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Impact Wrestling results: Jordynne Grace wins Knockouts title


Opening video focused on the build to tonight’s Knockout’s title match between Taya Valkyrie and Jordynne Grace. Also tonight, match two of the Elgin vs Edwards best-of-five series.

Michael Elgin defeated Eddie Edwards in Match two of the Best of Five series

Eddie tried to start the match with a kick, but Elgin was ready and chopped him down, hit an exploder and picked up an early two count, in addition to gaining control of the match. Elgin went for an early buckle bomb, but Eddie blocked, so instead, Elgin went for strikes.

Eddie hit a rolling German, but Elgin no sold and went for a sliding lariat and countered into a crucifix pin for a two count. Eddie hit a dragon screw on the ropes and went for a top rope dive, but was countered into a sit down powerbomb for another two count. 

Elgin dropped Eddie with one elbow strike after another and ended up sending him outside. Down on the floor, Elgin kicked and slammed Eddie into the apron.

Back in the ring, Elgin kept the punishment while Eddie could barely stay on his feet. Eddie tried to strike Elgin back, but it wasn’t effective. Eventually, Eddie got an enzuigiri in, but Elgin came back with a German and a dragon suplex, followed by a huge lariat for a two count.

Elgin went for the superplex, but Eddie dropped down with the sunset bomb, blocked by Elgin. Elgin blocked a tiger bomb attempt, but Eddie caught him with a lariat and got the tiger bomb for a two count. Eddie went for the BKP, but Elgin dodged to the floor, where he instead took a suicide dive. 

Eddie hit a Diamond-giri, followed with a top rope rana, but Elgin blocked and went for the powerbomb, only for Eddie to counter the rana for another two count. Elbin blocked Eddie’s strike, did a shoulder breaker, and locked in the crossface, but Eddie rotated for the pin attempt.

Eddie hit a short German and a BKP attempt, but Elgin dodged, hit the buckle bomb then followed with the Elgin Bomb for the win. Elgin is now 2-0 in the series.

We got a video package for Jordynne Grace’s chase of the Knockout’s championship, going back a full year when she first debuted.

Gabbi Loren tried to interview Taya Valkyrie. She asked about Taya’s preparedness, to which Taya answered she obviously was, but if she cared about it, she wouldn’t be out there disturbing her. Taya said that no one ever believed in her and no one thought she would be able to retain this long, but now she’s the longest reigning champion.

Mathews and Callis ran down some matches for tonight and for the Sacrifice special.

Madman Fulton defeated Daga

This was a power vs speed match, big vs small. Daga went straight for Fulton’s leg with a low dropkick, but when he tried to follow with a second, Fulton caught him and took him down with one clothesline. Daga went for a rana, but again, Fulton caught him and went for a powerbomb to the floor, but Daga was able to keep the rana and send fulton to the floor, where he followed with a tope suicida. 

Back from commercial, both men make it back to the ring, but Fulton again manages to catch Daga and take him down with a big boot and get a two count. Daga goes for a bulldog, but Fulton blocks him, drops him against the ropes and hits a German for a two count. 

Fulton snaps Daga’s head against the ropes and keeps up with the forearms. 

Daga finally fires up and starts hitting Fulton. He escaped a Scoop Slam and hit a dropkick to Fulton’s back. Daga hit a missile dropkick, then a short DDT for a two count. Daga continued with a superkick and a standing footstomp for another two count. 

Daga went for punches, but Fulton grabbed him by the neck, hit two chokeslams and got a two count. Fulton went for a top rope move, but Daga escaped and hit a second rope German, followed by a DVD. The Crist brothers then came down for the distraction. Daga took them out with a dive, hit a top rope Cutter on Fulton, but when Daga went for the Tornado DDT Fulton blocked and hit an End of Days, dropping Daga on his head, and getting the win. 

Moose was getting a massage, asking to get some work on his butt because Rhino has been a pain in his ass. Moose said that he is tired of dealing with Rhino, who, just in the perfect timing, came in and attacked Moose. He stole his towel and slapped him with it, making Moose run for safety.

Fallah Bahh (w/TJP) defeated Ethan Page (w/Josh Alexander)

Page starts by jumping Bahh, but fails to keep the momentum when trying to shoulder block him. Bahh in the first minute did a cartwheel, hit a belly-to-belly and sent Page to the outside. Josh distracted Bahh, giving Page the opening to kick down Bahh and regain some control.

Page hit a couple of kicks and a shoulder tackle to take down Bahh. Page went for strikes, but Bahh started to fire up and counter Page, whipping him to the corner and hitting a running hip attack. Bahh hit a samoan drop and went for the Banzai Drop, but Alexander was there to save Page and let Bahh drop into nothingness. TJP made sure to run in and take out Josh with a tope con giro. 

Back in the ring, Bahh caught Page with a roll-up and picked up the upset win, earning a tag title shot.

