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Impact Wrestling results: Josh Alexander & The Briscoes vs. Violent By Design

The Impact World Champion and Tag Team Champions will unite Thursday.

Impact World Champion Josh Alexander and Impact Tag Team Champions The Briscoes will team up against common enemies Violent By Design in trios action Thursday.

Alexander will defend the title against VBD's Eric Young at next month's Slammiversary while Jay & Mark Briscoe took the titles from VBD's Doering & Deaner and then defeated them in a rematch.

In another qualifying match for the Ultimate X bout at Slammiversary, former X-Division Champion Trey Miguel will face Alex Shelley.

Frankie Kazarian will return to an Impact ring for the first time since 2021 and his second time in the last seven years when he faces Chris Sabin.

In a match between former Knockouts Champions, Jordynne Grace will take on recent antagonist Chelsea Green.

Masha Slamovich gets her toughest test in Impact to date as she goes one-on-one with former Knockouts Champion Havok.

In tag team action, Bhupinder Gujjar & W. Morrissey face Shera & Raj Singh while the BTI pre-show match will feature Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus.


Laredo Kid defeated Black Taurus (w/Crazzy Steve) on the BTI pre-show


The opening video was highlighted by Violent By Design coming to blows with The Briscoes and Josh Alexander last week setting up their main event with them later tonight.

Trey Miguel defeated Alex Shelley in an Ultimate X qualifying match

We heard dueling chants to begin the match as commentary made reference to Miguel wearing black and white in honor of the Motor City Machine Guns. We had some back and forth offence in the beginning until Miguel was able to capitalize and send the match to the outside. After nailing Shelley with a hard shot, Miguel attempted to hit an moonsault off the ropes but missed and Shelley was able to gain momentum by bouncing Miguel's face off the the ring apron.

After the referee warned Shelley to get back into the ring, Shelley shrugged his shoulders, rolled into the ring and did some pushups for some showboating. Shelley quickly headed back outside and sent Miguel into the ring post before missing with a chop into the post. Miguel quickly took advantage and headed to the second rope and nailed Shelley this time with a moonsault to the outside.

Both men headed back into the ring knowing what was on the line for the winner. Shelley went back on the attack and began to focus on the knee of Miguel, slowing the pace of the match down. Shelley began a wrestling clinic damaging the knee of Miguel in the process before locking in the Motor City Stretch. Miguel managed to escape and attempted to mount a comeback but took a weird landing appearing to have injured his knee even further.

With both men down, the referee reached a count of seven before both Shelley and Miguel were able to reach their feet again. Shelley with a running attack but Miguel blocked it and nailed Shelley with a barrage of quick offence before getting fired up, attempting to get some feeling back into his knee. After a quick block on Shelley, Miguel manages to lock him in a dragon sleeper in the center of the ring.

Shelley managed to escape and it was once again a back and forth slugfest with both men attempting to gain momentum to put away this match battling with dueling forearm shots in the middle of the ring. Shelley with the advantage and Miguel is nailed with some huge chops followed by Shelley nailing his arm over his shoulder, looking to hyper extend it. Miguel wouldn't quit and both men looked for finishers but came up unsuccessful until Shelley nailed Miguel with a driver for only a two count. A shocked Shelley followed up with Automatic Midnight for once again only a two count. 

Shelley was thrown off of his game and after after a quick near fall, a relentless Miguel rolled up Shelley in a magistral cradle for the victory to move on to Slammiversary.

An amazing match that looked like something out of a Rocky movie.

-Gia Miller was backstage with The Briscoes and Josh Alexander. All three men stated that they're looking forward to tonight's main event and remaining on top as the best that Impact had to offer. Before The Briscoes could step away, they were interrupted by The Good Brothers looking to challenge the new champions somewhere down the line.

Masha Slamovich defeated Havok (w/Rosemary)

After an immediate staredown, both women slapped each other across the face and it was game on. Slamovich gained the upper hand after landing some boots. As previous prey had learned, a Slamovich match never lasts long as Masha nailed Havok with the Snow Plow for the victory as a shocked Rosemary looked on.

-Trey Miguel was backstage being congratulated on his victory earlier tonight by Impact talent including Alex Shelley. Kenny King interrupted and started talking down to Miguel before Blake Christian stepped up and challenged King to a match for his Ultimate X opportunity. King turned him down before Miguel mocked King's claims of being the best X-Division champion ever. King then accepted Christian's challenge for next week.

-Rich Swann was backstage and stated that if Matt Cardona and his Digital Media title wanted to hide, he would go looking for them. He then changed his focus and challenged Matthew Rehwoldt to a future match due to the fact that Rehwoldt cost him his opportunity at the world championship at Slammiversary.

Jordynne Grace defeated Chelsea Green

The bell rang and Grace chased Green around the ring before Green capitalized with a cheap shot to the face. This wasn't good for Green however as Grace took to her power game for the next few moments.

Green made a comeback and after hitting Grace with a kick to the face, nailed a rolling senton to the floor. The assault continued inside the ring but Green wasn't able to gain much momentum as Grace was just way too powerful for a now frustrated Chelsea. Grace continued the power attack and after nailing a spinning powerbomb, only scored a two count and frustration started to set in for her as well.

Grace decided to take the match to the air and planted Green on the top turnbuckle before attempting to land a Muscle Buster but failed as Chelsea was able to escape. Green nailed a headbutt and a nailed Grace with a flatliner but Jordynne bridged out of the pin attempt on two. Both women are fired up looking to end this match but the power of Grace was just way too much to handle for Green as she was getting rocked with forearms to both the front and back of her body.

