Elgin to comeback with a release German and a diving forearm. As he went for the pin, Shamrock locked in the ankle Lock to break things up.

Both Elgin and Shamrock exchanged strikes. Elgin hit two DDTs, but Ken kept getting up, so Elgin went for an enzuigiri. Shamrock countered into an ankle lock. Elgin made the ropes, but Shamrock pulled and took the turnbuckle with him. Callihan didn’t allow the tap out, prompting Ken to change the lock to Callihan, but he managed to get out. 

Elgin tossed Shamrock to the exposed turnbuckle and hit a spinning backfist on Callihan. He hit the Elgin Bomb on Shamrock for the win.

Elgin looked really strong here, defeating two wrestlers that technically worked together all match.

After the match, Shamrock and Callihan had a stare off before Callihan disappeared with his light tricks.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight’s card and teased that Tessa’s championship may be in jeopardy. 

Gia Miller interviewed Jordynne Grace about being prepared after taking time off. Grace said that all she did in the last month was study and train, and she was ready to go back into competing week in week out.

Backstage, Dezmond and Wentz talked about becoming the number one contenders when Trey Miguel arrived. He was mad and wanted to know who jumped him last week. Xavier brought up that he had seen Ace Austin in the bathroom while Trey was being attacked. Wentz suspiciously tried to bring up Reno Scum. 

Fortunately for Wentz, The North made their return and said that next week, it’s Rascalz vs The North. Wentz tried to imply that maybe The North attacked Wentz, and so The North said they were not even in the country and that maybe Wentz had done it because he didn’t want Trey to be the first champion of the group. Good arguments there as the dissension seeds are planted.

Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan) defeated Susie

Steelz started talking trash, bullying Susie, but the latter got her by the neck, hit a couple of takedowns and a bulldog, causing Steelz to run to the floor to recoup. Susie tried to attack her with a dive, but Steelz got her on the way out with a kick.

Tasha worked over Susie, stomping on her. She hit a running forearm, European uppercut, and a neckbreaker for a two count. 

Steelz knocked down Susie with strikes, but got surprised with a schoolgirl pin when Tasha played to the camera. 

Susie made a comeback with a series of palm strikes and a Thesz press. She caught Tasha with an elbow, but Tasha connected with an enzuigiri to cut Susie off. Tasha went for a top rope move, but Susie caught her with another palm strike as she went down, earning a two count.

Kiera Hogan then came out, interrupting Susie, talking trash. That allowed Tasha to sneak up with the OKURRR! for the win. Good short match, Tasha Steelz is soo good.

Miller was supposed to interview Ace Austin, but he played Connor McGregor and made her wait and walk to where he was. Ace Austin said that he was the number one contender, but since Tessa wasn’t coming to work, he was the rightful World champion.

Moose approached him and told him that at Slammiversary, he should be challenging him. Ace told him off, saying it’s a good looking belt. 

Hernandez walked up and told Moose he wanted a match for the title next week. Moose walked away without a response.

We saw Deonna Purrazzo arrive at the venue.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan celebrated in the back when they were approached by Havok and Neveah. Hogan tried to talk her way away from them and pretended to not be scared of Havok. Neveah challenged them to a match, but Hogan said that Tasha JUST had a match so maybe later on.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Michael and Maria Bennett making their debut and challenging Earl Hebner to fight. It’s a good tease, but not exactly Bennett’s best moment.

Backstage, Rohit Raju confronted Rhino about attacking him last week instead of taking him under his wing as the veteran he is. Rhino said that Rohit is always crying about not being given anything, so instead, Rohit jumped Rhino from behind.

Willie Mack & Cousin Jake defeated Chris Bey & Johnny Swinger

Bey teased wanting to take on Mack, but instead tagged to Swinger.. Swinger actually started with some offense on the corner on Mack, going for the 10 punches, but before he could finish, Mack hit an atomic drop and tagged in Jake.

Jake came in and tossed Swinger around for a bit before tagging back Mack. Swinger, however, managed to pull Mack to his corner and allow Bey to hit a cheap shot, cutting off Mack.

Bey tagged in and worked over Mack with kicks and quick tags to Swinger, who used his old school dirty tricks to keep Mack down. 

Mack caught Swinger with a low kick, enough to tag in Jake, who came in hot. He took out both men, tossed Bey on top of Swinger and went for the corner spear, but Swinger was there to pull Bey away and let Jake go into the ring post.

Back from commercial, Bey and Swinger cut off Jake and worked over his abdomen, using every dirty trick in the book. Cousin Jake tried to make a comeback, only to be taken down by an enzuigiri by Bey. 

Swinger and Bey tried to pull off a double team move on Cousin Jake, but he managed to body block Swinger and take down Bey, giving him enough to tag in Mack. 

Mack came in, hit the Samoan drop and moonsault on both Swinger and Bey. Cousin Jake clotheslined Bey to the floor. Swinger went for his swinging neckbreaker, but Mack reversed and hit the stunner for the win.

After the match, Bey and Swinger jumped Jake and Mack, but Cody Deaner made his return and made the save for his cousin.

