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Impact Wrestling results: LAX vs. OGz street fight, Fenix vs. Callihan


Fenix defeated Sami Callihan (w/ Jake and Dave Crist)

They saved the best for first on this week's show. Fenix lived up to his namesake in this match, hitting a series of high-flying aerial moves that had the crowd on their feet. Both guys worked hard.

The crowd at times chanted "Ohio sucks" at Callihan and the Crist brothers and "This is awesome" after Fenix's aerial moves. 

Fenix hit several impressive aerial moves, including a springboard cutter from on the outside, laying out Callihan on the ramp. He landed a hurricanrana. Callihan also worked his part of the match strong. He plays a great heel -- and although he overacts at times, shows good ring psychology.

The Crist brothers tried to interfere, but Pentagon Jr. came out to help his brother, allowing Fenix to hit a spinning Muscle Buster suplex on Callihan for the win, in the show's highlight.

They showed a long series of vignettes featuring the LAX vs. OGz street fight later in the show and then an advertisement for Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea cruise.

The TNA flashback match this week from 2009 was Team 3D vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. The Main Event Mafia vs. The British Invasion.

Then, in an interview segment, Allie said she was going to defeat Su Yung later in the show for Madison Rayne and Rosemary.

"This is for my soul," Allie said. 

Johnny Impact defeated Jimmy Jacobs by DQ

Don Callis reminded everyone that Jacobs used to be a very good wrestler. Kongo Kong attacked Impact from behind before the match started as Impact was walking to the ring. Kong kicked him in the face and threw him into the ring. Jacobs tried to cover him for the pin, but Impact kicked out.

Kong then ran in and hit Impact, forcing a disqualification. Kong tried to powerbomb Impact, but he slipped out, countering with a DDT on the stage. Impact then hit Jacobs with the steel steps, knocking him out on the stage and leaving his head dangling on the bottom rope. 

Scarlett Bordeaux's "Smokeshow" debuted, and it wasn't pretty.

Apparently, both Fallah Bahh and KM thought they would be guests on her show and they ran into each other in the hall. They were both carrying wine. Bordeaux ended up interviewing both of them, where KM said he was frustrated with Bahh because he couldn't control him. 

Bordeaux told him to consider a different way and pretended like she was going to kiss him, but then pulled back. KM, in a trance, walked off the set and then Bordeaux slapped Bahh. 

Weird segment.

Impact World Champion Austin Aries introduced Killer Kross as his new insurance policy. 

Eddie Edwards then came out and hit Aries with a kendo stick. Kross held Edwards down and choked him out. Aries put his foot on Edwards and posed with the belt.

Eli Drake (w/ Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee) defeated Joe Hendry (Grado and Katarina)

Katarina and Hendry are clearly attracted to each other and Grado keeps doing dumb things to push his girlfriend towards Hendry, in this neverending storyline. 

Grado messed up again this week, jumping on the apron while Hendry had the upper hand, distracting Hendry. Drake then rolled up Hendry for the pin. 

After the match, Grado, Hendry, and Katarina all argued in the ring before Hendry walked out and Katarina followed him. 

They showed Matt Sydal meditating on the beach, and a graphic revealed his third eye. 

Allie defeated Knockouts Champion Su Yung by DQ in a non-title match

Yung and her undead bridesmaids have a great ring presence. Allie beat up on Yung for most of the match, firing up the crowd, but Tessa Blanchard ran in the ring and hammered on Allie to cause the disqualification. Initially it looked like a double-team, but Yung applied the mandible claw on Blanchard. Allie made the save, hitting a codebreaker on Yung. This seemed to set up a Blanchard vs. Yung match.

They advertised a Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr. Mexican Death Match for next week with the Crist Brothers banned from ringside.

LAX (w/ Konnan) defeated The OGz (w/ King) in a street fight

This was hard to follow, with no commentary for a match that took place in a parking lot. A few weeks ago, The OGz stole LAX's title belts from ringside without winning them. 

LAX took the titles that already belonged to them back after they beat The OGz down in the parking lot. King then went to Konnan and screamed "this isn't over." He told Konnan that he was old and needed to be put down, then begged LAX to take Konnan out and side with the new blood. After they refused, King said "I spit on your soul. I spit on your family" to Konnan. 

King got on one knee and begged Konnan to hit him, suggesting he was too scared to do it.

Konnan then seemed to hit him in the head, but the show ended, leaving the audience guessing.