After a brief attempt of a comeback by Green, Grace decided that it was time to go home and nailed Chelsea with the Grace Driver for the victory, sending a message to her opponents in the Queen of the Mountain match at Slammiversary in the process.

-Scott D'Amore was interrupted backstage by Honor No More. Mike Bennett asked D'Amore if he wanted to address the elephant in the room as his wife Maria was sitting at home due to last week's unsafe work environment. Bennett stated he wanted The Good Brothers at Slammiversary but D'Amore informed him they were already in a match challenging for the world titles. Matt Taven took exception and before D'Amore could leave, Eddie Edwards stated that if HNM aren't getting what they want then nobody is getting what they want before walking off.

-Gia Miller was backstage with Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo was upset that every woman entering Impact wanted to make their name off of competing with her. Before Purrazzo could continue, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans interrupted and Steelz offered Purrazzo to take out the Mia Yim problem together.

Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian went to a No Contest

As the match began, chants for Frankie are echoed by the crowd before the two square off. As you would expect, it was a technical classic in the first few moments before Sabin was able to knock Kazarian to the outside. Sabin followed Kazarian and nailed some more offence before sending Frankie back into the ring. Sabin with a diving crossbody off of the top rope but could only manage a two count.

Both men went back to their technical game and Sabin continued to maintain the upper hand until Kazarian hit some chops followed by a diving legdrop off of the ropes for a two count of his own. Both men exchanged ddt's before Sabin nailed a belly to back suplerplex for only a two count. Sabin looking like a shark ready to prey, he lined up Kazarian for the Cradle Shock but Kazarian escaped.

After both men knocked one another down with attempted crossbodies, the referee started to count but Honor No More hit the ring. Sabin and Kazarian were no match as they were quickly beaten down as HNM celebrated, making their mark against two of the most decorated stars in Impact history.

-Honor No More were backstage and putting down Impact's history. Before they say too much, they were interrupted by Heath and Rhino. After some trash talking by both sides, a brawl ensued and security was forced to step in.

Bhupinder Gujjar & W. Morrissey defeated Shera & Raj Singh

Singh and Gujjar started the match and it was all Gujjar in the beginning. Morrisey was quickly tagged in and after hitting some diving elbows, tagged Gujjar back in. Singh and Shera managed to gain the upper hand after some double team tactics when the referee was tied up but it didn't last long.

Morrissey with a hot tag and he hit a huge chokeslam on Singh before tagging an eager Gujjar back into the match. Gujjar hit Singh with the Gargoyle Spear and picked up the win for him and Morrissey. A quick match with a unique pairing of Morrissey and Gujjar but I'm liking the pairing so far.

-We saw The Briscoes and Josh Alexander warming up backstage.

-Gia Miller was backstage with Moose. Moose stated that he's going to get his hands on Sami Callihan before being interrupted by Steve Maclin. Maclin stated that Moose needed to focus on their upcoming tag team match next week and get Callihan out of his head.

Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner & Joe Doering) defeated Josh Alexander & The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) in a 6-Man Tag Team Match

Alexander began the match against Deaner and the world champion was tested early by the flag bearer of VBD. After a collision in the middle of the ring proved that neither man would back down, Alexander went the technical route and brought Deaner down to the ground before tagging in Jay.

Jay continued the assault on Deaner before quickly tagging in Mark and it was soon a chop fest between the two in the middle of the ring before Young is able to get the tag. Young with a small amount of momentum before The Briscoes start to clean house. Alexander entered the ring and hit his diving crossbody to the Young sitting on the apron followed by Jay going airborne to take out VBD on the outside. Mark saw a great opportunity and followed it up with a twisting moonsault of his own to the recovering members of VBD.

Back from commercial and they're in the ring and Young has gained the upper hand on Jay. Alexander got the tag and it was now champion and challenger about to take place. Alexander sent Young to the corner and nailed a series of punches from the second rope but before he could capitalize, Deaner took out Alexander from the apron.

Young tagged in Deaner who quickly charged at the downed Alexander before tagging Young back in once again. We saw quick back and forth tags between Young and Deaner before commentary pointed out that Alexander was busted in the nose. Alexander refused to quit however and finally made the tag to Mark.

It was all Briscoes at this point as they nailed a double team move for a two count before calling for the Doomsday Device. Before they could finish the match, Deaner nailed Mark with the flag as the referee was distracted and managed to capitalize by hitting Mark with the Deaner DDT for a two count before Alexander made the save. Young entered the ring and attempted to nail Alexander with a piledriver while Josh attempted to hit the C4 Spike but both men failed. Young tossed Alexander to the outside and before he could head back into the ring was nailed with a running crossbody by a waiting Doering.

They're back in the ring and Deaner and Young were battling the Briscoes looking to land a Doomsday Device of their own but were unsuccessful. Mark started going to town on both men but as he was heading to the top rope, he got nailed by Deaner with Young's hockey mask. Young saw the opportunity, hit the piledriver on Mark and it was the 1-2-3 for VBD picking up a huge victory going into Slammiversary next month.

There was great back and forth offence by all six men in this match and some more tension built between Alexander and Young leading into their title match next month. As strong as Alexander has been as champion, I could easily see him losing to Young especially with the other members of VBD by his side.