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Impact Wrestling results: LAX vs. Lucha Bros Tag Team title match


Tonight’s Twitch broadcast was hosted by Josh Mathews and Don Callis, who is currently in Osaka, Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling. After the show, Jake & Dave Crist joined the feed for a Q&A.

Impact Wrestling returned from Fronton Mexico in Mexico City this week with a huge main event as LAX defended their Tag Team titles against the Lucha Bros (Pentagon & Fenix).

This was also the go-home show for next week's "Uncaged" episode of Impact, which will feature Johnny Impact defending his World title against Brian Cage, Moose, and Killer Kross in a four-way match, Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard in a street fight for the Knockouts Championship, and Team AAA vs. Team Impact in a World Cup elimination match.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated oVe (Jake & Dave Crist)

oVe jumped Swann and Mack to start the match, going after Swann. He managed to escape and tag in Mack, who was in a better position to take on the initial flurry of offense. Mack came in, threw both men out, and hit a tope con giro. Swann then followed with a tornillo, but Jake recovered and hit a tope suicida into a tornado DDT on Swann before he could make it back in the ring.

On the other side of the ring, Dave took out Mack with a superkick.

Back in the ring, Dave worked over Mack’s head with a modified STF and a series of double-team moves, mostly taking turns kicking Mack and making a lot of quick tags. Jake got a two count with a Northern Lights suplex.

After some more punishment, Mack dodged some offense, but he and Jake collided in the middle of the ring with a pair of crossbodies. That was enough to give Mack the opening to tag Swann in.

Swann came in strong, hitting a few kicks on Dave and a standing Frankensteiner and frog splash on Jake. oVe cut Swann off the top rope and hit a spike piledriver, but Mack broke up the pin attempt.

Mack hit a double stunner on both Crist brothers, followed by a double Lethal injection. Swann then hit a second rope 450 on Dave for the win. The match started somewhat chaotic, but it got a lot better towards the end.

Pentagon Jr. & Fenix cut a promo where they said that tonight, they will win the Tag Team titles. Fenix said they’re wrestling in front of their family and their people -- and so tonight, they’re going all out. Pentagon talked about Konnan saying that he wanted the titles to be in the family, but after tonight, they'll be on their side of the family.

Mathews and Callis announced that next week, for Uncaged, Johnny Impact defends his World Championship against Brian Cage, Moose, and Killer Kross.

The Flashback Moment of the Week, voted by the Twitch viewers, was Pentagon Jr. defeating Austin Aries and Fenix to win the Impact World title at Redemption.

Impact Wrestling and the NFL Alumni association's Las Vegas chapter announced a partnership. They will be doing community outreach and programs of the sort.

Kiera Hogan (w/ Jordynne Grace) defeated Dark Allie (w/ Su Yung)

Hogan started the match at 60 mph, attacking Allie at the bell. Hogan hit her running kick and forearm combo for a quick pin attempt. She then hit a bulldog for a two count.

Allie finally managed to stop Hogan with a running clothesline and get some time to compose herself. She hit a sliding forearm for a two count and started working over Hogan’s back. Allie went for the codebreaker, but Hogan countered with a kick and got a two count. Allie hit a backstabber for another near fall. Hogan hit a reverse X-Factor for a 10 count tease.

Outside the ring, we saw Yung leave her glove in the ring, setting it up for Allie to grab. Grace saw that and took out Yung, but as Allie realized that Yung wasn’t there, she assumed that Rosemary had replaced Yung once again.

Thanks to the distraction, Hogan hit a Cross Rhodes-like move for the win. Not much of a match, it was short and almost felt like a segment. 

Johnny Impact was interviewed backstage about having to defend his title against Cage, Moose, and Kross next week. Johnny was irate that he had to find out during an interview in the middle of a hall. Cage came out and looked annoyed that he had to share his title shot with more people.

We got the announcement of the main event for Impact's United We Stand show, which will be the Lucha Bros taking on RVD & Sabu in an "extreme dream match." United We Stand is a show co-promoted with WrestlePro that's taking place in Rahway, New Jersey on the Thursday of WrestleMania week.

Backstage, we saw Allie and Yung looking for Rosemary in some corner of the building. Suddenly, a message appeared that read “The witching is upon us...don’t say we didn’t warn you,” signed Rosemary.

Trey Miguel (w/ The Rascalz) defeated Rohit Raju (w/ Gama Singh and Raj Singh)

Pretty good match. It started with both doing a series of counters and reversals, with Raju actually getting some upper hand early on but later getting outwrestled by Miguel.

Miguel hit a springboard dropkick, sending Raju to the outside, but he couldn’t follow with a dive. Raju hit a big DDT on the apron and finally had control of the match. He distracted the referee at points, allowing Raj to get some cheap shots outside the ring. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Raju worked over Miguel’s upper body.

