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Impact Wrestling results: LAX returns as the new era continues


Previously: TNA is dead and Impact has taken over. The Anthem Era officially began last week and featured the debut of Alberto El Patron. He defeated Bobby Lashley for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship after hitting him with the belt.

Tonight: The fate of the Impact World title will be revealed. Plus, the Anthem Era continues with the return of LAX.

Show Recap --

Last week after the main event, Bobby Lashley was irate that he lost the Impact World Championship. In the back, Bruce Prichard asked Alberto El Patron if he was happy with the way he won the title.

Later, Prichard held a board meeting and El Patron relinquished the title. El Patron would only give up the title if he could get a rematch with Lashley. Prichard and Dutch Mantell said it was up to Lashley.

El Patron came down to the ring to challenge Lashley to a rematch. El Patron demanded Lashley come out but Ethan Carter III instead hit the ring. EC3 wanted a title shot as well and challenged El Patron to a number one contender's match.

El Patron turned him down because he wants Lashley. EC3 and El Patron argued until a brawl broke out. El Patron finally agreed to the match and they’ll meet later tonight.

- Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash continued their feud and argued on commentary throughout the night. 

- A recap aired of the Broken Hardys going on their Expedition of Gold but Decay somehow ending up with the World Tag Team titles. Later at a board meeting, Mantell didn’t understand how Decay got the titles. Prichard promised to take care of the situation.

Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. defeated Eli Drake & Tyrus

Garza hit a suicide dive onto Drake, then Laredo Kid followed up with a beautiful looking moonsault to the floor. Tyrus got the tag and slowed the pace of the match down. Garza got the hot tag and ran wild on the heels. Drake accidentally knocked Tyrus off the apron but Drake took over on the faces. Garza rolled up Drake out of nowhere to win the match.

- A video package aired of Moose, Eddie Edwards, and James Storm heading to Japan to compete for Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Brandi Rhodes vs. Kayci Quinn never got started

Before the match could start, Cody ran down to the ring. He refused to allow Brandi to compete and won’t allow Impact to “pimp out” the Rhodes name anymore. Cody gave Quinn $45 not to compete and said it was $20 more than Impact was going to pay her. Cody challenged Moose for the Impact Grand Championship and then forced Brandi to leave.

- Rosemary attacked Quinn during the commercial break and was in the process of beating her down when we came back. She finished her off by hitting the Red Wedding.

Alberto El Patron defeated Ethan Carter III

EC3 gained the brief advantage until El Patron sent him into the ring post. El Patron worked over his arm and locked on the armbar in the ropes. EC3 made a comeback and sent El Patron crashing to the floor. El Patron continued to work over EC3’s shoulder and arm.

EC3 knocked out El Patron and teased using a chair but decided against it. This gave El Patron the chance to hit a superkick and locked on the armbar to win the match. According to the commentators, EC3 tapped out for the first time.

After the match, El Patron showed respect to EC3 and said this was one of the best matches of his career. They shook hands and EC3 walked away.

EC3 flipped out about losing backstage but Prichard calmed him down.

- Before the next match, J.B. revealed that “she” will be on Impact next week. Mathews wondered who “she” could be. This is likely the return of Karen Jarrett to Impact.

X Division Champion Trevor Lee (w/ Gregory Shane Helms) defeated Suicide, Andrew Everett, and Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie) to retain his title

Suicide briefly controlled the match and wiped out Sutter and Lee on the floor. Everett hit a sweet looking shooting star press to the floor onto all three guys. They all traded moves in the ring until Everett was the last man standing.

In a really cool spot, Suicide gave Everett a superplex while Lee hit a German suplex on Suicide and Sutter nailed Lee with a powerbomb all at the same time. A drunken Laurel Van Ness came out and distracted Sutter. Lee caught Sutter with a knee to retain the title.

Sienna came out after the match and promised to put Allie in the hospital.

- Prichard came down to the ring to discuss the status of the Impact World Tag Team Championship. He said the titles could only be won in the ring and not the internet. In two weeks, the top four teams will compete to crown new champions. This brought out Decay, Reno SCUM, and Laredo Kid & Garza Jr., who all want in on the match to crown new champions.

A brief brawl broke out with Decay clearing the ring and standing tall. Suddenly, LAX made their return to Impact. They beat down Decay and were the last team standing. The show ended with LAX celebrating. LAX now consists of Konnan, Homicide, Angel Ortiz, Mike Draztik, and Angel Rose.

Next Week: In two weeks, Impact will crown brand new Tag Team Champions. However, next week will feature the return of “she.”