Rosemary and John E. Bravo were drinking at a bar. Rosemary once again tried to get Bravo to bite the poison apple. Taya was there to interrupt them and asked why Bravo wasn’t welcoming her with a party. Rosemary stood up for Bravo, but Taya told them off and gave Rosemary a Micro Brawler as a present. 

Rosemary told Taya she had a gift for her for tonight’s title shot.

Scott D’Amore came out to address the situation with the Impact World Title. D’Amore said that they have a number one contender crowned in Ace Austin, but Tessa Blanchard is still not there at the building. Before he could proceed, Ace Austin came out to interrupt.

Ace jumped the line and said that he was going to be crowned the new world champion. Not long after, Michael Elgin came out to claim his rightful shot for the title. 

Elgin said the title was rightfully his and that if Ace wanted to be the champ, he had to go through Elgin. Elgin said that no one could handle him, but as a prompt, Eddie Edwards came out, making his own return.

Eddie said he wasn’t scared of Elgin. He also said that he belonged in that Rebellion match that didn’t take place, mentioning that he was still holding the title shot trophy. Ace pushed for D’Amore to call him the champion already.

D’Amore said that no one gets handouts in Impact, and that if any of them wanted to be the champion, they would have to fight for it because at Slammiversary it’s going to be a five way match. Tessa will defend against Eddie Edwards, Michael Elgin, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel, who then came in and jumped Ace Austin.

All four men came in and brawled with one another.

Gia Miller tried to interview Deonna Purrazzo, but she wasn’t in her locker room. Gia is having a bad night.

#CancelCulture came down along with the new Jacob Crist and the returning Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes. Ryan explained that Crist was a new man. Ryan said that tonight, Jacob Crist was going to teach “Mentally Unwell” Steven a lesson.

Jacob Crist (with #CancelCulture) defeated Crazzy Steve

Crist jumped Steve to start the match, but Steve was quick to recover, dropping Jake to his knees. He hit a low dropkick and a senton for an early two count. Side leg sweep for a second pin attempt. He followed that with a snapmare and a standing neck twist followed by a hanging leg lock. 

Crist finally managed to snap Steve’s arm on the ropes and started working over that arm with ambreakers and submission attempts. 

Steve recovered, hit a couple of takedowns and a short clothesline for a two count. Joseph Ryan distracted Steve, allowing Crist to hit a kick combo and take down Steve for a three count. Pretty weak match and an even weaker finish, but Jake Crist finally picks up a win.

Impact Knockout’s Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo & Rosemary) to retain the title

This is the match that was originally scheduled for Rebellion.

Jordynne rushed Taya at the start of the match, but Taya ran to her party, only for Jordynne to follow with a tope, taking them all out. 

Back in the ring, Jordynne had control and rammed Taya in the corner. She hit a suplex for a pin attempt. Jordynne clotheslined and chopped Taya from corner to corner. Taya had enough and chopped back, successfully hurting Grace, yet causing her to get more aggressive, hitting a belly-to-belly for a two count. 

Jordynne followed with more strikes, but once again Taya left the ring, and yet again, Jordynne followed except this time, the distraction of Bravo was enough for Taya to attack her from behind and cut her off. Taya, however, used her opening to only talk trash. She slowly made her way to the top turnbuckle, allowing Jordynne to recover and struck her, sending her all the way to the floor. 

Taya gained full control, sending Jordynne to the steel steps. Back in the ring, Taya worked over Grace in the corner with chokes and running knees to the head, earning a two count. Taya went for a superplex, but she argued so much with the referee that Grace recovered and dropped Taya with a sunset flip powerbomb.

Grace started powerslamming Taya every time she attacked. She tossed Taya into the ringpost and followed with running knees and elbows, ending with a Vader bomb for a two count. 

Jordynne chased the Grace Driver, but Taya blocked it. Jordynne tried for a sleeper, but Taya was too tall for her and pushed back. Taya once again distracted herself with Bravo now, coming close to being taken out by Grace, but then caught the champion with a spear for a two count.

Taya tried to lock in a sharpshooter, but Grace escaped. Taya went for the Road to Valhalla, but Grace fought out of it, clotheslined Taya several times, and locked in the sleeper hold, submitting Taya to retain the title.

All throughout the match, Rosemary and Bravo kept talking to each other and not paying helping Taya, so that’s likely to become a story.

After the match, The Virtuosa Deonna Purrazzo finally made her debut and got face to face with Jordynne Grace and made clear that her intentions were the championship. She offered a handshake, but instead took down Grace with a vicious armbar. Purrazzo stood tall over Jordynne and the title as the show went off the air.

After the show, we saw Michael Elgin on the phone talking with someone from Canada, who he referred as “sir”. He said that “us Canadians have always been team players”.

Final Thoughts:

Good show. Really eventful, filled with returns and a big debut to close it off. Wrestling wise, we had some good stuff, but nothing out of this world. 

We are now officially on the road to Slammiversary 2020 with a solid main event announced, big return teases, and a likely Knockout’s title challenger.

Next week, Rohit Raju vs Rhino, Moose defends the TNA title vs Hernandez, Ace Austin vs Eddie Edawrds in a Street Fight, and The North vs The Rascalz for the Impact Tag Team titles.