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Impact Wrestling results: Lashley & KM vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards


Previously: Dan Lambert defeated James Storm in a career match and retired Storm from Impact Wrestling in the process.

Tonight: Moose & Eddie Edwards face Bobby Lashley & KM in the main event.

Show Recap --

- Dan Lambert and Bobby Lashley came down to the ring. Lambert bragged about ending James Storm’s career last week and introduced the newest member of American Top Team, KM. Lambert pointed out that KM helped get rid of Storm while Lashley didn’t.

KM mentioned that he attacked Moose last week, which brought Moose to the ring. A brawl broke out and the heels beat down Moose until Eddie Edwards ran out for the save. Moose and Edwards cornered Lambert but he escaped.

- Ethan Carter III came down and called Matt Sydal a choke artist. He buried the Canadian crowd and asked if they wanted to see him get beat up, then issued an open challenge that Petey Williams accepted.

Grand Champion Ethan Carter III defeated Petey Williams by DQ

The match was contested under traditional rules. Williams was on fire early before EC3 took over. Williams then made a fiery comeback and scored several near falls. He missed a plancha and injured his ankle, which distracted EC3.

Matt Sydal ran out from the crowd and jumped EC3 for the disqualification.

- In the back, Allie gave an intense promo after being attacked by Laurel Van Ness last week.

- Backstage, Matt Sydal challenged EC3 to defend the Grand Championship in a traditional 60-minute time limit match with no judges and no rounds.

Flashback Moment of the Week: James Storm defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Angle beat down Storm with kicks and punches in the corner. He was firmly in control when Storm suddenly hit the Last Call superkick to win the championship. Storm celebrated with Bobby Roode, Frankie Kazarian, and AJ Styles.

Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness defeated KC Spinelli in a non-title match

Spinelli was briefly in control before Van Ness quickly gained the advantage. Spinelli made a comeback and scored a close near fall, but Van Ness used a curb stomp and an Unprettier to retain the title.

After the match, Allie ran out and attacked Van Ness but Van Ness ran off.

- Impact World Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis came down to the ring. Drake bragged about beating Alberto El Patron last week in New Jersey and still being champion. He promised to go to Detroit next week and defend the title.

Alberto El Patron interrupted the champion and said he’ll be in Detroit next week too. Patron demanded a title shot, then Johnny Impact came out. Impact promised to see them in Detroit. A brawl broke out between all four guys and Impact wiped out everyone with a dive to the floor.

- In the back, Dan Lambert gave KM full credit for getting rid of Storm. Bobby Lashley didn’t seem happy about this.

- Backstage, Chandler Park celebrated his victory last week. Joseph Park was worried when Jimmy Jacobs approached. Jacobs buried Abyss and said he shouldn’t come back. Chandler got in Jacobs' face and Kongo Kong scared him off.

- Sami Callihan and OVE trashed the LAX Clubhouse and tore down their flags.

- Later, LAX arrived at the clubhouse to find it destroyed and their money stolen. Konnan challenged OVE to a barbwire match.

Sonjay Dutt, Garza Jr. & Dezmond Xavier defeated Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley & Hakim Zane

The faces were in control early in the match, but the heels managed to isolate Dutt. Garza Jr. got the hot tag and basically competed with one arm. Xavier got the tag and hit the Final Flash on Zane for the win.

X Division Champion Taiji Ishimori and Xavier had a staredown. They meet for the championship next week.

Bobby Lashley & KM (w/ Dan Lambert & John Hartnett) defeated Moose & Eddie Edwards

Hartnett got beat up again before the match. The faces ran wild early, though the heels quickly took over. They isolated Edwards on their side of the ring. The faces made a brief comeback until Lashley yanked Edwards off the apron to regain control.

Moose got the hot tag and ran wild on KM. He scored a close near fall with the Go to Hell. Edwards made the blind tag and took out KM with a suicide dive. Lambert distracted Edwards and KM hit a powerbomb into a lungblower for the win.

Next Week: Impact World Champion Eli Drake defends against Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact in Detroit. Plus, for the first time on television, LAX battle OVE in Barbed Wire Massacre III.