As they started trading counters again, Miguel hit a standing foot stomp on the back of Raju’s head to finally level out the match. They got into a strike-off where Raju tried to give Miguel an eye poke but failed. Miguel hit the corner Trey-1-9 and a neckbreaker for a two count. Raju hit a gordbuster for two. Raju got another near fall after a running knee to the back of Miguel's head.

Raj tried to interfere again, but Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz stopped him and scared Gama away. Back in the ring, Trey hit X19 and the meteora for the win.

We had a Team AAA showcase featuring Psycho Clown, Hijo del Vikingo, Puma King, and Aerostar, who will be fighting for the World Cup next week against Team Impact Wrestling.

Scarlett Bordeaux announced that she is making her in-ring debut at the Vegas tapings.

Sami Callihan defeated Puma King

Another great match, definitely worth a watch. Callihan started by jumping Puma King during his entrance, but he wasn’t able to follow up as Puma King composed himself quickly and hit a suplex to get some time.

Puma King responded with a tope con giro. They started brawling outside the ring, with Puma King kicking Callihan all over until Callihan hid behind the ref and poked Puma King's eyes, getting an opening to hit a tornado DDT for the countout tease.

Back in the ring, Callihan hit a sit-down powerbomb for a one count. He worked over Puma King's foot and went after his mask. Callihan started chopping him but kept getting distracted playing to the fans, giving Puma King more and more time to recover.

Callihan went for a foot stomp, but Puma King turned it into a Frankensteiner from the tree-of-woe position and followed with a dropkick to make a comeback.

Back from commercial, Callihan had regained control. As we saw the recap from during the commercial, Puma King took a bad spill outside, hurting his already worked on foot. Puma King still tried to make a comeback as they got into a striking battle, ending with both men down for a double knockout tease.

Puma King hit a variation of the Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. He followed with a series of strikes, but Callihan countered with a huge lariat for a two count. Callihan started to chase the piledriver, but Puma King escaped and went for La Magistral. Callihan reached the ropes to break the pin.

Puma King went for a springboard kick, but Callihan caught him with a kick. They traded roll-ups, but it ended with Callihan rolling Puma King all the way into a piledriver for the win. Puma King was really over in this match.

We got a Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard hype video for next week’s street fight for the Knockouts Championship. Good stuff.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake met. Drake told Edwards that they were able to win last week without having to rely on weapons and hardcore shtick. Drake told him that next week, they can win the World Cup match. Edwards told Drake to let him do his thing and not get in his way. Drake once again asked Edwards to bring the Wolf Eddie Edwards back.

Melissa Santos interviewed Moose and Killer Kross, who said they have the numbers advantage in next week’s main event. Moose made some NFL analogies that seemed to annoy Kross, showing some dissension going into the title match.

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) defeated LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan to win the Impact Tag Team titles

Great back-and-forth match -- they went all out bell to bell. I saw this match live and can say that it looked a lot better during this broadcast. The Lucha Bros, as expected, were really over with the crowd in Mexico City. They had a big-match entrance with Chinese Dragon dancers -- just in time for Chinese New Year.

The match was full of action at the start. Pentagon went for the Fear Factor, but LAX took him out and countered with an assisted moonsault that Pentagon countered himself with a superkick on Santana while he was in the middle of the air.

Santana took out Fenix, Pentagon took out Ortiz, and the two survivors went face-to-face and went at it. Fenix came back, took out Santana, and went at it with Ortiz in a striking match.

That was followed by Pentagon and Ortiz striking each other until Santana came out of nowhere with a plancha and Fenix hit a double dropkick as they all finally found themselves down. Great start to the match!

Back from commercial, Ortiz and Fenix were the legal men going at it and order had been restored. Fenix hit an uppercut and a foot stomp to the back of Ortiz’s head for a near fall. Ortiz returned with a huge spinebuster to stop Fenix’s momentum.

Pentagon and Santana tagged in and got into a knife chop battle that turned into superkicks and a huge uranage from Santana for a near fall. Pentagon caught Santana and hit a Pentagon Driver that Santana kicked out of for a big two count.

The match once again broke down to tornado style. Santana got a huge near fall with the same move that LAX won with at Homecoming, but Fenix kicked out at two. LAX hit the Street Sweeper, but Pentagon managed to break the pin at the last second.

Pentagon took out Ortiz with a slingblade. Fenix hit a big time kick on Santana and set up the spike Fear Factor, but Santana kicked out! Pentagon went for the Fear Factor again, but Santana kicked out once again. Pentagon finally hit a superkick and Fenix hit a reverse rana and a second spike Fear Factor to win the titles. That got a huge pop.

After the match, LAX congratulated the Lucha Bros. They went face-to-face before giving up the ring for the Lucha Bros to continue their celebration. Ortiz cried as he walked to the back. Pentagon and Fenix posed with the titles to close the show.

Overall, this was a really good episode of Impact. Three of the five matches were great, with a main event that is worth going out of your way to check out. There wasn't a lot of storyline development as most things for next week's Uncaged episode had pretty much already been set up, but the three big matches were all hyped throughout the night.