James Mitchell and Havok find Susie. Mitchell is happy that it’s her and not Su Yung, but it turns out, Su Yung seems to have mastered transforming from one to the other and she is tricking Mitchell and Havok.

Rob Van Dam (w/Katie Forbes) defeated Joey Ryan

RVD has a new theme song, they managed to make something worse than RVD’s originally bad theme song.

Joey Ryan started by stalling, putting on oil all over and asking RVD to touch it, which prompted the R-V-D taunt. Katie Forbes got in the ring and made out with RVD, which wasn’t a DQ. Forbes danced in the ring until the distraction was enough for RVD to jump Ryan. 

RVD worked over Ryan for a bit with kicks, but he played to the crowd so much that Ryan started his comeback with some punches, a school boy and a dropkick as the fight spilled outside to the floor. 

Back in the ring, RVD started to resort to heel tricks, poking Ryan’s eyes. RVD did the crescent kick to Ryan, who was on the ropes, but once again, RVD just played to the crowd and teased doing moves, but instead, he just went for Forbes. 

Joey Ryan caught RVD with a tope suicida. In the ring, they traded some near falls before Ryan finally got RVD’s hand on his penis, but Rob was actually able to counter Ryan with a kick. RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash and picked up the win. Ken Shamrock took the dick flip, but RVD wouldn’t.

We went backstage where Su Yung is dragging James Mitchell with the rope she was hanged with. Su Yung chokes him out and sends him to the Undead Realm again, which is where he lives anyway.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Magnus vs Eric Young from Sacrifice 2014.

Johnny Swinger approached Willie Mack about backing him up tonight, he had the Fuji dust and the roll of quarters ready. Mack told him to stay out of his way. 

Willie Mack vs Mahabali Shera (w/Desi Hit Squad) ended in a no contest

Rohit held up Mack’s foot, allowing Shera to jump him to start the match. They quickly got into strikes, with Mack getting most of them in. As soon as Mack seemed to have some advantage, Rohit attacked him. The referee then declared the match a no contest.

Johnny Swinger came down with a chair to run off the Desi Hit Squad, so the match is being restarted as a tag team match.

Desi Hit Squad (Mahabali Shera & Rohit Raju w/Gama Singh) defeated Willie Mack & Johnny Swinger

Desi Hit Squad started the match with control over Swinger. Eventually, Swinger managed to escape Shera and tag in Mack. Willie took down Shera and hit a rolling cannonball to the corner. He landed the samoan drop and moonsault combo on Rohit Raju. 

Swinger blind-tagged himself in, but actually managed to hold down Shera for a bit until he suggested a double team move.Mack didn’t want to tag, so Rohit eventually pulled Mack out, Shera took down Swinger, then picked up the win.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard about her upcoming match with Ace Austin and his mind games. Tessa said that Ace is a scumbag, but not even a good one at it. Ace approached them and hit on Tessa, who answered in the form of punches until Reno Scum and The Rascalz broke them up. Ace Austin & Reno Scum vs Tessa Blanchard, Tommy Dreamer, and Trey Miguel next week. 

Jordynne Grace defeated Knockout’s Champion Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo) to win the Knockouts title

Taya jumped Grace to start and goes straight for the strikes and the running hip attacks. Taya distracts the referee to allow Bravo to choke out Grace until Taya is ready to continue with the running knees. 

Back from commercial, Taya maintains control over Grace, keeping up the strategy of distracting the referee while Bravo attacks. Jordynne slowly starts to make a comeback with strikes and lands a desperation German. Taya tried running to the outside, but Grace followed with a suicide dive.

Jordynne went for a top rope move, but Bravo was there to toss her down to Taya’s punches. Taya is back to her strategy, adding kicks to Jordynne’s arm and back. Jordynne keeps trying to get strikes in, finally landing a desperation spinebuster. 

Both women exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring until Grace hit a couple of scoop slams, ending with the Grace Driver for a two count.

They fought on the apron where Jordynne looked for a piledriver, but Taya got off, kicked out Grace, and actually powerbombed her into the steel steps on the floor. Taya pulled Jordynne to the entrance ramp where she hit the Road To Valhalla for the countout tease. Jordynne made it to the ring at 9, and into a two count by Taya.

Taya went for a top rope moonsault, but Grace pulled her off. Jordynne instead went for the muscle buster for a two count. Taya locked in an armbreaker, but Grace powered into a two count pin. Taya relocked it, but Grace reversed it into a crossface, but Bravo pulled them both into the ropes.

Jordynne hit a Vader Bomb and Grace Driver, but Bravo pulled the referee out of the ring. The referee was pulled back into  the ring by Grace and accidentally speared by Taya. Bravo laid on top of Taya to protect her, but Grace hit a top rope senton to take them both out, followed by the Grace Driver for the win. Jordynne Grace has ended the record breaking reign of Taya Valkyrie.

Final Thoughts -- 

Good show. It started and ended strong, but there was some stuff in the middle that was totally missable.